Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My night on the town... with some of the coolest people I know.

So last night I was definitely bored so I called up Dillon, Katie and Mere to hang out. Dill, KT and I went over to Speedway and got a dozen Krispy Kremes... :) and ate them in the park. Then we went over to DQ and met Mere there. Mere was friends with like all the people working there, and she went in and got water refills like 14 times... it was great. Oh, and I accidentally spewed a mouthful of water on Dillon... oops... yes it was fun. Then after that, we swung on the branches of a Willow tree (which I fell off of...) and Dillon got picked up. Then Mere, KT and I went to the tennis courts and played some rounds with her mom. I suck... especially with our retro rackets cuz I left the good ones at the other house! Wow... it was fun. Then I walked over to KT's, watched TV till about 12 30 and then went to bed.

"Maryland... AMERICA!"
"Stick with leaves! Bush! Kerry!!"
"I'm gonna say SERVICE... *laughter* because I dont know what I'm supposed to say... so I'm gonna serve now, HEADS UP!"

"I dont think I've ever heard 'heads up' at Wimbledon..."
"I WIN!"
"That's my partner!"
"Uhh... Becca? That's the salt."
"OH'S NO'S! Beeyecca got stuck in a pothole!"

We gotta have more nights like that... and I only spent 2 bucks!

love you



Amy said...

sounds fun becca!

we need to do that stuff w/ katie, mere, dillon, and other peps if u want.

visit my blog, k? i made it specially 4 u 2day!


call me somtime! :)


Becca said...

fo sho homie g


Nettie said...

Oh, that's so cool, I wanted donuts last night but it was too late.

Becca said...

i'll bring you some one day :)

Amy said...

becca, im gonna cry! doesn't have anything to do w/ your posts though!

omg i'm crying in my room writing this! i'll explain inmy next post....... :(

no "word" today........ :(

Becca said...

mmk ru ok?

PirateKayle said...

yum krispy cremes!

Becca said...

ooh heck yes!!!