Sunday, May 15, 2005


Now I know y'all are just ITCHING to find out how my trip went... so I kept a journal for most every day I was gone... AND a quote book. It'll be a long one... but enjoy. :)

"I LOVE restaurant crayons!"-Me
"Those boys are chickens! Except.... they're boys... so that would make them roosters!"-Lisa
"Oh man... they're gonna find my purple sequin thong!"-Me
"How DARE you talk about muffins in such a provokative manner!"-Me
"AMISH PORN!"-Carolyn and Pat (this isnt dirty... for those of you who were wondering...)
"Find a happy place... find a happy place... a dirty happy place... but FIND A HAPPY PLACE!"-Erin (yeah, that was)
"SUCKS to your ass-mar!"-Me and Lord of the Flies (book)
"You dont want to know what my ass-mar does!"-Carolyn
"You DO know why Kerry wanted to be president... so he could have a house of his own!"-Carolyn
"Is Harmony Bear... umm... homosexual?"-Laura (yeah, I just wont explain this one *winks*)

Okay... now to the actual entries...

Wednesday-So yes, here I sit on this hot sticky humid bus... while stupid Miss Dupuis keeps nagging the bus driver to turn up the heat. We've been driving through Ohio for what seems like forever, and just got out of South Cincinnati. Perhaps we're still in Cincinnati, I dont know. I gave up listening to music a while ago. Listening to rain is more soothing, and I'm fascinated with all the pretty lights of the city. Sleep does not agree with me tonight; its somewhere within the hour of 3AM! Oooh, we just passed a big hill. Wonder what it is? Wow, there are some pretty big buildings here. Forgive me its 3AM, and I'm a small town girl whos fascinated with big cities! OOH! A BRIDGE! A BIG LIT-UP BRIDGE! It's pathetic how this excites me. There just isnt anything where I come from! Do you know how many gosh darn waffle houses there are in Ohio? Gosh... more big hills... we're near some place called Park Hills, and another called Fort Wright. I think I made too many muffins. :) We left at 11PM, and havent stopped yet. THAT IS SO NOT COOL! I need to get out of this hot bus and dance around in the rain for a while. Hmm... Lexington and Louisville are coming up. I wonder when we'll get to Kentucky. Heck, maybe we are in Kentucky, who know? My neck is sore from looking out the window behind me every 30 seconds. I attempted to get some homework done while we watched Happy Gilmore, but didnt accomplish much. I can only wonder what the rest of this week has in store for me. OOH we're STOPPING! OH JOY, SWEET JOY! Well... better get my shoes on. Until next time...

Thursday- Today could be described in three words: full, full, FULL! It began around 6AM when I awoke from the floor of the bus. I decided to get back into my seat and watch the sun rise. I was AMAZED. The mountains were HUGE, and as the sun rose, it illuminated the giant walls of rock that surrounded the road.
We ate breakfast at Shoneys, then traveled the rest of the way to Gatlinburg. I declare, happiness is an 80 degree spring day in an area thats a million miles away from your parents and surrounded by mountains, while shopping with your friends. I got some sunglasses at a store, then we (Katie, Lisa, Jenn and I) went to Rebel Corner. The Mexican manager started hitting on us (heehee) and thought we were seniors. Lisa gave us away, though. We all got airbrushed hats. Katie and Lisa got ones with just their names, and later we got Jenn one as a present. I got one with a Confed flag , my name on top. As soon as Michigan disowns me, I'll move to the South, k? :)
At night, we went to this dinner show thing. The first half was boring as ANYTHING. Lets get something straight- I dont speak hick. I had no friggen idea what the heck the singer banjo guy was saying. I went from worrying about my outfit to questioning my very sanity.
Then, the next part was EXTREMELY high-energy. My favorite part was when some random lady from the audience fell flat on her face in the arena. The ostrich racing was pretty funny... yet random. Oh, and shall we describe the Dolly person? Hmm... 13 face lifts, 17 random liposuctions, fake nails, teeth, hair, and other parts, 93 injections of Botox, and a voice that is a mix of Britney Spears and the Hampsters. (gotchya laughing, Allison?)
And what about that M&M flavored BUBBLE WRAP????? :):):)
Then, back at the hotel, we went swimming. I went up to the balcony off our room that overlooks the pool, and whispered lines from Romeo and Juliet down to Miss Kelsey. Good times... :) and you cant forget me and Bobbi's interperative swimming swing dancing!
Whew... I'm tired. Until tomorrow...

Friday- My muffins are MAGICAL! Yeah, Erin felt like crap, ate some muffins, and felt better. Well, that was the self esteem boost of the day...
My group got the school camera today. I swear, we took about 100 pictures today- of a great variety-from the Smokey Mountains to my butt. :)
First, we went to the pancake house place. Most of you know how much I love muffins, and PANCAKES ALSO ROCK! We took a picture of a random little boy, merely because he was adorable!
Then, once again, we went shopping! I got a Veggie Rocks CD...! One of the things I love about this town is that no matter how much redneck partaay stuff there is, thats how much christian stuff there is too. Oh yeah, we also got airbrushed tatoos. Mine was a cross on my inner forearm. IT ROCKS!
Then, we had to come back for the very thing we came for-stupid waste-of-my-life festival. (AND took our Amish Porn pictures!) Rumor has it that we got first. I dont believe them, we sucked BAD!
THEN we went to the AWESOMEST dinner show EVER! It was GREAT! We had a REALLY hot waiter, but it turns out he's probably gay. OH WELL! Kaite got pulled onstage witha cowboy and she danced with him. It was great. We also told the waiters that it was Miss Kelsey's birthday... wow. I'm really tired and probably going hoarse from all that screaming.
Finally, we went to WalMart to get food for the way back. Matt and Ski were running around with these blue bins, and we say the drummer guy from the show and talked to him. AND Alaina got a pucture of Matt with a bra... :) it's great.
Only Matt and Alaina.
So, I'll just leave you with that thought to ponder/picture... *evil smirk*
Till next time...

Saturday- Today we went to Dollywood for 7 hours. It rained for two of them, and we all danced in it! :) It was great. We went on some coasters and Ski got our picture on one. ITS HILARIOUS, it captures our esscence. Oh, and I got crapped on by a bird. GREEEAT! It was funny, though. AND I got stuck on some ride cuz I didnt understand how to unlactch the door! So Jenn had to come save me and Allison! EEK! OOOH and we were riding this kiddie ride... and I got stuck in that one too... but I just couldnt get out! AHH IT WAS HILARIOUS! They have no leg space in those things, I tell ya. I kinda attracted a crowd...
AND THEN we went to the Nascar place. We had time to ride around the track once before it started raining, so they gave us 50 free tokens for the arcade and we just hung out in there till 8 when we left.

This trip was flippin sweet....





Nettie said...

Yay! Becca's back. My life now has a purpose! (sound familiar? :]

OK, two things: Personally, I hate restaurant crayons. And, what place DID you get?

Becca said...

HAHA yeah it does... *deja vu*

AHH HOW CAN YOU HATE RESTAURANT CRAYONS??? and yes, we DID get first!!!!

*ponders how that happened...*


Matt said...

the trip DID rock... and hey the bra picture was funny...

Becca said...

HAHAHA the bra pic was HILARIOUS... I better be gettin sum copies of that...


Hilary said...

Lalalala.... lalalala.... lalala... lalalalalalalalala... nananananana..... nananana.... nana.... dodododododod. tralalalalala.... deeedededeedee.... wooooo.... bumbumbumbum.....dumdumdum.... hmmhmmmhmmm..... lalalala.... lalala.... dodaaaadadadanaana.... weeeee Yay for me ^-^!

YOU GUYS ARE RETARDED! haha so great

Becca said...

Wow... our fathers... GEEZ!

*hilary sings* laa lee looo lumm.... OH IS IT ON???

you moron.

THE YN CONSTITUTION!!! WOO!!! hahahaha that was great.....

*as Hitchcock sells our tape on Ebay...*

Lena said...

Hey sup, gurl?!?! Missed ya! I so could relate when you said that the cute waiter was probably gay. LOL! I mean, it seems like they always are. Really frustrating!

x Lena :)

Becca said...

AHH i know...

WHY oh WHY do all the cute guys have to be gay????

We have no chance, dear.