Wednesday, May 11, 2005

...a 7 year old with cramps...

Ohhhhh..... *doubles over in pain* I have the worst cramps EVER... gosh... I have the worst luck. *winks*

today I had the cutest conversation with two toddlers. They were in their driveway when I was walking home from the bus stop. Teddy is 4, and Gracie I believe is 3. They asked me the most random questions and had me standing there in the road talking to them for the longest time.

"How come did you get off the bus?" "Do you know our names?" "I got a new video game! And you can come over whenever you want!" "I'll tell my mom you said hi." "Did you babysit us once?" "How did you get your bag over your shoulder like that??"

And the award for the cutest question goes to:

Teddy: "So, are you 7 or 8 [years old]?"
Me: "Actually I'm 14."
Teddy: "14!!! WOW!"

HAHAHA that cracked me up!!!! He's such a cutie.

Well....... 5 and a half more hours and I'm OUTTA HERE! Leave me some love for when I get back... I'll miss y'all... but it'll be fun.




Nettie said...

Can you feel the looooove tonight?

Lena said...

Heyhey! I'm sorry for being absent for a while! When ur gone, does it mean ur not going to update for a while? Too bad. I'll miss ya gurl! When are coming back? Wait....where are you going btw? Was it up the mountains???

x Lena :)

Melissa said...

Have Fun, I love you, you big 7 or 8 year old...smooches!

Dillon said...


Nettie said...

And when you get back, I've tagged you. Mua ha ha ha.

Becca said...

gosh darnit you silly! Nettie... what would I do without you?