Saturday, June 25, 2005

Rose petals fall...

If you want to make Becca happy today... give her a massage. She's sore from diving... and had a rather akward start to the morning. Well, you learn something new every day.

My sister just walked in. It's the biggest feeling of relief I've felt all summer. It's so weird... this is something new.

I had the saddest dream last night. The first half wasnt bad. But in the end I woke up crying. That's never happened before. Let me explain.

The first half was just a normal dream, me hanging out with Katie, Kayle, some other guys, and my grandma. There was this other lady too. We were shopping and I wanted a big stuffed animal dog that was really soft and costed $115. Then we went to my grandma's and just... like really weird stuff started to happen. Like her laundry turned into these really weird little people... and out of nowhere this spider came out. But that wasnt sad, that's just a dream.

Then I was at an Open House of somebody's... we were in a field surrounded by woods, and it had a river outside of the trees. There were all these agents sitting at a picnic table, I was there, and then there was another blonde lady sitting at the head. Some of the agents were over by the river golfing or something. There was this big black guy who was an agent... and the lady was looking at somebody's class of kids. There was a school in the field. For some reason, this lady wanted to blow up the school, so the agents were trying to convince her otherwise.

They couldnt do anything about it.

As soon as she got her finger on the button and pushed it, the agents started to evacuate the youngest parts of the school, for they were the only ones in danger. I actually think they were trying to get to a safe part of the school.

I saw people leave, but then on the other side of the school, I saw my sister. She was with her friend, coming into a door. She was in the breezeway, holding the door. If only she ran... I'm not sure but maybe somebody yelled "get out"... but it was too late. She was gone... in a big burst of fire and ash.

This didnt wake me up though. I remember walking around in the school, seeing my friends, we were wearing kaki pants and light blue T shirts. I went to the breezeway where she died, and I looked through the glass on the door. I could see the charred fingerprints on the door, the little black shoeprints where they had just vanished, burned before they had a chance. I walked toward the pool inside, and I saw my friend Mary along with the other students walking. I went back outside, and saw the big black agent in his car, my other sister in the passenger seat, crying. The agent was yelling at the blonde lady... saying "You killed my son... you killed him..." and I saw him getting his other youngest son into the car. "He needed his brother, you killed his brother..."

And I woke up in tears.


Nettie said...

Whoo that's freaky, dear. How bout a virtual massage?

Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

wow that's really sad. i feel really bad now. i forget what i dreamed about.

Becca said...

virtual massages work... thanks

Nettie said...


Melissa said...

Oh Honey I adore you...I have had horrific dreams like that before...and you just don't want to ever dream those types of things again. I'm dropping you a line...hope your smiling :)

Becca said...

aww thank you