Wednesday, August 24, 2005

But its Amazing What a Couple of Years Could Mean

First day of sophomore year '05'06... yeah.

Actually over half of the teachers I had today I dont have anymore tomorrow... for one VERY BIG reason... that is....

*drum roll please*


Which, as you may have noticed, makes me EXTREMELY happy since I now have Chem with Struck and ANOTHER semester of Theater!!! SCORE!

So I'll give you the run-down of the day, k?

Assembly- that was BORING....
1st Hour- Yeah... I dont think Ms Goodrich likes me... well too bad I'm not in her class anymore... :)
2nd Hour- HEREK IS AWESOME!!! I love my FST class except now it's 3rd hour so no more Brad :(
3rd Hour- goofed off in Mrs Shelley's class... because me and Erin dont have to be in there anymore... :)
4th Hour- went outside and did pregame
5th Hour- listened to Mr Garrod talk at me
6th Hour- went to the auditorium for Theater, then went to Mrs Paige to switch my schedule

so FINALLY I have a new and improved schedule... *ahem*

00 Jazz-Kelsey
00 Jazz-Kelsey
01 US History- Lutzke
01 US History- Lutzke
02 Functions/Statistics/Trigonometry-Herek
02 Functions/Statistics/Trigonometry-Herek
03 English 10- Nolen K (crap...)
03 English 10- Nolen K

04 Band-Kelsey
04 Band-Kelsey
05 Chemistry-Struck
05 Chemistry-Struck
06 Theater Production- Nolen S (YAY!)
06 Independent Study (for Theater)- Nolen S


And ya know whats really funny? Our new principal saw me in the hall and he's like "Hey I like that look. You are really stylish. Very stylish!" I was like "ooooookay..." wow... Hey I mean I am super cute with my black T shirt and the brown plaid pants and the black fishnets and my hot pink Vans... but hey... he's a principal... ya know.

It made me laugh.

Anyway tomorrow's gonna be SUPER confusing... at least I'm in Kim's chem class... eek.

Yay for me.

Beccanator out.


Nettie said...

Hey, how long has my name been in your profile, or did I just miss it? Silly unobservant me...

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Becca said...

oh... a month or two Nettie

Okay thats it. No more miss nice girl. No more anonymous either.


Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

damn it, anonymous. you'd better not be on my post... way to pass your tests and getting good classes. mr. lutzke was the best us history i had. and if u take notes and remember stuff, you'll do great on tests. i never studied for anything in that class and i got a 99...

Becca said...

oh, SCORE!

Melissa said...

Woo Hoo! Woo Hoo! Sounds like you going to have a fun Sophomore year! Enjoy!