Friday, June 24, 2005

They say you never know whatchya got till it's gone.

Yesterday was pretty flippin sweet let me tell ya... yeah yeah yeah...

When we got to the new house around 2:15, I walked over to the High School to meet Krissy Latte. We saw a big trailer full of rocks and we picked one up. It just so happened that the Cow's car was there... and OH MY GOODNESS... we walked over there and it was SO tempting to smash that lady's windows... but there was a window on the building in front of where we were standing and I was almost positive that they were looking right at us... but AHHH it was so tempting... if it was a smaller rock maybe we wouldnt've been so nice.

Then Krissy and I walked back to the new house and worked in the garden from 3 to 4:30. We chopped down all the daisies so they could grow in next year, beheaded the irises, and hauled a broken tree to the little "pile" we have going. Then Katie showed up and we walked back towards the HS. We chatted with the tennis girls for a bit, then walked through the trail towards the MS. We decided that we would be Kiss members for Halloween. OOOH FUN! Heehee it shall be great. Somebody's sprinkler was going and we ran through it twice... yes that felt good. Then we had to leave.

I went back home and got changed, then went to pick up our missionary friends of ours. We took their kids (Allyson (15), Andrea (13), Phillip(16)) to taco bell then, after we dropped Michael off at Impact, we went to Hawk Island park... again! My little sisters went swimming, and Ally, Phillip, and I joined these awesome Mexican people in sand volleyball. I tell you... I had sand in places I didnt know I had because nobody (except Leslie, Mexican girl) dove as much as I did!! It just kicks the fun out of sand volleyball if you cant dive.

Then after that, we went and got Ice cream... (Yeah Krissy, that's my payment for working. Yeah I know, it's slavery...) but it was REALLY good. Andrea said that in the Phillipines (where they live to do missions work) the portions are so much smaller. I told her that's cuz we're all obese in America!!

Then we left them at Coral Gables where their parents were in a meeting, catching up with people they havent seen. We picked up Michael and drove to DeWitt. We dropped him off at my aunt and uncle's house to go up north, then we went home.

Yeah... that was pretty sweet.

Love you!!



Nettie said...

Aww, I'm so proud of you for resisting temptation!

Becca said...

haha I know... me too...

and its KILLING me... :)

Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

i was so going to do it. i have nothing against the Cow cuz I don't have band but I wanted to do it just to make u guys happy. That was really fun and I'm surprised that I'm not all congested now...
Good times, good times

Becca said...

hahaha... omg Krissy... wow.

Hey my mom was like "Hey if Chris wants to earn some extra money he can come do that more often!!"