Thursday, June 30, 2005

On the road... again.

So I'm leaving soon for Charlevoix, and I'll be gone for God knows how long. I really dont know. Weeks? Months? Well it wont be 5 weeks this time, but it'll be long enough.

I wont leave you with something long to chew on, because quite frankly I dont have anything spectacular to say.

So until further notice, I'll be gone. So long, farewell, and well, you know the rest.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My National Treasure...

... and this time it's real.

See, my neighbors are like richer then hell... and Mr DeWeese was a senator. He used to entertain presidents and such at their house. We share a driveway, so naturally my house was the 6000 square foot "guest house" for... who else...

the Secret Service.

Yeah, thats right. The coolest effing people in the whole darn country. The most stereotyped too... but still nonetheless the coolest.

So here's the scoop. After working on my house for what seems like forever, my dad discovered...

*insert thematic music here*

the secret room.

Yes, this secret room was designed particularly for the purpose of protecting the president or the secret service from... what else? Air raids, that's what. Bomb shelter.

Unfortunately, my dad is a butthead and wont tell us where this room is. For the life of us, we cant find it. We formed search parties, searched high and low, even interrogated the man, but the best we can come up with is its in the house, and either upstairs or downstairs. Thanks, dad.

Yes it exists, and it is my life goal to find it. Although it has previously been discovered by my father, it probably has nothing inside, at least nothing that I've imagined.

Oh maybe a few WMDs, dead bodies, secrets from the former Soviet, spy gear, stuff that kids like me arent supposed to find out about because of America's secreative government. Heck, it'll just take some looking around... ripping out of carpet... stripping of the walls and pulling out of bricks. No big.

Yeah, I'm cool. And I will find it.



Saturday, June 25, 2005

Rose petals fall...

If you want to make Becca happy today... give her a massage. She's sore from diving... and had a rather akward start to the morning. Well, you learn something new every day.

My sister just walked in. It's the biggest feeling of relief I've felt all summer. It's so weird... this is something new.

I had the saddest dream last night. The first half wasnt bad. But in the end I woke up crying. That's never happened before. Let me explain.

The first half was just a normal dream, me hanging out with Katie, Kayle, some other guys, and my grandma. There was this other lady too. We were shopping and I wanted a big stuffed animal dog that was really soft and costed $115. Then we went to my grandma's and just... like really weird stuff started to happen. Like her laundry turned into these really weird little people... and out of nowhere this spider came out. But that wasnt sad, that's just a dream.

Then I was at an Open House of somebody's... we were in a field surrounded by woods, and it had a river outside of the trees. There were all these agents sitting at a picnic table, I was there, and then there was another blonde lady sitting at the head. Some of the agents were over by the river golfing or something. There was this big black guy who was an agent... and the lady was looking at somebody's class of kids. There was a school in the field. For some reason, this lady wanted to blow up the school, so the agents were trying to convince her otherwise.

They couldnt do anything about it.

As soon as she got her finger on the button and pushed it, the agents started to evacuate the youngest parts of the school, for they were the only ones in danger. I actually think they were trying to get to a safe part of the school.

I saw people leave, but then on the other side of the school, I saw my sister. She was with her friend, coming into a door. She was in the breezeway, holding the door. If only she ran... I'm not sure but maybe somebody yelled "get out"... but it was too late. She was gone... in a big burst of fire and ash.

This didnt wake me up though. I remember walking around in the school, seeing my friends, we were wearing kaki pants and light blue T shirts. I went to the breezeway where she died, and I looked through the glass on the door. I could see the charred fingerprints on the door, the little black shoeprints where they had just vanished, burned before they had a chance. I walked toward the pool inside, and I saw my friend Mary along with the other students walking. I went back outside, and saw the big black agent in his car, my other sister in the passenger seat, crying. The agent was yelling at the blonde lady... saying "You killed my son... you killed him..." and I saw him getting his other youngest son into the car. "He needed his brother, you killed his brother..."

And I woke up in tears.

Friday, June 24, 2005

They say you never know whatchya got till it's gone.

Yesterday was pretty flippin sweet let me tell ya... yeah yeah yeah...

When we got to the new house around 2:15, I walked over to the High School to meet Krissy Latte. We saw a big trailer full of rocks and we picked one up. It just so happened that the Cow's car was there... and OH MY GOODNESS... we walked over there and it was SO tempting to smash that lady's windows... but there was a window on the building in front of where we were standing and I was almost positive that they were looking right at us... but AHHH it was so tempting... if it was a smaller rock maybe we wouldnt've been so nice.

Then Krissy and I walked back to the new house and worked in the garden from 3 to 4:30. We chopped down all the daisies so they could grow in next year, beheaded the irises, and hauled a broken tree to the little "pile" we have going. Then Katie showed up and we walked back towards the HS. We chatted with the tennis girls for a bit, then walked through the trail towards the MS. We decided that we would be Kiss members for Halloween. OOOH FUN! Heehee it shall be great. Somebody's sprinkler was going and we ran through it twice... yes that felt good. Then we had to leave.

I went back home and got changed, then went to pick up our missionary friends of ours. We took their kids (Allyson (15), Andrea (13), Phillip(16)) to taco bell then, after we dropped Michael off at Impact, we went to Hawk Island park... again! My little sisters went swimming, and Ally, Phillip, and I joined these awesome Mexican people in sand volleyball. I tell you... I had sand in places I didnt know I had because nobody (except Leslie, Mexican girl) dove as much as I did!! It just kicks the fun out of sand volleyball if you cant dive.

Then after that, we went and got Ice cream... (Yeah Krissy, that's my payment for working. Yeah I know, it's slavery...) but it was REALLY good. Andrea said that in the Phillipines (where they live to do missions work) the portions are so much smaller. I told her that's cuz we're all obese in America!!

Then we left them at Coral Gables where their parents were in a meeting, catching up with people they havent seen. We picked up Michael and drove to DeWitt. We dropped him off at my aunt and uncle's house to go up north, then we went home.

Yeah... that was pretty sweet.

Love you!!


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My night on the town... with some of the coolest people I know.

So last night I was definitely bored so I called up Dillon, Katie and Mere to hang out. Dill, KT and I went over to Speedway and got a dozen Krispy Kremes... :) and ate them in the park. Then we went over to DQ and met Mere there. Mere was friends with like all the people working there, and she went in and got water refills like 14 times... it was great. Oh, and I accidentally spewed a mouthful of water on Dillon... oops... yes it was fun. Then after that, we swung on the branches of a Willow tree (which I fell off of...) and Dillon got picked up. Then Mere, KT and I went to the tennis courts and played some rounds with her mom. I suck... especially with our retro rackets cuz I left the good ones at the other house! Wow... it was fun. Then I walked over to KT's, watched TV till about 12 30 and then went to bed.

"Maryland... AMERICA!"
"Stick with leaves! Bush! Kerry!!"
"I'm gonna say SERVICE... *laughter* because I dont know what I'm supposed to say... so I'm gonna serve now, HEADS UP!"

"I dont think I've ever heard 'heads up' at Wimbledon..."
"I WIN!"
"That's my partner!"
"Uhh... Becca? That's the salt."
"OH'S NO'S! Beeyecca got stuck in a pothole!"

We gotta have more nights like that... and I only spent 2 bucks!

love you


Sunday, June 19, 2005

Los pinguinos... son psicopata!

OOH OOH!! Everybody LISTEN UP!! Everybody HAS to go over to Amy's site RIGHT NOW and view her "Randomness... don't chya love it?" post!!! DO IT! It brings back great memories to those who have experienced them... and raises questions of sanity for those who havent.

It's time to write a sickeningly happy-ish post.

Summer is here... I have some of my Phys. Science stuff done... but mostly the Earth Science part. That part I've got down. GO ME!

AND a new favorite song... ok it's been one of my favorite songs for a while but... you cant fully appreciate a song until you cant sleep... it's coming around 3 or 4AM you guess... and the only light comes from the moon and the only sound from that voice. It's called Taken, and it's by Plumb.

Since I have nothing else to do... I guess I'll just post the lyrics here.

ii can see you standiing iin the pouriing raiin
waiitiing for change
to carry you away
ii can see the liight fall from your eyes
as we get lost
iin the tears of thiis goodbye

you cant go farther
than my heart can go
cuz ii'll stiil be loviing you
through the sadness
and the madness here
and ii'll always be with you
iin the diistance
that has taken you
from me

ii can see you laugh when ii close my eyes
ii can piicture your face
and the strength iinsiide your smiile
ii can see the words dance upon your liips
ii remember forever
iis somethiing more than thiis

and then it basically goes back to the chorus and over and over... and the double i's?? I just thought I'd spruce it up a bit. Nothing really! It's really pretty if you've heard it. I dont really have anybody who has been taken from me... but when I think about it I can come up with a few. One is my parents but there isnt much I can do about that.

The other's my grandpa. I went to see him again. Today is fathers day anyway... and so we went to Grand Rapids to see him. I do miss the way things used to be. He's a totally different person now. There isn't much I can do about that either... so what's the point of rambling about it now?

Anyway... I havent much to say again. At least... nothing of any great consequence to say. So I'll just leave you at this.

love you


Saturday, June 18, 2005

We're straight back to the disaster, people!

YES my computer is back to straight font instead of italics... yes little things amuse me.

Clatta07: hey
BlackSecretGone: hey krissy
Clatta07: whats up
BlackSecretGone: ooh nothing I just got done marinating beef
Clatta07: cool
Clatta07: how is it?
BlackSecretGone: painful
BlackSecretGone: I have a new found respect for butchers
BlackSecretGone: and chili powder stuck underneath my fingernail
Clatta07: ouch
BlackSecretGone: ooh heck yes
BlackSecretGone: but it's all for the cause... Fathers Day Fajitas baby:-)
Clatta07: sweet
Clatta07: way to do something for father's day
BlackSecretGone: fo sho!
BlackSecretGone: I also got my dad a card
BlackSecretGone: except it's in Spanish.... O:-)
Clatta07: cool
Clatta07: thats nice of u
BlackSecretGone: oh I know... I know...

yeah... that's my day. Darn you, chili powder.

love you


Friday, June 17, 2005

Of course a horse on Mars named Bernard...

If you want craziness, tune in weekly to the L-O-S-E-R channel, Thursday mornings at 6:19, hosted by our very own Allouicious and Jane the Second. Special guests include Katie Osbourne and Jane Donkey the Sexy Beast. Our studio audience includes Wifeypoo and Kathryn the Sad and Lonely (whats yo flava?), and our camera-woman is the one and only Amelia Tinkerbell Crackle Pan Castro Rudolph the Sunburnt Racoon.

Wow... that was a flash back from 8th grade...


and we'd like to officially welcome you to the Rockin Night Club's International Ping Pong team.

*bah dum chah* HAHAHAHAHAHA

gooooood times.

ECK why are there so many ants by this computer???? AHH! I do eat around here alot... *shudder* stupid black six legged ugly disgusting creatures... they have antennae and I dont so naturally I hate them.

That reminds me of something Katie's mom said: "Look at the antlers on that mosquito!!" Wow Katie your mom is... special...


Earlier my mom and my sister went to Hawk Island park and my sister met her friends there. Amanda came around 10:30 and we found a sand volleyball court and played with a soccer ball :) Oh yeah. We're cool.

Then we rented out paddle boats... and AMANDA ALMOST PUSHED ME OUT... heehee well yeah. We were supposed to have someone 16 or older with us but the dude let us slide "just for today". He said we "didnt look like we'd cause any trouble" haha YEAH RIGHT!!! Wow, poor misguided young man. But we were good... even though AMANDA ALMOST PUSHED ME OUT... but obviously I forgave her because I'm gonna stay the night at her place today. :)

Well... this post was fun.



Thursday, June 16, 2005

Alas, poor yokes... I'll chew them well, Horatio.

I want my Veggie Rocks CD back.

Yep... I sure do!

"We'll have to chop off his..."
"Yeah we will... wait... his WHAT?"

"His HEAD Becca, his HEAD!"

"I have to be the mature adult."
"And you sound like a man."

"Anyone who's not going to bible studies... LEAVE THE PREMISES!"
*me and Crystal leave*

"We'll have to kill her. OOH I SO DIDNT MEAN TO SAY THAT!"
"Good job, Crystal, let's start with the basics. Behind you? Yeah, that is a church building!"

"We'll have to go on make out patrol again. HEY who's that behind that bush?"
"Crystal behind that bush is FACING the Crosswalk room..."
"Well some people are stupid!"

Go get him, Crystal... *rawr*

love mucho...


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sudafed, Cold Caps, Chloraseptic, and Vicks...

Wow... regarding the last post: It's funny that when I start to talk about God, y'all shut up. Heehee...*sits back with arms crossed, chuckles*

Anyway... I got up this morning around 5 or 6... absolutely miserable from half of a stuffed up nose and a sore throat. A little later I got up and got the Chloraseptic out of my mom's cabinet and went back to bed. I decided I couldnt sleep, so I got up, went down to the chaise lounge with my blankey and pillow and watched Elf.

I swear, I could feel my eyes drooping off of my face, and my brain slowly decomposing due to sniffing a million sniffs of Vicks.

And now I'm about to fall over face first onto the keyboard.


Oh shoot. Too late.

Hopefully all the millions of meds I took will not kill me. Making me feel better would be great.


Tuesday, June 14, 2005


The LlOlRlD is my shEPheRD I shall L A C K N O T H I N G...

Yeah... how bout lets all stop and think about that for a sec? My thoughts havent been at peace... I usually find myself inside my head alot these days; a dark alley in the middle of some large city, vulnerable as ever.

But what's really going on is something that I'm unable to see.

I lack nothing. I dont need anything. I've got all I need. Joy? Peace? That is of no consequence. I should have it, but I cant say that I am at peace at the moment. The very thought of going back to the way things used to be sends me into a fit of worries. Likewise, the very thought of continuing into the future sends me into a fit or worries.

Do we see a pattern here? Perhaps.

He is my shepherd. What do shepherds do? Take care of their sheep. I'm sure we all love referring to ourselves as sheep... but this is exactly who we are in relationship to the Father. The very reason I have gotten so entangled is because I have run off into the thorns and been attacked by a great number of wolves.

However there is a solution.

The shepherd will take me back, always. I constantly see myself running straight back to the pasture, it even annoys me. Not him.

"Hey Becca, welcome home."

The question: Are these words enough to keep me? They should be. They are. This is the very reason I stay, because I can stay. He does not shoo me away for any reason. Unconditional. That's what he is.

And guess what else?

... I will DweLL in the H O U S E of the LlOlRlD F O R E V E R.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Fraidy Cat...

Alrightie is it just me or does everyone else have a tough time distinguishing between fear and paranoia?


I'm okay... really I am...!

You slay me.

Alrightie... four missed open houses, but I went to three others. Two cousins (Annie and Michelle) which I just played some bball at Annies and hung out with Abbey's friends putting on awesome plastic sunglasses and parading ourselves around... and hung out with Kirsten at Chelle's.

Then I went to Laura's and hung out with Bobbi and Maureen and them. Twas fun... Kerry and I made special two-legged forks and stabbed people with them... :) KIM you meanie!!

Then Catholic youth group (Yes Crystal, Catholic youth group)... well yes that was intertaining... we watched the Red October movie and I dumped water on Jake. It was way fun...

Yeah... I've got alot on my mind. Half of it I just made up anyway, so why listen to my mind? Hmm... might as well listen to my heart. OOH that was so cliche. I dont know whats in my heart either, so that doesnt help, and we're back to square one. Wow, I'm going to make it! (yeah, can ya detect the sarcasm? I'm laying it on pretty thick.)


I definitely feel like I should be saying more, since this is kindof my venting mechanism, but I wont. I'll spare all ye who read this mess. Anyway, if I was gonna say something else, what would it be?

Not even I know that.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

*insert good title here*

Well Cedar Point was definitely sweet... we just pretty much hung out there from 10 to 10. I dragged Katie and Kayle onto the wicked twister... it ended up being their favorite (and mine). They left me alone on magnum... except it was really stupid. It wasnt even scary. It was so fun though... cuz I wuv rollercoastas ... then I ended up telling off all the stupid game people that make you pay money to watch them be stupid... I even got thanked by some people :)

*insert evil laugh here*

and Max Air was sweet... that new one... dude it rocked.

The car rides were sweet too... we blasted Queen and sang bohemian rhapsody alot... heehee!

and at the Hotel we went to this pool and hung out with some guys we met... I liked Ian best because I thought he was really cool.... shy though. He said he'd be a peach if he could be any fruit or veggie. Oh yes, it was a heartfelt conversation... :)

I'm definitely missing alot of open houses today *tear* including Alaina, Juanita, Stephanie Hays, and Bobbi... I should call 'em.

I'm going to my cousin's house for a party and her open house... so that's pretty much what I'll be doing today.

Yeah, I'm super tired and relatively cranky so I'll just end this... okay bye now.

love you


Thursday, June 09, 2005

Yeah I'm FREE.... FREE FALLING... :)

Yes, we are FREE, FREE AT LAST!

School is out! YES! I'm a sophomore... uh... yey... I think...

In English all we had to do was present our portfolios... which was awesome! and then I went to Bio...

OOOOOH my goodness... I went out to the commons all scared and squeezing the crap out of Rachel K... because I was so scared! And I got hit with a boucy ball... and I scammed Dan into letting me have a bite of his donut... GO ME!


and then I walked over to Dariy Queen with Mary, Lisa, Erin, and Carolyn!! AND WE ATE FOOD AND ICE CREAM! YES! It was the bomb...

Cedar Point tomorrow.... cant wait!!



Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Sec's of the City...

Today was pretty laid back... I had a half day of school and no finals!

Actually I only stayed for the 3rd hour final time to watch National Treasure (which Lisa brought in so we didnt have to watch Shrek 2 again) and I stole a donut from the teachers lounge... GO ME!

haha after that I left with Chad, Lisa, Hannah, and Erika (a.k.a. Beverly) and we went and terrorized little sections of our city (hence the title heehee) including McDonalds, the Cappuccino Cafe, and the Sunnyside Cafe. OOH it was fun! heehee out to lunch with buddies is always interesting at the least... I fell out of the van twice... and mom got pictures of us going crazy.

When we got home, I cleaned out the drawers in my desk in my room. They're actually clean! At least more clean then they used to be... haha well my neat-freak-mother clones of siblings, when viewing my clean drawer, said astonished "YOU did that??" YES I DID! GO SELF!

Then I watched National Treasure, or the rest of it at least... (thats a LONG movie!) then all the bonus features! WOW that has neat bonus features I tell ya! YEY for being easily amused...

Last night we had a freak thunderstorm and it was SWEET! I woke around 4 because my hand had gone numb (I assume because of my 45 plastic bracelets) and I had to get circulation back. Then I realized that it was raining out and that made me excited! (Except for the fact that I had just watched a trailer on "The Seed of Chucky"... crap.) After a few minutes of tossing and turning, I finally found my sleepyland again. I was awakened by the sound of a loud engine... and thought to myself "Self, who the FRICK is mowing the lawn at 4AM in the rain?" Then I realized it was my dad with the generator. I knew that... *shifts eyes*

Such is my life...

well anyway tomorrow is the big Bio final... which YES I DO have 50 extra questions on... ooh man. I really hope I do okay...



Tuesday, June 07, 2005

When it's raining cats and dogs outside...

No, actually it's a beautiful hot day!

The first day of finals went well... both Global Studies and Advanced Algebra went well. At least... I hope so....

and Presto has me up 50 questions from everybody else. Me and my big mouth. Sheesh.

I haven't much to say, so I'll leave you with a story composed by the Rachels and I.

So I have this friend see, Rachel F. Rachel F has really big eyes. Once she fell out of her chair. Well anyway, then there's the evil cow who says "roar". She's stomping on my head. And she took my legs off. I have no legs left. Well anyway, then she pops one of Rachel F's big eyeballs out. She takes my leg and swings the eye at my head. So now I have a magical eyeball sticking out of my head. This means I come back to life and glow with Radon and the some-odd-number of gassious grams of Radon I injested. Then, there's Rachel K. Rachel K has a head, and a body but they're seperated. She has a magical opal bracelet and two mitochondria on her neck. The mitochondria bond and call for her head, and they connect. My magical eyeball gets attracted to the magical bracelet and my head bonds to her wrist. Then we all go to Disney World where the cow gets beaten by Mickey Mouse. HA! So then there's Rachel K and me with our bond, and Rachel F with one eye. We're all perfectly happy.

This is what happens when you get bored in band.

And when you're insane during Finals Week.



Monday, June 06, 2005

Yeah you want a C# then you want an F# then you want a C#, C#!!

Yeah... excuse me I'm kindof drugged on cheesy chocolately popcorn and I'm blaming it all on Finals Week...

Tomorrow I have Global Studies and Advanced Algebra to take... so hold on while I collect my thoughts...

Sprawl is a dispersed autodependent development outside of compact urban and villiage centers...

An example of Anarchy is 1994 Somalia...

The 6 pillars of whatchamacallit are: Resposibility, Respect, Caring, Citizenship, Fairness, and Trustworthiness... (woo extra credit)

The Law of Cosines is c^2=a^2+b^2-(2ab x CosC)

And remember good ol' SOH CAH TOA...

Quadratic formula: (-b +- SQRT b^2-4ac)/2a (Yey for not knowing how to put square root buttons on here...)

OHHH I need an 89 on my Math one... at least... and I dont really care for GS...

Oh and since I have no finals on Wednesday, and we can leave during band, who wants to come hang out with me and my mom and head uptown?? Bring a few bucks so we can go buy some food...



Bittersweet goodbyes- People and my Bio grade... *wink*

So today was the commencement for my awesome seniors... I figured I'd put a tribute to them in here... even though none of them read it with the exception of an occasional Bobbi or Nita... :)

So here goes.

Laura Boyd: HAHA Way too many youth group good times! Remember how we met? It was from the W butt to feeding time at the zoo to WHO to drag strip... wow. You rock a whole lot.

Kika Collins: Thanks for taking care of me at the Wilhoite funeral. You're a pretty cool girl.

Christina Frenzel: WOW... I've definitely seen too much of you!! haha We just wont mention that... I mean it was RIGHT ON the menu... and it was SO TEMPTING... heehee IS THERE SOMETHING IN MY EYE?? Good times...

Bobbi Hernandez: You take care of me girl. You're a sweetie and I love you so much! Keep your head up. You made it.

Anna Zichi and Joel Wright: Hey, you want a Chunky?? Way to be in the music hallway... :)

Alaina Charette: WOW I feel so bad for almost breaking your jaw today... aww I'm sorry! Have fun with Chad and Hannah and them! I hope I can make it to your open house... come back and visit or else! Love ya!

Juanita Curtis: NITA PITA! wow I love you too! You're a funny girl...

Marie Gregg: Hey baby!! You're awesome sweet and you took care of me too so thanks alot. Dont know what I'd do without my Marie!

Stephanie Hays: "But she wouldnt even make it up the cliff!" hahaha wow Stephanie Hays... you make me laugh chica!

Alli Scott: aww Imma miss you girl... you are such an encouragement especially during marching... SAGGY! GAY! Wow... fun stuff! AND I LOVED YOUR CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!

Kyle Hopkins: HAHA thanks for taking all the stuff that I threw at you this year... heehee! Your mom is the best...

Ian VanAllsburg: I'll squeeze YOUR lemon! And hows that 5 O'clock shadow?? Great times in our section... YEY FRISBEES!

Torey Allen: You've been my shoulder and you were always there for me no matter what... you were always there to pray with me and such... love you SO much!

Christi Meredith: Darling you're a cutie... you're bunches of fun and it's fun to see you at church too!

Frannie Wintjen: YOU ROCK hahaha You, Me and Hilars!!! AT THE Y! Except for I went to the wrong Y... CHEEKERS!!!! woo...

aww I love all my band geek seniors!! Have fun while I'm still in prison! ha...

Today I woke up, had a huge breakfast at Old Country Buffet, went to church, did hand motions with Crystal, Jordan, and Belinda, ran into the service, said goodbye to Scott, Carrie, and Sydney, met Paula's mom (and I wasnt even freaked out by the Mexican kiss on the cheek! Cuz I knew what she was doing! YES!), went to the commencement, gave Paula her card (which I wrote in Spanish!! HAHA GO ME!), went to Derrik's open house, played killer volleyball in the dirt, went to Alli's open house, got mesmerized by the chocolate fountain, hung out with Steph, Amy, McBride, Beka, Brad, and Alli, danced in the rain, ate sushi stuff, drank root beer, got Steph's picture, dropped Amy off, and here I am!

Oh yeah, and I saw Presto at Alli's... I kinda made fun of how "easy" his final is gonna be... Oh man me and my big mouth! I'm so screwed for Bio... he's prolly just gonna make me a special super hard final with like Chemistry and AP Bio stuff in it... eek! I definitely screwed myself over.... :)



Sunday, June 05, 2005

Three things...

Alright fine, Nettie, I'm off my boycotting streak. Here you go.

*3 names I go by: My birth certificate says Rebecca Anne Robinson, but I go by Becca. As for nicknames, there are FAR more than three. These include Fanta, Smurf, and Jane. I dont get called Jane that much anymore though... pity!

3 physical things I like about myself: I love my eyes because, quite bluntly, I think they're beautiful! I like my fingernails because they're always painted black, and I like my wrists because they're always covered in armbands and little colorful bracelets.

*3 physical things I dislike about myself: I really dont like my thighs cuz theyre like mega huge, but hey its all good. I dont like my feet cuz theyre icky. I HATE my nose. It's not that it doesnt look cute, it does. I just dont like noses I guess.

*3 parts of my heritage: I'm Spanish, Native American, and Irish. I'm also Mexican but you cant tell... and this thing only allows 3 so disregard that.

*3 things I am wearing right now: My Mickey Mouse jammie top, my Tweety Bird jammie bottoms, and my I Love Dorks armband

*3 favorite bands / musical artists: hmm... Green Day, Skillet, and Our Lady Peace I guess... gotta love that rock...

*3 favorite songs: "Broken" by Seether, "Gravity" by Our Lady Peace, and "Stand Up" by Skillet, actually that was the Skillet remake of the Veggie Tales song... :) Gotta love it.

*3 things I want in a relationship: Someone who will leave me alone, not date me, and not propose to me. (Get the picture?)

*3 physical things about the preferred sex that appeal to me: Well... I guess I have an eye fettish. Other then that...

*3 of my favorite hobbies: Blogging, Piano-ing, and Hanging with my girls/guys

*3 things I want to do really badly right now: Go back to Jenn and Marie's, get some water, get a neck massage

*3 things that scare me: Janitors, Clowns, and mostly SQUIRRELS.... eek!

*3 of my everyday essentials: A little bit of friends, a little bit of comp, a little bit of music

*3 careers you have considered or are considering: Astrophysics... maybe without the physics part :), something in music, something in NYC... I dont even care just a big office with a view, and I'm in charge. MUAH!

*3 places you want to go on vacation: NYC, back to Tennessee, and SC to see my Nettie girl

*3 kids’ names you like: Dante because it's SO Mexican and AWESOME, Clementine cuz thats just COOL, and Justine because that sounds sophisticated and sexy and people would take you seriously if your name was Justine...

*3 things you want to do before you die: I want to find out what I'm here for, plan what I'm gonna do about it, then do it. That's three.

*3 ways I am stereotypically a boy: I hate preps, Snakes are fun, and I hate preps...

*3 ways I am stereotypically a girl: I laugh ALOT... I like smelly-good stuff, I cant keep my mouth shut. (Alot like you, Nettie)

*3 celeb crushes: That guy from CSI, Dickon from Secret Garden (ok not really but he was adorable you gotta admit) and FROGGER!!! He's my sexxi frog man!

*3 people who are up next: Oh I dont care... as long as somebody does it... actually no I really dont care if anybody does this... okay.



Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Wrist must die... and other affairs of bracelets and I

After a lecture from three of my very good friends (Jenn, Lisa, and Kerry), I managed to take off all 45 of my little colorful bracelets from my right wrist. Heck, I figured my skin would be dead underneath but not THIS dead... it's all rashy, dry and broken up from when they had dug into my skin... yeah I'm definitely only wearing those during weekdays and letting my arm breathe during weekends. Ouch.

Kayle's surprise sweet 16 was awesome... quite a few people were there. Let's see... Ashley B, Ashley M, Kayle (of course), Me, Katie, Amy S, Amy F, Dominique, Dillon, Chad, Meredith, and Misty. We pretty much just swam the whole time... and we surprised the crap out of that girl. It was pretty funny.

Love ya, Kayle

Let's see... I'm totally missing Frannie's open house right now. Sorry, girl, couldnt make it... :(
and I'll prolly miss Kyle's too. At least I'm going to Marie's later. YEY MARIE AND JENN! haha well that should be interesting.

That's pretty much it... all I have to worry about is finals...eek it's gonna be kinda icky sticky yucky but oh well. At least I have like a speck of a chance to pass.

love you


Thursday, June 02, 2005

Well, it's official.

I'm going to hell for sure.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

When you go from straight to italics...

Yeah... my computer changed all the fonts to italics... I dont know if it will show up on my title or not. It's actually really annoying.

Its June... heh. The June Bugs are out. Yippie frickin dee.

Today was fun though. Especially in 4th hour because we had a "band party"... that was the funnest thing ever! We hung out outside with pizza and stuff... and the radio and picnic-table dancing that was mostly nonsexual... haha EXCEPT for CHAD! hahaha not... whatever it was fun.

Then we hung out and listened to Queen in the band room... SCREAMIN QUEEN! Haha Katie... HEY Katie call me later to go to Cedar Point... :)

Yeah... lets pretend that every day is gonna be like 4th hour...

love you


...time after time.

Watch out... Becca's pissed.

Detention sucked... the Cow shooed away my attorney (Erin) and the tape before we got a chance to say anything, added 15 more minutes because I was "late today too", then commented about how I "used to be so sweet last year but now look at you" Yeah okay. How can I be the same as last year? Wow she's really dumb.

Then she paraded me around the middle school looking for teachers that had any work for a "detention student"... so then she plops me down in the office and I end up sticking address labels on envelopes while she and Kelsey leave to go home.

Wow... I've got some choice language for that woman... but Im gonna keep it G...

I guess I could say that there arent enough words for hate in all the languages in the world to describe how much I LOATHE that woman. GRR!

So I definitely got Kelsey back for the squirrel thing by stealing her tape dispenser and running around sticking tape on people... but for the Cow I'm not quite sure what I can do. Gosh I've got enough people that I hate right now. I'm such an evil person.

I was so mad I was like... out of it.

And still am.