Monday, June 13, 2005

You slay me.

Alrightie... four missed open houses, but I went to three others. Two cousins (Annie and Michelle) which I just played some bball at Annies and hung out with Abbey's friends putting on awesome plastic sunglasses and parading ourselves around... and hung out with Kirsten at Chelle's.

Then I went to Laura's and hung out with Bobbi and Maureen and them. Twas fun... Kerry and I made special two-legged forks and stabbed people with them... :) KIM you meanie!!

Then Catholic youth group (Yes Crystal, Catholic youth group)... well yes that was intertaining... we watched the Red October movie and I dumped water on Jake. It was way fun...

Yeah... I've got alot on my mind. Half of it I just made up anyway, so why listen to my mind? Hmm... might as well listen to my heart. OOH that was so cliche. I dont know whats in my heart either, so that doesnt help, and we're back to square one. Wow, I'm going to make it! (yeah, can ya detect the sarcasm? I'm laying it on pretty thick.)


I definitely feel like I should be saying more, since this is kindof my venting mechanism, but I wont. I'll spare all ye who read this mess. Anyway, if I was gonna say something else, what would it be?

Not even I know that.


Nettie said...

"I'm cool." That's what you could say. And you could explain just what open houses are.

Becca said...

graduations, darling.

and if I said that it would be a little white lie.

PirateKayle said...

wow thats alot of open houses

Matt said...

You changed to me "Shaniqua/Matt" Nice Becca.

Nettie said...

Individual graduations? I'm confused....but, uh, your template looks good...I'm going to bed now.

Becca said...

Kayle-damn straight

Matt- haha I know

Nettie- no dear, like individual parties for people who are graduating