Friday, August 05, 2005

The Little Kitty Stole the Vile and Speaks in a Shrill Voice :)

So yesterday I hung out with Amanda and Laura at the MAC and we swam and went in the hottub and the lap pool and whatever. It was pretty sweet cuz Manda got contacts then came back :)

Then after that me and Lisa went to the Ingham fair, except I didnt see my cousins or any of their animals, not even Audie or Jade (Annie and Abbey's horses) and I didnt see Hilars or Ninners...

...and we met this guy named Scotty and he's gonna be an 8th grader at our middle school. He was with his sister Miranda who reminded me of Max from the Suite Life of Zach and Cody... she was so ghetto looking with her little 11-year-old self and her Bball Jersey and whatnot... but she was a funny kid. The first thing she said to me was "Are you gothic?" It kindof caught me by surprise because... well ya know, wouldnt you? I said "Not every day!" After she went to get drinks and Scotty was really apologetic and embarassed, but I told him I got that all the time. Heck, I took no offense. I would if she asked me if I was a prep though... :)

Me and Lisa got real thirsty real fast, so when we finally found Amber she gave us money to get lemonade. But thats a different story, hold on!

We went in the little Fun Houses... (those are SO cool!!!) and we had this little boy who looked to be about 6 follow us around and "lead" us through each Fun House. It was so sweet! He knew each one by heart. "Girls let me go in front of you! I'll help you! Follow me! Be careful, this is the tricky part!" AWWW it was adorable...

We went on some pretty sweet rides... like Twister and Fireball... we saw Heidi and Christi Meredith there... dude I love them... :)

We wandered down to the far end of the fair at around 9:30 and we wandered into a store thinking that they might have a drinking fountain. Instead, I found a half-drinken Gatorade bottle so we dumped it, threw away the cap, and filled it with water. Hey, it's hydration. There was also this little 2 year old girl in the store who was the casheir's daughter, and she was playing peek-a-boo with us in the showing jackets. It was SO cute! She'd hide and then we'd say "Where'd she go? Where's Kirsten?" and she'd pop out and say "BOO!" And I'd say "PEEK A BOO!" and then we chased eachother around the store until we left. It was priceless... :)

Yes back to the lemonade story... I wore that shirt that says "In what color is each word written?" then lists all the color words in different colors... and we went to the lemonade place and Lisa asked for a large lemonade and the guy was just staring at my shirt... it was funny and a little akward but then he was like "Hey which color is Red written in?" And I looked and he's like "NO you cant look! You need to go home and study your shirt!" Then we got in a whole conversation about how I couldnt study it now because I couldnt take it off now... becuase that would be a wee bit scary! And then he quized Lisa's inteligence... he said that people usually ask for "larges" instead of "large lemonades" which is the correct plural of large, Lisa got it but thank God I didnt say anything because I definitely would've said "larges"... and when it was all said and done we had a really funny convo with the lemonade man and Lisa said she'd make him a cake... yes!

Today I had my Science exam... it was okay and I hope I passed! The school realized that they were stupid and I am now taking my Health exam on monday... so I have to study my ass off till then because I only have what... three days?

And when I was waiting for mom I wandered around to the band parking lot because I was bored, and Kelsey was there, and I needed somebody to talk to. So the door was locked and some janitor guy was in there and I'm afraid of janitors too... so I just sat on the bike rack. To my great displeasure, the Cow drove up just about then. She said "Hi Becca" and I said hi back. She asked if I had swimming practice or something and I said no, that I had an exam. "An exam? Isnt it... summer?" she said. I said yes, I'm trying to get out of Physical Science. And just then the most random thing happened.

She was holding a rainstick, and she held it out to me, asked "Hey do you want a rainmaker?" "Sure" I said. A peace offering? Maybe. But I'm not foolish enough to believe that once the schoolyear starts she'll be off my back. No. It's just because I'm not in her class in the summer that she is nice to me. But I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

Later on around 1:30 Bobbi came over. We watched some girly movies that we're secretly obsessed with :) but shall not be mentioned here... heehee! She stayed for dinner and we made brownies, played DDR, and I played with her hair. It was pretty fun, I miss her alot because we never hang out. I hope she'll have fun once she goes off to LCC and all, but it would be great if we still hang out some!

I love me my Bobbi!!

Well such was the extent of my last couple days, this is a pretty long one so have some fun with it...

Beccanator OUT!


Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

u goth lol.

Becca said...

yeah... pshh i found it hilarious


but i can see where she got the idea... :)

Melissa said...

It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. I went to our local county fair last night with church ladies and several of our church was a lot of fun, but I got so sick, I'm actually still feeling sick...but anyway....all those twirly rides, hotdog, chips, Funnel Cake and Ale 8(a local drink) got my stomach all messed up!, but it was still a lot of fun...there was a local rodeo which we watched a few hours, wasn't that good, which made me sad, I love a good rodeo! Oh Well!

Becca said...

yeah it was pretty fun