Sunday, July 31, 2005

There's a Twist-Tie in my Veggies.

So I went to Krissy Latte's and Katie was there so we just hung out and took the "Goth Test"... the most hypocritical stereotypical test I've ever heard of (i.e. if you eat Count Chocula cereal, you're obviously goth) But it was funny because it classified all three of us as goths. Wee.

And we watched Days of our Lamps... again...

Then I headed over to Catholic youth group and we watched The Pacifier... wow funky things happen there all the time...

Gawd it's bloody hot outside.

Rick Stewart came back to lead our singing at church... actually him and Phil just switched churches for the day. I was glad to have him back though. He's so much louder then Phil... he gets you excited and stuff. He's a cool guy with a cool family. He needs to come back more often...

I just realized that Carolyn Sienko's dad was working on that Red Cedar River murder case. That's so sweet. Williamston/Webberville's very own murder. This town gets better and better.

My exam is on Thursday, since I can only take one of them because, since I was trying to test out of two classes, nobody told me that the exams were all at the same time. Gawd I hate this school so much. Hate the staff. Dont trust the disciplinary system. They lie through their teeth at us. And it's annoying. Oh well, I'll test out of Health next year maybe, or just take it this year. Naw, I'll test out. Physical Science is what I'll be testing out of. So pray for us, Erin, Carolyn, and Emily? I think so. We're all testing out of one thing or another on Thursday.

Oh, and we finally got Phantom of the Opera.

I guess that's all I have to rant about. It seems a little dead around here. Oh well. Maybe it'll speed up once school starts.

Beccanator out.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Zig-Zagging in 55 Degrees, Half of a pair of Sandals, and Dead Mammals

She's baaaaaaaaaaaack....

Yes, final-frickin-ly.

So I'll start with my canoe trip down the Jordon River with the Walloon Lake Community Church people.

I got to the church because this is the only way I can interact with awesome people my very own age *gasp* and that there are some really cool people up there.

So we went. We went to the Jordon River in East Jordon, which is about 55 degrees. It was FREEEEZING!!! haha Robert, Blake, and Sabrina were in our big yellow canoe and we started first and finished last. We were sitting a little low so we dumped Robert to a different canoe, but still the best we could do was zig zag and get ourselves stuck on trees. Oh yeah, and did I mention the scores of dead things we saw?? Besides the alive beavers... we saw LOTS of sandals and beer cans but also a dead muskrat and a dead rabbit attatched to a stick... oh yeah and that was floating under water. And we sunk twice, not including when we were trying to get off. We were the last to finish and had to come get "rescued" by a guy who knew how to steer... :) so then it rained... and it was cold... but then we went to Rachel and Brittany's house for food and it was SO good...

That was sweet.

Then me, my sister, brother, and mom took a boat trip down to the South Arm which leads to the city of East Jordon, then we went down to Charlevoix and got fudge then took the channel to Lake Michigan. That was sweet too.

Anyway... I'm FINALLY back... ya know I really need to NOT be there for so friggen long...

Its pathetic how I have a little family going here in this 'Blog world'... but hey. You guys keep me alive. Literally. And I love you all.


Friday, July 22, 2005

T.C. Trip

So as some of you know, I have two sets of grandparents (duh)

They both have cottages so these past four days were spent down in Rennie Lake with Gram and Gramps Smith. The lake is disgusting and silty but it has lots of little seashells!!! OOH they are cute. We went on boat rides and swam some, but the most fun was when we went fishing. Even though fishing is usually boring as heck, it's fun when all you can catch is the stupid little Bluegill. We got alot, and ate alot of them too. When my Gramps cleaned them, I had to dig my hook out of the head. It was sweet.

Then we went to T.C. (That's Traverse City for all the retards...) and did some shopping. My mom got me a reaaaaaaaally cute outfit that was friggen $100... (But dont be too jealous yet because I have to pay half of it, and then the other half was a gift for my stunning GPA...) and OMG I almost forgot!

When we went to Subway for lunch (Which totally made me think of Nettie) there was this girl sitting at a table by us. All of a sudden a HUGE house centipede came out of nowhere. I'll give you the convo:

Girl: OMG What is that??
Me: WOAH I think its a House Centipede. *explaining* Freshman year bug project. *makes face*
Girl: Wow... I say... we step on it.
Me: I second that.*I try, but bug gets away*
Girl: Actually I kinda want to catch it. I'll scare the crap out of this kid. *tries* But except I'm scared!!
Me: You want me to do it for you?
Girl: Sure, will you?
Me: Yeah. *gets bug with a series of "eeew" and "OOH ITS FAST!"*
Girl: YOU GOT IT!!!
Me: Here ya go
Me: So who are you going to scare, little brother or something?
Girl: No, haha my boyfriend! He made me kill the HUGEST spider last night and it is SO payback.

So that's the story of my causing a riot in Subway. The madness never stops.

Becca Out.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Nope, still not home.

But given the coveted priveledge of using Daddy's laptop. :)

I have a story to tell you. This is a story that is not new, yet not old either. It is the story of when the Robinsons played a family game of Lets-Throw-Splat-Balls-At-Eachother-And-Inflict-As-Much-Pain-As-Possible.

It all started one bright hazy day, today actually. After the morning leisures of watching a Cigarette Boat race and climbing a lighthouse and sitting there getting the best view of ALL the people (Yes, go me, and the sherrif came by 3 times and didnt ask me to get down), we came back to 05973 Ferry Lane.

We all decided to get in the lake after a lazy afternoon, so around 4:30, we all piled in. Hannah and mom were on the paddle board, hosting 11 Splat Balls. Michael, Steph, and I were in the water, dad trailing behind.

It is chaos.

You see little Stephanie's mischevious smile, and you know it's over. You get hit twice in the butt by dad. Your mom mercilessly hurls Splat Ball after Splat Ball. You go underwater because, well, it's cloudy today so you think they cant see you. Guess again. They are waiting, waiting for you to resurface so they can pound you in the face. So, naturally, you come up with hands flailing around in effort to protect your, in my case, stunningly gorgeous face. Usually this is a lose-lose situation, because once they do try to pound you, they get your pinkie. This also hurts.

I have one thing to say.

Guard your McNuggets.


*cracks up*

Love you all


Monday, July 11, 2005

Oh Sweet Civilization...

No, dont get your hopes up. I'm not home for good.

Actually I'm not home at all. I'm at my cousins' cottage... and they have a computer AND a piano. I've died and gone to heaven.

Anyway let me refresh you all on my life thus far.

I've b asically been hanging out with my cousins that were staying at the same cottage as me... yes that's 11, sometimes 12 kids. Fourth of July was fun... I fell in the mud at the parade and it was rather entertaining. Fireworks were beautiful, Fry Fest was fun (this is when my uncle deep-fries about everything imaginable), boating, tubing, skiing... fun stuff.

Except for two days ago...

My darlin cousin Jenny (13) and I were swimming. My cousin Kellie (15) was in the boat. Jenny was trying to get in the boat to see if her towel was in there... and she slipped. I laughed because well.... Jenny's a klutz like me. Kellie was laughing too... but then I heard her say "Oh my gosh Jenny, oh my gosh DONT look at it." But by then Jenny was screaming and screaming. That freaked me out so I got out of the water as fast as I could. Kellie was already running down the dock to get some help. I looked at Jenny and her knee was slit open... and it was deep. When she slipped she slid on the boat and caught her knee on the boat cleat that ripped open her knee. My uncle Dave carried Jen down the dock (which is inconveniently about 320 feet long) and we layed her on a lawn chair. My mom camed out with gauze and abig bandaid but that bled through. Uncle Dave, Kellie, and I went to the hospital with her (This was aout 9:30PM) and by the time we got there the bandaid was soaked through. Thankfully, the doctor saw her right away and she had to get three big stitches in her knee.

That was a scare we all didnt need... but it's okay and Jenny is fine. She's happy she doesnt have to do Tennis for a couple of days :)...

Yeah... right now there arent any more cousins at the cottage... so I'm at my other cousins' cottage. I'm glad, because when its just us we'd half kill eachother.

Well, its an update. And I'm still alive. Woo...

love you