Saturday, September 24, 2005

Lets Start at the Very Beginning

... a very good place to start.

See I had a really good piece that I was gonna put in here... but its on the other comp so I'll save that for another post. Yep, such is my life. I'll just describe the life of Becca in the past few days.

US History- still the easiest class in the world... Lutzke's pretty funny and has a good way of explaining things.

FST- also the easiest class in the world... Herek is a great teacher and the material is just so basic so far...

English- GOSH that class is fun. Especially when we can read Dr. Seuss books. And Hilars, you wanna peer SHEDIT with me?

Band- gee... we finally marked out Green Hornet and I almost have everything memorized, yes, including Harlem Nocturne.

Chem- oh God take me now.

Drama- I have piano keys coming out of my ears. And I'm prolly gonna end up Chief Nun by the time this is over. :) I'll deal.

OH I forgot about Jazz! UHH its so fun!! And we're going to JAZZFEST again this year!!!
Quotes from last year:

"GOD what smells like burning hair?"-Hilars
"Yeah thats JUST what I thought. Becca has PORN on her bedroom walls"-Miss Kelsey (by the way I most certainly do not)
"Alli those look like saggy grandma boobs"-McBride (geeeeeez...)

Jazz fest rocks.

And so on Wednesday I went and say Red Eye with Kim, Jessie, and Katie... gee that movie rocks! heehee it was SO GOOD!

And my bday is in 11 days, for those who care. I've started to compile my list. I really want a toaster.

So get me a friggen toaster, people.

Beccanator OUT!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

HOmecOMinG '05

So yeah... HC '05 was pretty friggen fun. We went to the Cancun restaurant and then the mall, then the dance...

Top: Lisa, Hannah, me, Krissy Latte
2nd: Me and Hanny
3rd: SEXI!!! (a.k.a. me)
4th: Lisa and Hanny

5th: Me (with the "angry" face... heehee), Sunny, Meghan, Michele

And there are more, but this thing only lets me have 5.

"Yeah, bang my CD in yo system yo!"
"Aww you guys look so professional! You're so CUTE!"

"Everyones so FANCY! It makes me want to DANCE!" *jumps about 5 feet in air*

and the #1 convo:

Me: Yeah I dunno if y'all know what a CD is... I know y'all have those tape thangs... but this here CD is shaped like a... a... trakter wheeyul... with a howle in the middul...
Lisa: Wuts the HOWLE fo?
Me: So you's kin stik yer finger in it to howld on to iyt...
Lisa: Doez it reewaind?

Me: No CDs dont rewaind... its aw-toe-mai-tik!
Lisa: Whats aw-toe-mai-tik? I drive a stick shift!!!

HAHAHAHAHA way to live in hick-ville Williamston.

Beccanator out.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Cant get away, can I?

At first I really had no intentions of saying anything for a while. So friggen much for that.

And I'm also in a really annoyed complaining mood, so I'm gonna make every effort to make myself sound miserable just this once.

History is fine. I'm stuck in the back next to Josh and all I do is stare at the wall.

FST is easy. I actually have to say it's my 2nd favorite class because I'm sandwiched between Brad Shuck, Coralyn Grant, and Katie Sweet.

English is my 3rd favorite class. Because of Hannah, Hilars, Sunny, and Kathryn, and there really isnt anybody in that class that I absolutely despise. And its pretty blow-off right now.

Band is band.

Chemistry makes me want to shoot myself. Since I have no idea what I'm doing... and a 2.5... And that LON CAPA crap makes me seize. I figure that I'll miss 15 minutes of my sectional tomorrow just to stare at a screen at the last LON CAPA problem and not have any idea what to do. I can actually feel my brain turning into oatmeal.

Drama is a relief. All except for... like a million people asked me to accompany them for either Sound Of Music tryouts (which I still have to figure out what I am going to do) and for talent night... and I also have 2 songs of my own that I'm singing with Courtney...

Oh yeah and I have to do that Michigan Math Competition test on my birthday...

And a huge english paper is due on my birthday...

And I have that Science Academy meeting monday...

Talent night October 12...

I really really hope I stay this busy so I dont have any time to think. Actually, its because I had no time to think that I have sucky grades right now.

At least I got my homecoming dress. Oh yeah, that's this saturday. And Krissy wants to go with me. So if ya read this... I prolly already called you, but I'm planning on going to Cancun before the dance so heck yeah I'll go with ya!

That totally just made my day better...

Oh well. I feel kinda zoned out, since even though I went to the Green Day concert Sunday, I really havent spent much time with my friends because I'm always busy with something.

I'm just waiting for my brain to explode.

Beccanator out.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

I'm sorry...

I.... really have nothing to say. Maybe I'm just not really feeling this blog thing right now. I do miss all of you, but I really dont feel like wearing my heart on my sleeve right now. I just dont have the time or energy to document details of my frail and dwindling life, so bear with me.

Maybe by the time we actuall move my computer to my new house I'll become existent.

Until then...

Beccanator out.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

He was gonna...

1:30 AM, September 6th, 2005.

He was doing so good. We had hope for the future. The flame was dying after 2 and a half long years, but we still had some left. He was so healthy before. He was gonna live to be 100 million years old. He was gonna see me graduate. He was gonna see all of us graduate.

I remember at the lake when we'd scour for golf balls that had rolled down the bank to the shore. He'd pay us $1.00 for each good one. I remember he'd take us out in the water with the paddle board and we'd all stand on it. He'd shake it, and the last person standing won. I remember at a music concert he was sitting next to me. I remember we were in the front row, and I remember him singing along.

I remember making him laugh.

He's laughing now...

...but we're crying.

It wasnt supposed to end like this.

Sunday, September 04, 2005