Sunday, June 19, 2005

Los pinguinos... son psicopata!

OOH OOH!! Everybody LISTEN UP!! Everybody HAS to go over to Amy's site RIGHT NOW and view her "Randomness... don't chya love it?" post!!! DO IT! It brings back great memories to those who have experienced them... and raises questions of sanity for those who havent.

It's time to write a sickeningly happy-ish post.

Summer is here... I have some of my Phys. Science stuff done... but mostly the Earth Science part. That part I've got down. GO ME!

AND a new favorite song... ok it's been one of my favorite songs for a while but... you cant fully appreciate a song until you cant sleep... it's coming around 3 or 4AM you guess... and the only light comes from the moon and the only sound from that voice. It's called Taken, and it's by Plumb.

Since I have nothing else to do... I guess I'll just post the lyrics here.

ii can see you standiing iin the pouriing raiin
waiitiing for change
to carry you away
ii can see the liight fall from your eyes
as we get lost
iin the tears of thiis goodbye

you cant go farther
than my heart can go
cuz ii'll stiil be loviing you
through the sadness
and the madness here
and ii'll always be with you
iin the diistance
that has taken you
from me

ii can see you laugh when ii close my eyes
ii can piicture your face
and the strength iinsiide your smiile
ii can see the words dance upon your liips
ii remember forever
iis somethiing more than thiis

and then it basically goes back to the chorus and over and over... and the double i's?? I just thought I'd spruce it up a bit. Nothing really! It's really pretty if you've heard it. I dont really have anybody who has been taken from me... but when I think about it I can come up with a few. One is my parents but there isnt much I can do about that.

The other's my grandpa. I went to see him again. Today is fathers day anyway... and so we went to Grand Rapids to see him. I do miss the way things used to be. He's a totally different person now. There isn't much I can do about that either... so what's the point of rambling about it now?

Anyway... I havent much to say again. At least... nothing of any great consequence to say. So I'll just leave you at this.

love you



Nettie said...

Well, ramble if it makes you feel better, dear.

Melissa said...

Hey, I love Plumb...what album is that song on?

Becca said...

Beautiful Lumps of Coal

Amy said...

thanks for promoting my site bec!

Props to you!

That song sounds SO pretty!

thanx girl

Becca said...

haha no problema