Wednesday, June 01, 2005

...time after time.

Watch out... Becca's pissed.

Detention sucked... the Cow shooed away my attorney (Erin) and the tape before we got a chance to say anything, added 15 more minutes because I was "late today too", then commented about how I "used to be so sweet last year but now look at you" Yeah okay. How can I be the same as last year? Wow she's really dumb.

Then she paraded me around the middle school looking for teachers that had any work for a "detention student"... so then she plops me down in the office and I end up sticking address labels on envelopes while she and Kelsey leave to go home.

Wow... I've got some choice language for that woman... but Im gonna keep it G...

I guess I could say that there arent enough words for hate in all the languages in the world to describe how much I LOATHE that woman. GRR!

So I definitely got Kelsey back for the squirrel thing by stealing her tape dispenser and running around sticking tape on people... but for the Cow I'm not quite sure what I can do. Gosh I've got enough people that I hate right now. I'm such an evil person.

I was so mad I was like... out of it.

And still am.



Hilary said...

YAY FOR EVILNeSS!! Stick a stuffed cow on her desk, then pull out all the stuffing and put a note down thats like, "Don't you wish you looked like this cow?!" haha wee!

WOOHOO STAR WARRS MASSACURE! (thats what I'm going to call it wee)

Becca said...


GAWWWWWD im SO pissed

then she like pretends to be your friend... AHH


Nettie said...

Ouch, poor Becca. I will keep it G, too, though- for now anyway.

Melissa said...

Oh poor not be evil or sad...or happy...and you know what..."the cow" is probably just unhappy, which in a way makes the whole situation sad in the end, because she has not joy...she probably doesn't appreciate a smile because she has forgotten how too :(