Thursday, May 05, 2005

YEY PLAGARISM! (and Crosswalk)

Yeah, I definitely stole this from Katie's blog. Cuz I'm too lazy to type it all myself. (Thanx, babe!) So, all the "me"s refer to Katie.

Yesterday, I went to the youth group BBQ with Becca, Cliff, Donna, Bri, Crystal, Emma and Joe. It was so much fun! I went over to Becca's house for about a half hour, and we played DDR. Man, I really suck at that game. I kept getting E's and D's, while Becca got AA, A and an occasional B.

We got there, and ate a few charcoal burgers, and talked to all of the Williamston people. Soon after, we left to get some 'real food' with Crystal, Bri, Emma, Becca and Me. Becca found these HUGE sunglasses in the car, and wore them into Meijers, while we picked up some chicken and noodle salad. (OODLES OF NOODLES!! Lol, luv ya Cliff) We accidently dropped them cuz Becca was doing her ghetto walk with the glasses. (Becca adds: AND I ate the noodle salad with my HANDS! Katie definitely has a blackmail picture of THAT, we'll see if I can post it!)

Then, we got back, took pictures of everyone, watched a fisherman fish (for 3 seconds max) and played volleyball in the sand. It was freezing on the toes. I did the best at serving for our looser team, and served almost the whole time. Then some guys from ST. Johns joined the game, and they kept spiking the ball. Becca took a few for the team, and dove into the sand. Afterward, we left, and Becca's mom got pulled over because she didnt stop at the stopsign. We took Donna home, and then they droped me off.

THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN, KATIE! We GOTTA do that again. Youth group is the shiz, I can tell ya that.




Nettie said...

You could have changed the pronouns :)

Becca said...

I know. I'm too lazy. You know me!

Josh said...

Sounds fun
*secret handshake*

Becca said...

YEAH it was... you should come next time

Hows that little gash where I stabbed you with my pen??? :)

*secret handshake*