Thursday, May 26, 2005

Frickin detention.... and other matters of the teenage mind...

Yes, thats right. Me.

ME ME ME!!! I love me. Me is kindof on not real drugs right now.... okay yeah.

I'm at HILARYS house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEY! And were working on our kickin butt project for GS... its POPUP!!! And its an ISLAND! Its pretty gosh darn cool if you ask me.

*interrupts self* Yes, and Nettie.... I'll get to your questions later. Cuz Im too lazy to do them now. HA!

*back to the story* Among the several most riveting things that Hilars and I talk about, it is THE COW. THE EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL COW! OOOH boy. There is not enough hate in the world to describe how much we HATE the EVIL COW! Hate Hate Hate.... Hate Hate Hate... DOUBLE hate... TRIPLE hate... LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOATHE ENTIRELY!

Yes, and here is why.

SHE GAVE ME DETENTION... yes GO ME... i have detention in band of all things... *snort*

If I had to be in detention..... WHY cant it be with like SOMEBODY ELSE???? Well, Kelsey is fine but WHATEVER! heehee

Actually I'm rather proud of myself.

But other then that, yes. I will go. Fine. Whatever. It isnt fair, but I'll go and do you know what I am going to do?? GET REVENGE!!


I'm definitely going in there with a big piece of tape stuck on my mouth that reads:

"Please do not talk to me because I am a bad person in Band Detention. I am the worst lowlife that was misjudged and wrongly put in here, but yes, I will go. I do not deserve to be associated with, so please look upon me with pity but do not speak. I am not worthy of human contact for the 30 minutes I am in this prison. So gaze fondly, this is me and the sucky school's disciplinary system. I will get revenge. YES, I WILL GET REVENGE! MUAHAHAHA!"

Yes, I'll fit it all on tape.


just watch, she reads this.



Lena said...

LOL! Go u! While ur at it, you should write ur whole face with slogans or something. Make sure the evil cow gets the message! Oh btw, who is the evil cow anyway?

luv ya! x Lena :)

Becca said...

YES! Except that JUST might make me break out!! Oh and the evil cow is one of my evil band directors... the evil one not the cool one.


muahahaha Oh I WILL get revenge.


Nettie said...

But then if you broke out, it would be in the pattern of the words. That might be interseting. JK, silly lazy girl :)

Becca said...

thats disgusting.

yeah... maybe I'm just defying your urge to try and get me to do tag games!!!