Monday, May 30, 2005

Elastic holds the world together.

The last couple of days I'll just describe in a jumble of words. You'll get the picture.

Jenn's house... murky pool... pizza on the floor... snapple caps... bio books... lava lamps... "MOM BUY ME A LAVA LAMP"... study...writing down notes... RNA... DNA... transcription... hydrolysis... the Cow... spotted dick... rain... Crystal... Dairy Queen... taking the back way... "This isnt a yard!"...getting up... nag... Marching... almost passing out from heat... playing taps... "Dont be nervous, now!"... choke... robotic gestures... strip... chase Ski... ride with McBride... go to Katies... Easy Mac... out cold... hottub... Christina's open house... Matt and Ski...Frannie... Steph and Laura... silly putty... trampolines... pop cans... chocolate... Andes Mints... elastic

there ya go.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Temporarily boycotting Nettie's urge to rule my mind with tag games... HA!

Yes dear, maybe I'll get to them later.

Sorry, Hannah, this is too funny. This is a conversation between Hannah and I about my detention on Tuesday *cant wait* Yeah, you know you're special when you have a whole group of people that cant wait for Tuesday cuz YOU have detention!!!

LetsFryAChicken: lol so what is this about you having detention?
BlackSecretGone: OH GOD IM PISSED
BlackSecretGone: i have detention with the cow
BlackSecretGone: for "being tardy"
LetsFryAChicken: lol what the heck?!
BlackSecretGone: *directed at cow*^^
BlackSecretGone: i dunno!
LetsFryAChicken: lol omg I am tardy for that class like every single day and they do nothing about it
BlackSecretGone: but I have to stay after on tuesday for a half hour and... OH... I WILL GET REVENGE
BlackSecretGone: maybe cuz im loud and well known in that class. The cow hates me anyway. You just kinda sit there and wait for it to be over. Not that its bad. heck its prolly good!
LetsFryAChicken: why do you have it with the cow and not Kelsey?
BlackSecretGone: i think i have it with both
BlackSecretGone: but its at the middle school cuz thats where they are
LetsFryAChicken: ooooooooooh
BlackSecretGone: but I already planned what Imma do
LetsFryAChicken: lol and whats that?
BlackSecretGone: get revenge
BlackSecretGone: *insert evil laughing sound effects*
LetsFryAChicken: lol
BlackSecretGone: im gona write a whole story while im in there
BlackSecretGone: kinda like that guy said... elizabeths uncle or something
BlackSecretGone: its gonna be mean as hell
LetsFryAChicken: lol oh yeah!
BlackSecretGone: HA'
LetsFryAChicken: I wanna read it when youre done!
BlackSecretGone: kay
BlackSecretGone: and then did you read my thing?
BlackSecretGone: Im gona do that tape thing
LetsFryAChicken: lol omg! She is gonna hate you SO much!
BlackSecretGone: I know
LetsFryAChicken: lol maybe if everyone like makes her super mad she will eventually quit. We should all get detention and do that!
BlackSecretGone: YES
BlackSecretGone: you should come with me
BlackSecretGone: cuz I dont think the tape will fit all those words. We'll have to use two mouths:-)
LetsFryAChicken: lol omg I should come! lol shed proly like shoot us
BlackSecretGone: YES
BlackSecretGone: then when she tries to talk, we do that thing that she does when WE try to talk
BlackSecretGone: that "ehh, ehh, ehh" *raises hand in face*
BlackSecretGone: and then hold up a sign that says "Dont talk to me, I'm in DETENTION"
LetsFryAChicken: lol omg omg! I wanna do that!
BlackSecretGone: YES
BlackSecretGone: its gonna be so hard to keep a straight face
BlackSecretGone: oh well, the tape will hold it on
LetsFryAChicken: lol I would like start cracking up!
BlackSecretGone: i know
BlackSecretGone: dude you should seriously walk over there with me... HAHA
BlackSecretGone: I hafta figure out how to NOT get my mom to figure it out. She'd like spaz even though its no big deal
LetsFryAChicken: lol
BlackSecretGone: oh well. I'll just tell her I hafta stay after then I'll walk to the new house
LetsFryAChicken: lol why would she flip out about band detention?
BlackSecretGone: cuz shes like that
LetsFryAChicken: lol yeah, dont tell her
BlackSecretGone: yeah
BlackSecretGone: I'll just say I have to help out with something till 3
BlackSecretGone: then see if I can walk to the new house
LetsFryAChicken: She'll have to let you!
BlackSecretGone: yeah!
BlackSecretGone: are you seriously gonna come
LetsFryAChicken: I think I gotsta stay after with Schabinator...but Im not positive
BlackSecretGone: ooOOoo!
BlackSecretGone: haha well we prolly would end up not doing it anyway
LetsFryAChicken: lol I know
BlackSecretGone: heehee I should so do the tape thing though
BlackSecretGone: Kelsey wouldnt care
LetsFryAChicken: I know! She would proly think its funny. You gosta do it then tell me what happens!
BlackSecretGone: okay
BlackSecretGone: I shall!
LetsFryAChicken: lol okay!
BlackSecretGone: woo!
BlackSecretGone: man
BlackSecretGone: this is so funny
LetsFryAChicken: yeah it is! lol now I can't wait until Tuesday just because of your detention!
BlackSecretGone: YES!!
BlackSecretGone: This is so twisted!'
BlackSecretGone: cuz Im like the only person out of the like 4 that has actually thought about serving it yet!
BlackSecretGone: HA
BlackSecretGone: i guess i wanna get it over with... but OMG theyre so stupid they gave it to 2 seniors and Ski. None of THEM are gonna do them but if I dont, I'll get crap for the next 3 years!!!
LetsFryAChicken: lol I would cry!
BlackSecretGone: for what? getting detention??
LetsFryAChicken: lol for being the only one to do it!
BlackSecretGone: oh!!
LetsFryAChicken: lol and then being bugged about it forever!
BlackSecretGone: yeah
BlackSecretGone: stupid cow!
BlackSecretGone: GOSH that woman is SO annoying!
LetsFryAChicken: yeah she is! She needs to die!
BlackSecretGone: OH YEAH
BlackSecretGone: omg dyou know what would be really funny
LetsFryAChicken: what?
BlackSecretGone: if I like pretended I was really depressed for having detention and like it was ruining my life and that I started like SOBBING in there... HAHAHAHAHAHA
LetsFryAChicken: lol omg! YES! what would she do?!
BlackSecretGone: she'd like... I dunno! What WOULD she do??
LetsFryAChicken: I dunno... she'd proly I have no clue
LetsFryAChicken: lol I know! Kelsey would be like "dont cry! you can go home!"
BlackSecretGone: HAHAHA
BlackSecretGone: YES
BlackSecretGone: i should
LetsFryAChicken: lol yes!
BlackSecretGone: what else shall I do
LetsFryAChicken: lol okay okay!
LetsFryAChicken: lol omg this is gonna be one crazy half hour for you!
BlackSecretGone: I know!
BlackSecretGone: I'll prolly get beaten
BlackSecretGone: by like a tuba
LetsFryAChicken: lol or eaten by the cow
BlackSecretGone: define eaten
BlackSecretGone: eek dont wanna think about that!

BlackSecretGone: I hope she's sick that day
BlackSecretGone: and its just kelsey
LetsFryAChicken: lol we can make her sick!
BlackSecretGone: YES
BlackSecretGone: at the parade!
BlackSecretGone: we can feed her some fudge!
LetsFryAChicken: lol yes!!!
BlackSecretGone: SCORE!
BlackSecretGone: haha I'll make them so annoyed I'll never have detention again!
LetsFryAChicken: yes! she will regret ever giving you detention!
BlackSecretGone: YES!
BlackSecretGone: HA
BlackSecretGone: this is awesome
LetsFryAChicken: lol forillo!
BlackSecretGone: when you're sleepin on your pillo
BlackSecretGone: with an armadillo
BlackSecretGone: by the window sillo
BlackSecretGone: something something illo!
LetsFryAChicken: something something ILLO!
BlackSecretGone: HAHAH
BlackSecretGone: I BEAT YOU
LetsFryAChicken: lol
BlackSecretGone: *laughs*
LetsFryAChicken: well... Im... cool!
BlackSecretGone: of...COURSE!
LetsFryAChicken: lol we are so awesome!
BlackSecretGone: I KNOW!
BlackSecretGone: haha
LetsFryAChicken: lol go us!
BlackSecretGone: YES! of COURSE!
BlackSecretGone: so what else shall I write in my evil story?
LetsFryAChicken: um... lol I have no clue
BlackSecretGone: me either
BlackSecretGone: but I shall think of something!
BlackSecretGone: and it shall be TERRIBLE!
LetsFryAChicken: lol good!
BlackSecretGone: YES

Yeah, that was GREAT!!! hahahaha yeah Imma have me some FUN on tuesday!!! CANT WAIT!!



Saturday, May 28, 2005

Cuz we jus chillin at da Holiday Inn...

Well, not exactly the Holiday Inn... but the Comfort Inn! I just got back from Lisa's party and it was GREAT! hahaha we had so much fun terrorizing the hotel!

We went swimming a WHOLE ton... went in the saunas and such... watched Pretty Woman... the good stuff. AND we had FUDGESICLES!!!!!! AHH I love those guys! They're so good! HAHA well yeah. We drank lots of coffee/tea... I destroyed a banana... fell in the hottub... gave the baby a high five... talked about stuff... played Truth or Dare except nobody could think of anything so I just had to lick a treadmill. Oh well. *rubbery aftertaste*

hahahaha that reminds me of Hilary... RUBBER... SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSPANISH!


greeeeeeeeat times.

so today I get to go to this filthy-rich lady's bday... I think I'll just sit in the corner and eat all the expensive food. Sounds good.

And then Imma go to Jenn's to cram for Bio final... GRR!! ahh

well thats it.



Thursday, May 26, 2005

Frickin detention.... and other matters of the teenage mind...

Yes, thats right. Me.

ME ME ME!!! I love me. Me is kindof on not real drugs right now.... okay yeah.

I'm at HILARYS house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEY! And were working on our kickin butt project for GS... its POPUP!!! And its an ISLAND! Its pretty gosh darn cool if you ask me.

*interrupts self* Yes, and Nettie.... I'll get to your questions later. Cuz Im too lazy to do them now. HA!

*back to the story* Among the several most riveting things that Hilars and I talk about, it is THE COW. THE EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL COW! OOOH boy. There is not enough hate in the world to describe how much we HATE the EVIL COW! Hate Hate Hate.... Hate Hate Hate... DOUBLE hate... TRIPLE hate... LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOATHE ENTIRELY!

Yes, and here is why.

SHE GAVE ME DETENTION... yes GO ME... i have detention in band of all things... *snort*

If I had to be in detention..... WHY cant it be with like SOMEBODY ELSE???? Well, Kelsey is fine but WHATEVER! heehee

Actually I'm rather proud of myself.

But other then that, yes. I will go. Fine. Whatever. It isnt fair, but I'll go and do you know what I am going to do?? GET REVENGE!!


I'm definitely going in there with a big piece of tape stuck on my mouth that reads:

"Please do not talk to me because I am a bad person in Band Detention. I am the worst lowlife that was misjudged and wrongly put in here, but yes, I will go. I do not deserve to be associated with, so please look upon me with pity but do not speak. I am not worthy of human contact for the 30 minutes I am in this prison. So gaze fondly, this is me and the sucky school's disciplinary system. I will get revenge. YES, I WILL GET REVENGE! MUAHAHAHA!"

Yes, I'll fit it all on tape.


just watch, she reads this.


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

That girl is rock solid!

Thanks, guys, for your comments on my last post. I was feeling, or rather, am feeling a little low right now. Your thoughts will be and have been taken to heart.

Today we had that "time travel" celebration thing that was in honor of our research papers and the lives that they were about. I got to hang with my grandma. It was cool.

My baby sister Hannah got conked on the head today. She had to go get 6 stitches behind her ear. That girl... I dont know if she can cry from pain! She only cried for a little bit, and not even during the stitches. She's a toughie.

Well, yeah. Thats about it. I haven't much to say.

Oh and Happy Birthday, Josh!

love you


Monday, May 23, 2005

MexiCANA... Ole!

So me and Lisa DEFINITELY just did our Spanish Dinner project... HA! It was GREAT! We videotaped some of it... and all that jazz... oh it was wonderful. We made chimichangas, mexican rice, salsa, chips, non-alcoholic margaritas, and mousse.I burned a plastic spoon, well, melted... and Lisa broke a wooden spoon in the blender.

And so my brother got a woodchip in his non-alcoholic margarita.

Oh and me and Lisa had a mousse fight.


Well, my heart is stripping away at last.

First off... friendships? Gone. Things I thought would last didnt. For instance... I'd look at someone... they'd remind me so much of somebody that I wish so much to have again... Oh well.

Is it possible to miss somebody that you cant remember meeting?

If so... thats what I'm feeling. I miss my daddy. My.... actual daddy. Before he went off to the war when I was 2, he gave me a teddy bear. I still have that teddy bear, hold it while I sleep. It brings back things that I never knew... brings the silent things that have passed between us before. So... why do I feel like such a bitch when I hold that frickin teddy bear? I dont know. I feel like I'm betraying those that I have now. I cant just... let go... I dont think its possible.

Well, okay I'm done ranting and such. Tootaloo.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Just me and my sign-vandalizin', Jelly Bean pilferin', master rowin' self...

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road...

So I just got back from the Lake house up in Clare County... with Kirsten, Chelle, Aunt Janet, and Kathy.


"Nice Super S!"
"Nice what? Excuse me?"

We totally created so much havoc upon that county... we vandalized a real-estate sign (just turned it up side down)... but SOMEBODY PUT IT BACK... poo. Also, we picked flowers and danced in petals... and in the road, singing pointless songs, taking pictures of "Asshole's Garage", the AWESOME old guy we met...

and we stole some Jelly Beans up town... *grins*

We went rowing on the lake... actually Chelle and Kirsten were in the kayaks and I was in the rowboat.... the water was FREEZING! It's too early to be swimming... but by the time I was done rowing I was so hot and needed to swim! I got a compliment from some guy in a pontoon...

"I've never seen a rowboat keep up with two kayaks!"



...its something unpredictable, but in the end it's right; I hope you had the time of your life.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Raindrops fall on my head, teardrops fall on my soul...

Another rainy day in that state of Michigan... northerners... *rolls eyes*

Nothing super exciting has happened lately... I'm watching the season finale of CSI right now... and it's SO SAD because Nick is trapped in the glass box... and its breaking... that saddens me! Oh, did I mention the box is BURIED IN THE GROUND? EEK! Oh now he's being eaten by millions of ants... greeeeeeat... OOH! THE PEOPLE ARE GONNA RESCUE HIM! Yeah, I'm so... excited by this...

Oh yeah, and Krissy Latte is MOVING! NO! NO KRISSY YOU CANT! Stay here, STAY HERE! Stuff just so sucks for you, I'm sorry... now this. This is eternally retarded. *hugs*

*sigh* School is almost over... maybe I could work on some extra homework... except I dont really want to. Ehh.... nah. Hmm... I dont have that much stuff to do though, English portfolio only has a couple more essays to do, short ones mind you... Spanish has that book project that I could do real quick...

I think thats about it... OH and cramming for that Bio final... OOH thats gonna suck so bad... GRR on that class...

YEY rambling, because I dont have much to talk about. School is kindof slow... things are wrapping up finally. Summer... ehh I need to figure that out. LA in July? I hope. Camp in August overlapping that band thing? Hope so... *angel halo*

I just hope I dont have to be around *gulp* *twitch* my family the whole time. I need to NOT be in my house... and NOT be locked up with people that annoy me. Ahh.... that needs to NOT happen.

I think I'm done now... this was incredibly pointless.

love ya


Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hilary the amazing HOPNTLT and her sidekick Rainboy the Great Pickle Sucker LAP

Yes, so me and Hilars have decided to make fun of all the Star Wars fans (no offense...) by going to the movie premeire/"Star Wars Convention" dressed as Star Trek people, space aliens, or PLANETS!


Yeah... go us!

And we'll go as soon as we save Miss K from getting assaulted by the Evil Cow whose name SHALL NOT be mentioned in this under ANY circumstances so help me... even though I already have... BUT FROM NOW ON... okay YES!


LOVE YOU!!!!!!

~Becca/Rainboy the Great Pickle Sucker LAP

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I've been...*gulp*... TAGGED!

Well my cutie patootie Nettie... I'll finally do these questions...

1. You're stuck inside Fahrenheit 451. Which book do you want to be? Fareneit wha?? Oh well. I'm too stupid for this question. Move on.

2. Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? YES!!!!!!!!! AND PROUD OF IT! Frogger is my hott frog mann!

3. The last book you bought was...? I havent bought a book in FOREVER... gosh the last book I think I got was on my birthday and it was the Lovely Bones which is a GREAT book... yeah

4. The last book you read was...?well... I just finished the Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd... good stuff. Y'all should read it. (wow, there goes that Southern drawl some of us have become addicted to... *cough*KATIE*cough*)

5. What are you currently reading? Uh... I'm supposed to read? Unfortunately, since I'm done with the Bees, I've resorted to *twitch* my Biology book... eek!!! OOH and I'm back to reading Stargirl from the 7th grade... yes, that is indeed a good book as well.

6. Five books you would take to a desert island... Well, I'd take my bible of course, because what if something happens and I dont know what to do??? Consult the holy book, thats what. Duh. Okay, 4 more... uh.... *searches brain* gosh this would be SO much easier if it were CDs... OOH a cookbook cuz cooking is fun... and chances are that on a desert island I wont have any kitchen to burn down... *cough* HANNAH AND ERIKA*cough*... 3 more... I'd say the Lovely Bones, the Secret Life of Bees, and then the Ruby Raven. Havent read THAT one in a while...

7. Who are you passing this stick on to and why? I'm taggin Melissa, Katie, and Hilars!

Go get em, tigers.




Sunday, May 15, 2005


Now I know y'all are just ITCHING to find out how my trip went... so I kept a journal for most every day I was gone... AND a quote book. It'll be a long one... but enjoy. :)

"I LOVE restaurant crayons!"-Me
"Those boys are chickens! Except.... they're boys... so that would make them roosters!"-Lisa
"Oh man... they're gonna find my purple sequin thong!"-Me
"How DARE you talk about muffins in such a provokative manner!"-Me
"AMISH PORN!"-Carolyn and Pat (this isnt dirty... for those of you who were wondering...)
"Find a happy place... find a happy place... a dirty happy place... but FIND A HAPPY PLACE!"-Erin (yeah, that was)
"SUCKS to your ass-mar!"-Me and Lord of the Flies (book)
"You dont want to know what my ass-mar does!"-Carolyn
"You DO know why Kerry wanted to be president... so he could have a house of his own!"-Carolyn
"Is Harmony Bear... umm... homosexual?"-Laura (yeah, I just wont explain this one *winks*)

Okay... now to the actual entries...

Wednesday-So yes, here I sit on this hot sticky humid bus... while stupid Miss Dupuis keeps nagging the bus driver to turn up the heat. We've been driving through Ohio for what seems like forever, and just got out of South Cincinnati. Perhaps we're still in Cincinnati, I dont know. I gave up listening to music a while ago. Listening to rain is more soothing, and I'm fascinated with all the pretty lights of the city. Sleep does not agree with me tonight; its somewhere within the hour of 3AM! Oooh, we just passed a big hill. Wonder what it is? Wow, there are some pretty big buildings here. Forgive me its 3AM, and I'm a small town girl whos fascinated with big cities! OOH! A BRIDGE! A BIG LIT-UP BRIDGE! It's pathetic how this excites me. There just isnt anything where I come from! Do you know how many gosh darn waffle houses there are in Ohio? Gosh... more big hills... we're near some place called Park Hills, and another called Fort Wright. I think I made too many muffins. :) We left at 11PM, and havent stopped yet. THAT IS SO NOT COOL! I need to get out of this hot bus and dance around in the rain for a while. Hmm... Lexington and Louisville are coming up. I wonder when we'll get to Kentucky. Heck, maybe we are in Kentucky, who know? My neck is sore from looking out the window behind me every 30 seconds. I attempted to get some homework done while we watched Happy Gilmore, but didnt accomplish much. I can only wonder what the rest of this week has in store for me. OOH we're STOPPING! OH JOY, SWEET JOY! Well... better get my shoes on. Until next time...

Thursday- Today could be described in three words: full, full, FULL! It began around 6AM when I awoke from the floor of the bus. I decided to get back into my seat and watch the sun rise. I was AMAZED. The mountains were HUGE, and as the sun rose, it illuminated the giant walls of rock that surrounded the road.
We ate breakfast at Shoneys, then traveled the rest of the way to Gatlinburg. I declare, happiness is an 80 degree spring day in an area thats a million miles away from your parents and surrounded by mountains, while shopping with your friends. I got some sunglasses at a store, then we (Katie, Lisa, Jenn and I) went to Rebel Corner. The Mexican manager started hitting on us (heehee) and thought we were seniors. Lisa gave us away, though. We all got airbrushed hats. Katie and Lisa got ones with just their names, and later we got Jenn one as a present. I got one with a Confed flag , my name on top. As soon as Michigan disowns me, I'll move to the South, k? :)
At night, we went to this dinner show thing. The first half was boring as ANYTHING. Lets get something straight- I dont speak hick. I had no friggen idea what the heck the singer banjo guy was saying. I went from worrying about my outfit to questioning my very sanity.
Then, the next part was EXTREMELY high-energy. My favorite part was when some random lady from the audience fell flat on her face in the arena. The ostrich racing was pretty funny... yet random. Oh, and shall we describe the Dolly person? Hmm... 13 face lifts, 17 random liposuctions, fake nails, teeth, hair, and other parts, 93 injections of Botox, and a voice that is a mix of Britney Spears and the Hampsters. (gotchya laughing, Allison?)
And what about that M&M flavored BUBBLE WRAP????? :):):)
Then, back at the hotel, we went swimming. I went up to the balcony off our room that overlooks the pool, and whispered lines from Romeo and Juliet down to Miss Kelsey. Good times... :) and you cant forget me and Bobbi's interperative swimming swing dancing!
Whew... I'm tired. Until tomorrow...

Friday- My muffins are MAGICAL! Yeah, Erin felt like crap, ate some muffins, and felt better. Well, that was the self esteem boost of the day...
My group got the school camera today. I swear, we took about 100 pictures today- of a great variety-from the Smokey Mountains to my butt. :)
First, we went to the pancake house place. Most of you know how much I love muffins, and PANCAKES ALSO ROCK! We took a picture of a random little boy, merely because he was adorable!
Then, once again, we went shopping! I got a Veggie Rocks CD...! One of the things I love about this town is that no matter how much redneck partaay stuff there is, thats how much christian stuff there is too. Oh yeah, we also got airbrushed tatoos. Mine was a cross on my inner forearm. IT ROCKS!
Then, we had to come back for the very thing we came for-stupid waste-of-my-life festival. (AND took our Amish Porn pictures!) Rumor has it that we got first. I dont believe them, we sucked BAD!
THEN we went to the AWESOMEST dinner show EVER! It was GREAT! We had a REALLY hot waiter, but it turns out he's probably gay. OH WELL! Kaite got pulled onstage witha cowboy and she danced with him. It was great. We also told the waiters that it was Miss Kelsey's birthday... wow. I'm really tired and probably going hoarse from all that screaming.
Finally, we went to WalMart to get food for the way back. Matt and Ski were running around with these blue bins, and we say the drummer guy from the show and talked to him. AND Alaina got a pucture of Matt with a bra... :) it's great.
Only Matt and Alaina.
So, I'll just leave you with that thought to ponder/picture... *evil smirk*
Till next time...

Saturday- Today we went to Dollywood for 7 hours. It rained for two of them, and we all danced in it! :) It was great. We went on some coasters and Ski got our picture on one. ITS HILARIOUS, it captures our esscence. Oh, and I got crapped on by a bird. GREEEAT! It was funny, though. AND I got stuck on some ride cuz I didnt understand how to unlactch the door! So Jenn had to come save me and Allison! EEK! OOOH and we were riding this kiddie ride... and I got stuck in that one too... but I just couldnt get out! AHH IT WAS HILARIOUS! They have no leg space in those things, I tell ya. I kinda attracted a crowd...
AND THEN we went to the Nascar place. We had time to ride around the track once before it started raining, so they gave us 50 free tokens for the arcade and we just hung out in there till 8 when we left.

This trip was flippin sweet....




Wednesday, May 11, 2005

...a 7 year old with cramps...

Ohhhhh..... *doubles over in pain* I have the worst cramps EVER... gosh... I have the worst luck. *winks*

today I had the cutest conversation with two toddlers. They were in their driveway when I was walking home from the bus stop. Teddy is 4, and Gracie I believe is 3. They asked me the most random questions and had me standing there in the road talking to them for the longest time.

"How come did you get off the bus?" "Do you know our names?" "I got a new video game! And you can come over whenever you want!" "I'll tell my mom you said hi." "Did you babysit us once?" "How did you get your bag over your shoulder like that??"

And the award for the cutest question goes to:

Teddy: "So, are you 7 or 8 [years old]?"
Me: "Actually I'm 14."
Teddy: "14!!! WOW!"

HAHAHA that cracked me up!!!! He's such a cutie.

Well....... 5 and a half more hours and I'm OUTTA HERE! Leave me some love for when I get back... I'll miss y'all... but it'll be fun.



Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Emily's loved, I reckon so...

Alrightie... time for a PRAYER REQUEST!!!!


Okay, my friend Emily might have to get surgery on her kidneys. Her mom had kidney problems, and these are hereditary. She might not be able to go with us to the smokies cuz she cant eat much or else she'll hurt. PRAY FOR HER TO BE OKAY AND NOT DIE!!!!!!!!

Ski even agrees... me and Em are his favorite freshmen!!!!


So we leave tomorrow, and tomorrow is also Aunt Lillians funeral. Mom's prolly not even gonna let me go, cuz I "didnt know her that well"... okay... yeah I feel like I should still be there, because I've been trying to scrounge up any memories I had anyways. Oh well. It's not the end of the world if I dont go. Whaaaaaaaaaatever...

Oh, and this is a wee bit random, but Nettie and I were just talking about it...

I FOUND THE SECRET GARDEN SOUNDTRACK!!!!! Gosh, too bad were leaving tomorrow, I could SO buy it and it would lull me off to sleep on the bus... but there's still time. I SHALL MAKE IT WORK!



Monday, May 09, 2005

My head's spinning.....

I've been having an off-and-on headache lately... since yesterday. I realized that its mostly on the right side of my head. Judging by the way I think, this means that the right side of my brain is out of shape. If I'm correct, the right side is the creative side, so this means I have to do something highly creative. The more I thought about it, the more I've realized that I'm too tense. Tension Creativity headache. Wee.

I should go paint a picture.

Tonight I've got nothing going on... hmm. That could be a super great thing. Tomorrow is House, and Wednesday... oh boy. Its gonna be one thing after another. My schedule, (which is the same as Cliff's) is Jazz, School, Pack, Youth Group, eh... TENNESSEE!!!

Yey muffins and other random foods.... mmm food. Were gonna suck at National festival... but you know... if you wanna wait until two weeks before we leave to get us the music, more power to ya.




Yes, it's the acronym of FAMILY.


Yeah, flippin right. I cant wait to get out of this prison so called Home. Well, I thought it was a cool acronym anyways.

Happy Mother's day, all!

I spent it by eating Olive Garden food till I was full to the brim...



dude it was awesome... there was Paula, Brian, Chelsea, Courtney, Blake, Reed, Brett, Callie, Chase, Cole, Marie, Michael, Stephanie, Hannah, Me, Aunt Kenda, Uncle Gordy, Uncle Doug, Aunt Laurie, and Aunt Lois.

IT WAS AWESOME! I tackled people... tripped over people... gosh it was fun. But super hot, it was 75 flippin degrees out there on the WHS field!

Such was the extent of my day. Hope you all had a wonderful time.

Oh, and R.I.P my Great Aunt Lillian.... :( Died today.



Saturday, May 07, 2005

Pulvarizing Eiffel Towers

Today I definitely made like a MILLION muffins. Of course, this is because I am the "Muffin Perfon" Yes, perfon, not person, thanks to Erin's speaking skills, or lack thereof.

These are for the trip, and so far I have...hmm... lets see. Chocolate chip ones and Lemon poppy seed ones. Heck, by the time we're done with the poppy seed ones we'll so be addicted to Opium. Not really, but hey. It's kind of fun to think about.

*sighs* So, what shall Becca talk about today??? Hmm...

I MISS HILARS! She went camping for the weekend.... and now I have nobody to do this with:

Sweetiehh4000: -gasp-
BlackSecretGone: -i know-
BlackSecretGone: DRAMATIC PAUSE!
BlackSecretGone: okay FINE!
BlackSecretGone: BE THAT WAY!!!!!
Sweetiehh4000: I
Sweetiehh4000: SHALL

Wow, that was fun.

I know its terrible, but the only thing I'm really looking forward to tomorrow is wearing a cowboy hat for a skit for the kids at church, and eating Olive Garden food. Mothers day is meaning... not so much to me. Really, I'm quite annoyed with the woman. She needs to shut up and leave me alone. Terrible, but you know, such is my life.

Hugs to you all, I must go eat some food.

"MAKE IT 4!" (Hilars, do you remember that??)




Friday, May 06, 2005

The Pig (By Stephanie, Hannah, and Becca Robinson)

This script was randomly made for you, by the 3 Robinson sisters of Okemos, Michigan. (Hannah is 7, Steph is 9, I am 14) Hope you enjoy, I know you will. *wink*

Stephanie: Be a Pig. Be a pink Pig.

Hannah: This pig is weird.

Becca: I like purple pigs, but pink ones will do.

Stephanie: I am a monkey lover but pigs will do.

Hannah: Are you a pink pig??

Becca: I am not. I am actually a very cute donkey.

Stephanie: I'm not either, but I am actually a cute monkey.

Hannah: I'm not either, but I am actually a cute pink and purple bear.

Stephanie: That's not obvious.

Becca: Uh, yeah... okay I dont know what you're talking about.

Hannah: Yeah, it's my turn. I think you are a weird pig.


Stephanie: Actually, blue pigs are the best.

Becca: Why are we talking about pigs??? Lets talk about Mexico.

Stephanie: *laughs* Hahaha, OOYA! *makes weird sound-effects* LALALALALA

Becca: You FREAK!

Stephanie: I'll "FREAK" your face!

Hannah: Blah blah blah blah. I'M NOT DONE! Your face.

Becca: YOUR FACE IN MEXICO!!! Que tiempo hace hoy?

Stephanie: WHAT?? OOH do me! Whats that mean? OOH! Hace mal tiempo!

Becca: I say Hace BUEN tiempo! MUAHAHAHAHA!

Hannah: My turn. Becca you are so weird.

Becca: *smiles* I know.

Stephanie: Hannah you mean... idiotic, not weird.

Becca: MEAN!

Hannah: Lo La

Stephanie: LOLA!

Hannah: Your face.


Stephanie: Hello

Becca: Saloot.

Hannah: Hi Becca. Weirdo.

Becca: FREAKO!


Hannah: Whats that say?

Becca: It's the Original Numa-Numa dance!!!

Hannah: Okay, were done now.

Yes, that was us.... being us.


~Becca, Steph, and Hannah

Thursday, May 05, 2005

YEY PLAGARISM! (and Crosswalk)

Yeah, I definitely stole this from Katie's blog. Cuz I'm too lazy to type it all myself. (Thanx, babe!) So, all the "me"s refer to Katie.

Yesterday, I went to the youth group BBQ with Becca, Cliff, Donna, Bri, Crystal, Emma and Joe. It was so much fun! I went over to Becca's house for about a half hour, and we played DDR. Man, I really suck at that game. I kept getting E's and D's, while Becca got AA, A and an occasional B.

We got there, and ate a few charcoal burgers, and talked to all of the Williamston people. Soon after, we left to get some 'real food' with Crystal, Bri, Emma, Becca and Me. Becca found these HUGE sunglasses in the car, and wore them into Meijers, while we picked up some chicken and noodle salad. (OODLES OF NOODLES!! Lol, luv ya Cliff) We accidently dropped them cuz Becca was doing her ghetto walk with the glasses. (Becca adds: AND I ate the noodle salad with my HANDS! Katie definitely has a blackmail picture of THAT, we'll see if I can post it!)

Then, we got back, took pictures of everyone, watched a fisherman fish (for 3 seconds max) and played volleyball in the sand. It was freezing on the toes. I did the best at serving for our looser team, and served almost the whole time. Then some guys from ST. Johns joined the game, and they kept spiking the ball. Becca took a few for the team, and dove into the sand. Afterward, we left, and Becca's mom got pulled over because she didnt stop at the stopsign. We took Donna home, and then they droped me off.

THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN, KATIE! We GOTTA do that again. Youth group is the shiz, I can tell ya that.



Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I am a BONA-FIDE poet!!! :)

Well... I suppose this day has been a rather...uh... how to put this nicely? Blonde. Oh boy, where do I start???

It's pretty much Band where all this happens. *pretends I'm in a black-and-white Private Investigator's office* *bluesy jazz mystery music playing in background*

Setting the Scene: It all started lunch hour. I had wandered on down the Music Hall because I was on my way to the bandroom. I take a "nap" on my table, because *hallelujah* it is no longer covered in sheet music. Eventually, Erin and Mary mosey on in there.

Me: OH MY GOD!!! *jumps up, runs into door, runs out into hallway*
*gets smoothie, comes back**sees Joel and Ana walking around Music Hall*

Me: I just got a smoothie. IT MADE MY DAY!
Joel: Smoothie... that's such an overused word.
Ana: Overused? I dont use the word smoothie that much.

Me: Neither do I, unless I'm making a smoothie.
Joel: But, it has chunks in it.
Ana: It's not smooth!
Me: Well, what do you want me to call it? A CHUNKY? Let's see how many of those sell!

Setting New Scene: I'm sitting in band, next to Ian, talking about the check for $1.50 I got for overpaying the trip.

Ian: It's gonna be so hot in Tennessee.
Me: Wait... wasnt it West Virginia??
*Cliff and Ian laugh*
Cliff: Nooo..... TENNESSEE!!! The Smokies didnt move.

Setting Scene #3: I'm running back out of the Jazz room, back to the Concert room. I slip and fall, sending a couple percussion instruments flying. *turns red* I'm okay!

Wow..... what a day. WHAT A DAY!!! Gosh... I am amAzing!



Tuesday, May 03, 2005

No song I can sing, no words I can write, will EVER tell my heart's true plea...

Yes, ode to boredom and life. I haven't much to say, so I'll talk randomness...

A few random quotes put a smile on my face today... let's see...

"Oh, go screw your COW!"-Rachael
"What does OW CAY mean??"-Rachael
"Geez Becca, you didnt break the pen... it has a BUTTON.... to close it, it doesnt click you moron."-Rachael
"Pink Sunburned man on the beach with his..."-Kerry (okay I cant finish this one for the safety of our sanity... I'll just let your imaginations run wild!)
"Dude... why are you so grumpy? You're like "I hate the world. Everything sucks. I'm gonna go home and... DRINK POISON!"-Robert
"Uh... you see Presto... we dont have the vocab just yet because... umm... it's in the hands of the...uh... Federal...uh... Corporation of Vocabulary...SCIENTISTS! Yes, uh, scientists. Oh yeah we have it, but uh... it's um... s-south of the border..."-Me (I ROCK at excuses...)

Yes. Smiley Tuesdays!! And guess what else? It's not over, on account of House is on tonight at 9pm, 8pm central! Actually, I dont really know. All I know is that it's at 9 for me.

Today in 1st hour (which me, Hilars, and Sunny are getting seperated... BOO YOU HITCHCOCK!!) me and Hilars were talking about how much rockin' fun we be havin at the Smokies in... what... 8 days!! YEY rocking the world of Gatlinburg, WV... when we're done with the Smokies I'm sure there wont be any mountains left! *grins evilly*

and TODAY IS CHELSEA'S BDAY! HAPPY BDAY CHELS! (and PS Chels... I have a Pseudoscorpion for your bug thing... I'll give it to you later) YEY FOR CHELS'S 14TH!



Monday, May 02, 2005

Move on, dont you dare...

You... dont you DARE go back. You stay right where you are. If you move a single inch I will personally pluck every stupid curly hair out of your head and shove it down your mangy throat until you choke and die. And another thing... dont you DARE cry. Keep those tears behind those brown eyes. If you spill a single one I will rip every wound open again and watch you bleed to utter death.

That being said...

As most of you know, I codirect a children's choir at my church. This past week has been very hard on some of my children. There is a family with several children, the Dys's. Right now they have three children in the hospital, and the rest isolated at home with the Rhodovirus. Little Tori had to get an IV of some sort. My heart breaks for my girlies, keep them in your prayers. Also, little Melody's father (Phil Posthuma, music director at church) is in the hospital for kidney problems. Melody was in choir today, bless her heart, and she had to go out in utter pain leaking out of her eyes. She's so young... to be in fear like this. Keep her in your heart as well.

I'm watching a movie right now, called Riding the Bus with my Sister. It's only been a half hour, but already it is so beautiful. It's about two grown sisters, one who is a professional photographer and one who is mentally challenged. The challenged one likes to ride the busses every day to watch the people. One day, they find out that their father died of a heart attack. Although the professional sister doesnt want to tolerate the other sister, she keeps having flashbacks of how much fun they had as children, but also how much responsibility she had because she was constantly told to look after Beth (the challenged sister). At their father's funeral, just... the emotion that Beth shows is something that "normal" people would keep inside. She shows things, hurt and pain, even excitement, like nobody else. The message shown is so beautiful, and tear jerking at that.

I hope you had a beautiful Sunday.