Saturday, July 30, 2005

Zig-Zagging in 55 Degrees, Half of a pair of Sandals, and Dead Mammals

She's baaaaaaaaaaaack....

Yes, final-frickin-ly.

So I'll start with my canoe trip down the Jordon River with the Walloon Lake Community Church people.

I got to the church because this is the only way I can interact with awesome people my very own age *gasp* and that there are some really cool people up there.

So we went. We went to the Jordon River in East Jordon, which is about 55 degrees. It was FREEEEZING!!! haha Robert, Blake, and Sabrina were in our big yellow canoe and we started first and finished last. We were sitting a little low so we dumped Robert to a different canoe, but still the best we could do was zig zag and get ourselves stuck on trees. Oh yeah, and did I mention the scores of dead things we saw?? Besides the alive beavers... we saw LOTS of sandals and beer cans but also a dead muskrat and a dead rabbit attatched to a stick... oh yeah and that was floating under water. And we sunk twice, not including when we were trying to get off. We were the last to finish and had to come get "rescued" by a guy who knew how to steer... :) so then it rained... and it was cold... but then we went to Rachel and Brittany's house for food and it was SO good...

That was sweet.

Then me, my sister, brother, and mom took a boat trip down to the South Arm which leads to the city of East Jordon, then we went down to Charlevoix and got fudge then took the channel to Lake Michigan. That was sweet too.

Anyway... I'm FINALLY back... ya know I really need to NOT be there for so friggen long...

Its pathetic how I have a little family going here in this 'Blog world'... but hey. You guys keep me alive. Literally. And I love you all.



Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

and we all love you too. and you all are what keep me alive too. we missed u becca and need to hang out again before i'm left alone again.

Becca said...

hell yeah

I thought I would have a showing today and maybe be able to go to the new house... but I dont think I can today. Maybe tomorrow. I dunno. I'll call your cell when i'm there, k?

Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

okey dokey then.