Saturday, September 24, 2005

Lets Start at the Very Beginning

... a very good place to start.

See I had a really good piece that I was gonna put in here... but its on the other comp so I'll save that for another post. Yep, such is my life. I'll just describe the life of Becca in the past few days.

US History- still the easiest class in the world... Lutzke's pretty funny and has a good way of explaining things.

FST- also the easiest class in the world... Herek is a great teacher and the material is just so basic so far...

English- GOSH that class is fun. Especially when we can read Dr. Seuss books. And Hilars, you wanna peer SHEDIT with me?

Band- gee... we finally marked out Green Hornet and I almost have everything memorized, yes, including Harlem Nocturne.

Chem- oh God take me now.

Drama- I have piano keys coming out of my ears. And I'm prolly gonna end up Chief Nun by the time this is over. :) I'll deal.

OH I forgot about Jazz! UHH its so fun!! And we're going to JAZZFEST again this year!!!
Quotes from last year:

"GOD what smells like burning hair?"-Hilars
"Yeah thats JUST what I thought. Becca has PORN on her bedroom walls"-Miss Kelsey (by the way I most certainly do not)
"Alli those look like saggy grandma boobs"-McBride (geeeeeez...)

Jazz fest rocks.

And so on Wednesday I went and say Red Eye with Kim, Jessie, and Katie... gee that movie rocks! heehee it was SO GOOD!

And my bday is in 11 days, for those who care. I've started to compile my list. I really want a toaster.

So get me a friggen toaster, people.

Beccanator OUT!


Nettie said...

So what do you have on your walls?

Becca said...

lots of non-porn pictures :)

Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

mr. lutzke is the man lol. good luck with the chem and the cow

Katie (Olivena) said...

YEAH TOASTER!! ! ( i am STILL afraid of shower curtains, airplanes, foamy soap and weird pens) you can go over there and fill out a comment card... then shove it up your ass!

PirateKayle said...

Yeah man at least your classes are easy! Well except chem your on your own cause I have no flippin idea. Good luck!

Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

chem sucks...and i'm in a fricking sophomo9re class lol.