Tuesday, June 14, 2005


The LlOlRlD is my shEPheRD I shall L A C K N O T H I N G...

Yeah... how bout lets all stop and think about that for a sec? My thoughts havent been at peace... I usually find myself inside my head alot these days; a dark alley in the middle of some large city, vulnerable as ever.

But what's really going on is something that I'm unable to see.

I lack nothing. I dont need anything. I've got all I need. Joy? Peace? That is of no consequence. I should have it, but I cant say that I am at peace at the moment. The very thought of going back to the way things used to be sends me into a fit of worries. Likewise, the very thought of continuing into the future sends me into a fit or worries.

Do we see a pattern here? Perhaps.

He is my shepherd. What do shepherds do? Take care of their sheep. I'm sure we all love referring to ourselves as sheep... but this is exactly who we are in relationship to the Father. The very reason I have gotten so entangled is because I have run off into the thorns and been attacked by a great number of wolves.

However there is a solution.

The shepherd will take me back, always. I constantly see myself running straight back to the pasture, it even annoys me. Not him.

"Hey Becca, welcome home."

The question: Are these words enough to keep me? They should be. They are. This is the very reason I stay, because I can stay. He does not shoo me away for any reason. Unconditional. That's what he is.

And guess what else?

... I will DweLL in the H O U S E of the LlOlRlD F O R E V E R.


Nettie said...

Wow that's good.

Becca said...

Thank you darlin

Melissa said...

I needed that so much Becca...oh may goodness I'm so in the thicket right now, the thorns are killing me, but I'm just to tired to fight. Thank you for sharing this it really touched my soul.

Becca said...

No problem darling. Just glad it touched somebody.