Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Wrist must die... and other affairs of bracelets and I

After a lecture from three of my very good friends (Jenn, Lisa, and Kerry), I managed to take off all 45 of my little colorful bracelets from my right wrist. Heck, I figured my skin would be dead underneath but not THIS dead... it's all rashy, dry and broken up from when they had dug into my skin... yeah I'm definitely only wearing those during weekdays and letting my arm breathe during weekends. Ouch.

Kayle's surprise sweet 16 was awesome... quite a few people were there. Let's see... Ashley B, Ashley M, Kayle (of course), Me, Katie, Amy S, Amy F, Dominique, Dillon, Chad, Meredith, and Misty. We pretty much just swam the whole time... and we surprised the crap out of that girl. It was pretty funny.

Love ya, Kayle

Let's see... I'm totally missing Frannie's open house right now. Sorry, girl, couldnt make it... :(
and I'll prolly miss Kyle's too. At least I'm going to Marie's later. YEY MARIE AND JENN! haha well that should be interesting.

That's pretty much it... all I have to worry about is finals...eek it's gonna be kinda icky sticky yucky but oh well. At least I have like a speck of a chance to pass.

love you



Nettie said...

I'm always changing my profile too. It must mean we're cool.

Becca said...


we are.

Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

hey, how come no one asked me to come lol? oh well...

Becca said...

OMG I was wondering why you werent there! It woulda been more fun.