Friday, August 26, 2005

I Miss These Kids. *puts on sad face*

Yeah so these are just four of the AMAZING chicas that I was with at camp... (Top: Kayle and Katie, Middle: Caitlin, Bottom: Jenessa)

*puts on sad face*

I love you guys.

Super Kudos.

Beccanator out.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

But its Amazing What a Couple of Years Could Mean

First day of sophomore year '05'06... yeah.

Actually over half of the teachers I had today I dont have anymore tomorrow... for one VERY BIG reason... that is....

*drum roll please*


Which, as you may have noticed, makes me EXTREMELY happy since I now have Chem with Struck and ANOTHER semester of Theater!!! SCORE!

So I'll give you the run-down of the day, k?

Assembly- that was BORING....
1st Hour- Yeah... I dont think Ms Goodrich likes me... well too bad I'm not in her class anymore... :)
2nd Hour- HEREK IS AWESOME!!! I love my FST class except now it's 3rd hour so no more Brad :(
3rd Hour- goofed off in Mrs Shelley's class... because me and Erin dont have to be in there anymore... :)
4th Hour- went outside and did pregame
5th Hour- listened to Mr Garrod talk at me
6th Hour- went to the auditorium for Theater, then went to Mrs Paige to switch my schedule

so FINALLY I have a new and improved schedule... *ahem*

00 Jazz-Kelsey
00 Jazz-Kelsey
01 US History- Lutzke
01 US History- Lutzke
02 Functions/Statistics/Trigonometry-Herek
02 Functions/Statistics/Trigonometry-Herek
03 English 10- Nolen K (crap...)
03 English 10- Nolen K

04 Band-Kelsey
04 Band-Kelsey
05 Chemistry-Struck
05 Chemistry-Struck
06 Theater Production- Nolen S (YAY!)
06 Independent Study (for Theater)- Nolen S


And ya know whats really funny? Our new principal saw me in the hall and he's like "Hey I like that look. You are really stylish. Very stylish!" I was like "ooooookay..." wow... Hey I mean I am super cute with my black T shirt and the brown plaid pants and the black fishnets and my hot pink Vans... but hey... he's a principal... ya know.

It made me laugh.

Anyway tomorrow's gonna be SUPER confusing... at least I'm in Kim's chem class... eek.

Yay for me.

Beccanator out.

So much for that.

Gawd. School starts tomorrow. It's almost as if I didnt have a summer at all, since all I did for 2 friggen months is study my brains out. Fun stuff.

We move out on Saturday. Wee. More work for me.

Krissy's gone, that sucks. A whole lot. At least he's coming home for the weekend (and yes, I did say home. This is his home.)

Seems to me that everyone's just as pissed off as I am. Hilary's barn is half empty, not to mention the guy issues. Same with Hanny, and now her parents and the Cow are all on her back. Krissy's gone. Katie's depressed to the point of a total meltdown. I'm about to break.

Maybe once school starts and we move, I'll have more of an excuse not to stay home, or to lock myself in my room with a little System of a Down. I dunno. Nothing really bad is happening, in fact, deep down I'm feeling super. I just hate the fact that the 'rents are on my back for the stupidest reasons... giving me crap for no reason it seems.

Hello? I can take care of myself. And dont tell me that there was anything that I could do. Dont tell me I cant handle anything (even though I cant)... yeah I could use some friggen encouragement. Cut the crap and leave me alone. (I am trying SO HARD not to swear... gawd I'm so proud of myself right now)

I'd be perfectly content walking the sidewalks of the town all day. If I was never home I'd be happier then ever. There's just something about being away from my stupid mother that makes me happy as can be.

Ahh screw it. I dont even care ok? I do not even care.

Beccanator out.

Monday, August 22, 2005


This calls for a celebration!!!!!!!!!!

Good thing I had a party friday...

Yeah it was to celebrate the end of band camp, about 24 people came... lets see... Katie Way, Matt Cutcher, Ski, Dan Dokter, Dan and Brad Shuck, Erin Martin, Carolyn Sienko, Mary Blakely, Hannah and Emily Herbert, Karlie McMannaman, Alaina Charette, Listy, Hilary Holland, Steven King, Alyssia Booth, Elizabeth Allison, Amalia Samaraweera, JoJo the freshman :), Alli Scott, McBride, Thomas Stewart, and Donna Willhoite.

Dude it was so fun...

We decided to throw balls at eachother... so my little sister packed Thomas in the head and Dan in the... well... balls... AHH it was HILARIOUS...

and we ate pizza

and Hilars, Hannah, Matt, Ski, and Donna raided my musical instruments basket... Ski found the nose-flute... yey!! haha it was great, I have this on video... :)

and the guys played video games, and Karlie and Alaina boxed eachother with oven mitts...

and then we played Twister and I SWEAR that JoJo girl... she's my new freshmen buddy!!! She can bend in ways I didnt know existed... oh wow... this kid...

anyway it was sweet...


Beccanator out.

Friday, August 19, 2005

This one time... at Band Camp...

I've definitely been at band camp for the past few days *strangles self* but I guess its not all that bad.

"Double DANG!"
"So let me get this straight... you were bored... so you deep fried your hand?" (Yeah, Cliff actually did that)
"That's not a banana in your pants, is it?"
"Did you hear about Carolyn and her dad?"
"Did you hear about Carolyn and the extention cord?"


Yeah... kudos.

I'll update more later... maybe.

Beccanator out.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Tip it up a Notch.

Here you see the awesome group called Timmy's Cow Tippers from Camp Barakel, the haven that has taken me in for the past 6 days. (I'm 2nd to the right on the bottom in the grey hoodie) Yes, we are Timmy's Cow Tippers. And we definitely won the watermelon. *cheers*

Anyway camp was crazy because I had the same counselor again this year, and she also just happens to go to my church. (Of course, in a church of thousands we only have seen eachother like twice) But my group was awesome. Next to me on the far right is Kelcie, then on my left is Emily. Also in the orange in the front row with the torn jeans is Janessa, then if you go to the left of Janessa then up a notch to the girl in the black, that's Kristen. Above me is Caitlin, and to her left is my couselor Hannah. Next to Hannah is Katie then above Katie is Sair (Kayle) and to Kayle's left is Christina. Then on the far top left in the purple is Tina, or Tinaria as I call her :)

I had an intense time. Through the speaker God was able to tell me exactly what I need to do. I have my next step, and I'm getting out of this. Yeah, I'll be okay.

It's just amazing what a week you can have there. Janessa and Kristen are the coolest "preps" I've EVER met... :) and the understanding in my group was unbelievable. I love you guys so much... SUPER KUDOS to ALL y'all!

Remember to laugh and love. More importantly, remember to forgive and bless. Most importantly, learn to let it go.

Beccanator out.

Sunday, August 07, 2005


Die to win, because you're born to lose?

I dont think so. I think you die before you win, or lose for that matter. Because this is what its feeling like now. Like that Natalee girl, and that dead 17 year old girl from Florida, and those children that were murdered, and that missing ADD Bipolar kid from our town. They all have one thing in common, they're either dead or missing.

Makes me kind of mad. I mean, right now I'm basically expecting it to happen to me, or someone I love. Basically the worlds getting worse every day. Makes watching the news really suck. But what also makes me mad is that people have actually come across "Fuck Natalee" websites and such. I mean who is that heartless, other then the people who got her? Might as well be the kidknappers themselves.

Makes me be scared crapless to go to the Jazzfest in Oldtown in Lansing. It's just our capital city, but I'm just so paranoid. I went with Chelle and Kirsten, and Kirsten hated being alone as did I. I still do. Who knows what's out there? Hiding around the corner? Sitting on a bench in the park at night? Been drinking too much? Staring at you in ways you really wish they wouldnt?

Maybe its just paranoia. Maybe its trauma? But it seems a little... late for trauma. I mean its been almost a year... and it shouldnt've hit me so hard. Because I shouldnt've 'blown it up', because it really... I suppose it wasnt so bad? But perhaps it was.

But maybe its all in my imagination. Sure. Why not? I suppose if I expect the worse, maybe it wont happen. These things happen when you least expect them.

Beccanator out.

Friday, August 05, 2005

The Little Kitty Stole the Vile and Speaks in a Shrill Voice :)

So yesterday I hung out with Amanda and Laura at the MAC and we swam and went in the hottub and the lap pool and whatever. It was pretty sweet cuz Manda got contacts then came back :)

Then after that me and Lisa went to the Ingham fair, except I didnt see my cousins or any of their animals, not even Audie or Jade (Annie and Abbey's horses) and I didnt see Hilars or Ninners...

...and we met this guy named Scotty and he's gonna be an 8th grader at our middle school. He was with his sister Miranda who reminded me of Max from the Suite Life of Zach and Cody... she was so ghetto looking with her little 11-year-old self and her Bball Jersey and whatnot... but she was a funny kid. The first thing she said to me was "Are you gothic?" It kindof caught me by surprise because... well ya know, wouldnt you? I said "Not every day!" After she went to get drinks and Scotty was really apologetic and embarassed, but I told him I got that all the time. Heck, I took no offense. I would if she asked me if I was a prep though... :)

Me and Lisa got real thirsty real fast, so when we finally found Amber she gave us money to get lemonade. But thats a different story, hold on!

We went in the little Fun Houses... (those are SO cool!!!) and we had this little boy who looked to be about 6 follow us around and "lead" us through each Fun House. It was so sweet! He knew each one by heart. "Girls let me go in front of you! I'll help you! Follow me! Be careful, this is the tricky part!" AWWW it was adorable...

We went on some pretty sweet rides... like Twister and Fireball... we saw Heidi and Christi Meredith there... dude I love them... :)

We wandered down to the far end of the fair at around 9:30 and we wandered into a store thinking that they might have a drinking fountain. Instead, I found a half-drinken Gatorade bottle so we dumped it, threw away the cap, and filled it with water. Hey, it's hydration. There was also this little 2 year old girl in the store who was the casheir's daughter, and she was playing peek-a-boo with us in the showing jackets. It was SO cute! She'd hide and then we'd say "Where'd she go? Where's Kirsten?" and she'd pop out and say "BOO!" And I'd say "PEEK A BOO!" and then we chased eachother around the store until we left. It was priceless... :)

Yes back to the lemonade story... I wore that shirt that says "In what color is each word written?" then lists all the color words in different colors... and we went to the lemonade place and Lisa asked for a large lemonade and the guy was just staring at my shirt... it was funny and a little akward but then he was like "Hey which color is Red written in?" And I looked and he's like "NO you cant look! You need to go home and study your shirt!" Then we got in a whole conversation about how I couldnt study it now because I couldnt take it off now... becuase that would be a wee bit scary! And then he quized Lisa's inteligence... he said that people usually ask for "larges" instead of "large lemonades" which is the correct plural of large, Lisa got it but thank God I didnt say anything because I definitely would've said "larges"... and when it was all said and done we had a really funny convo with the lemonade man and Lisa said she'd make him a cake... yes!

Today I had my Science exam... it was okay and I hope I passed! The school realized that they were stupid and I am now taking my Health exam on monday... so I have to study my ass off till then because I only have what... three days?

And when I was waiting for mom I wandered around to the band parking lot because I was bored, and Kelsey was there, and I needed somebody to talk to. So the door was locked and some janitor guy was in there and I'm afraid of janitors too... so I just sat on the bike rack. To my great displeasure, the Cow drove up just about then. She said "Hi Becca" and I said hi back. She asked if I had swimming practice or something and I said no, that I had an exam. "An exam? Isnt it... summer?" she said. I said yes, I'm trying to get out of Physical Science. And just then the most random thing happened.

She was holding a rainstick, and she held it out to me, asked "Hey do you want a rainmaker?" "Sure" I said. A peace offering? Maybe. But I'm not foolish enough to believe that once the schoolyear starts she'll be off my back. No. It's just because I'm not in her class in the summer that she is nice to me. But I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

Later on around 1:30 Bobbi came over. We watched some girly movies that we're secretly obsessed with :) but shall not be mentioned here... heehee! She stayed for dinner and we made brownies, played DDR, and I played with her hair. It was pretty fun, I miss her alot because we never hang out. I hope she'll have fun once she goes off to LCC and all, but it would be great if we still hang out some!

I love me my Bobbi!!

Well such was the extent of my last couple days, this is a pretty long one so have some fun with it...

Beccanator OUT!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Confessions of the Day

Well, I might as well spill.

Today I...

*ate 4 fudgesicles
*saw Kylie Blasen and Alicia D'Haem at PF Chang's and didnt mind
*second-hand smoked
*dented somebody's Jetta (accidentally...)

and the number one confession of the day is:

*After all the things my cousin spilled to me today, after all that, I still feel like I'm a whole shitload worse.

Beccanator out.