Saturday, June 11, 2005

*insert good title here*

Well Cedar Point was definitely sweet... we just pretty much hung out there from 10 to 10. I dragged Katie and Kayle onto the wicked twister... it ended up being their favorite (and mine). They left me alone on magnum... except it was really stupid. It wasnt even scary. It was so fun though... cuz I wuv rollercoastas ... then I ended up telling off all the stupid game people that make you pay money to watch them be stupid... I even got thanked by some people :)

*insert evil laugh here*

and Max Air was sweet... that new one... dude it rocked.

The car rides were sweet too... we blasted Queen and sang bohemian rhapsody alot... heehee!

and at the Hotel we went to this pool and hung out with some guys we met... I liked Ian best because I thought he was really cool.... shy though. He said he'd be a peach if he could be any fruit or veggie. Oh yes, it was a heartfelt conversation... :)

I'm definitely missing alot of open houses today *tear* including Alaina, Juanita, Stephanie Hays, and Bobbi... I should call 'em.

I'm going to my cousin's house for a party and her open house... so that's pretty much what I'll be doing today.

Yeah, I'm super tired and relatively cranky so I'll just end this... okay bye now.

love you



Chris (Krissy Latte) said...

cedar point is the best. i wish i could've gone...

Amy said...

same here!!

glad u had fun becca!

love the title.....:)

Nettie said...

Title: I Wanna See Becca On The Roller Coaster!

Amy said...

lol nettie

Melissa said...

Hey Sweet Girl...great catching up with you...sooo glad you did well on all your finals. Enjoy the summer you deserve it...sounds like you did a lot of great celebrating to...I want to got to Cedar Point, sounds like a blast...LOVE!

Amy said...

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Please *begs on knees*

Becca said...


Mel- oh yes oh yes I did!

Chrissy and Aims- we really needed one more person... its hell trying to find rides that seat 3 at a time... we had to be *gasp* SEPERATED!