Friday, July 22, 2005

T.C. Trip

So as some of you know, I have two sets of grandparents (duh)

They both have cottages so these past four days were spent down in Rennie Lake with Gram and Gramps Smith. The lake is disgusting and silty but it has lots of little seashells!!! OOH they are cute. We went on boat rides and swam some, but the most fun was when we went fishing. Even though fishing is usually boring as heck, it's fun when all you can catch is the stupid little Bluegill. We got alot, and ate alot of them too. When my Gramps cleaned them, I had to dig my hook out of the head. It was sweet.

Then we went to T.C. (That's Traverse City for all the retards...) and did some shopping. My mom got me a reaaaaaaaally cute outfit that was friggen $100... (But dont be too jealous yet because I have to pay half of it, and then the other half was a gift for my stunning GPA...) and OMG I almost forgot!

When we went to Subway for lunch (Which totally made me think of Nettie) there was this girl sitting at a table by us. All of a sudden a HUGE house centipede came out of nowhere. I'll give you the convo:

Girl: OMG What is that??
Me: WOAH I think its a House Centipede. *explaining* Freshman year bug project. *makes face*
Girl: Wow... I say... we step on it.
Me: I second that.*I try, but bug gets away*
Girl: Actually I kinda want to catch it. I'll scare the crap out of this kid. *tries* But except I'm scared!!
Me: You want me to do it for you?
Girl: Sure, will you?
Me: Yeah. *gets bug with a series of "eeew" and "OOH ITS FAST!"*
Girl: YOU GOT IT!!!
Me: Here ya go
Me: So who are you going to scare, little brother or something?
Girl: No, haha my boyfriend! He made me kill the HUGEST spider last night and it is SO payback.

So that's the story of my causing a riot in Subway. The madness never stops.

Becca Out.


PirateKayle said...

lol props to that girl in subway! Thats hilarious!

Becca said...

haha yeah!!! double props yo

Nettie said...

A couple of weeks at Subway and now I'm doomed...and no you're not old. It's a quote.

Becca said...

Ahh. For a moment there you had me a wee tad confused... :)

mrsd said...

'...relatively hates the color white for deep dark reasons'

Just had to comment that this comment on Netties blog was hilarious. :D

Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

wow that has got to be most hilarious thing ive heard at a subway....

Becca said...

thank ya very much KL and mrsd!