Wednesday, August 24, 2005

So much for that.

Gawd. School starts tomorrow. It's almost as if I didnt have a summer at all, since all I did for 2 friggen months is study my brains out. Fun stuff.

We move out on Saturday. Wee. More work for me.

Krissy's gone, that sucks. A whole lot. At least he's coming home for the weekend (and yes, I did say home. This is his home.)

Seems to me that everyone's just as pissed off as I am. Hilary's barn is half empty, not to mention the guy issues. Same with Hanny, and now her parents and the Cow are all on her back. Krissy's gone. Katie's depressed to the point of a total meltdown. I'm about to break.

Maybe once school starts and we move, I'll have more of an excuse not to stay home, or to lock myself in my room with a little System of a Down. I dunno. Nothing really bad is happening, in fact, deep down I'm feeling super. I just hate the fact that the 'rents are on my back for the stupidest reasons... giving me crap for no reason it seems.

Hello? I can take care of myself. And dont tell me that there was anything that I could do. Dont tell me I cant handle anything (even though I cant)... yeah I could use some friggen encouragement. Cut the crap and leave me alone. (I am trying SO HARD not to swear... gawd I'm so proud of myself right now)

I'd be perfectly content walking the sidewalks of the town all day. If I was never home I'd be happier then ever. There's just something about being away from my stupid mother that makes me happy as can be.

Ahh screw it. I dont even care ok? I do not even care.

Beccanator out.


Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

i'm sorry things aren't going good for anyone there. god, it feels like it's all my fault. i know it is in katie's case. god, i get this feeling a lot. no matter what, i'll still love all you guys and will be looking forward to each visit i make to my home.

Becca said...

I will too Krissy

Nettie said...

You can do it, we both know it...

Melissa said...

I love ya! Like Nettie I say, "You can do it!"

Katie (Olivena) said...