Tuesday, April 26, 2005


So Presto, you got your title. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW??? Since you got your title, can I have a few extra points on the Fungus quiz??? *cute irresistable eyes* and STALK is the same as STEM!!! GOSH!

Today I went to Team Kid for a carnival... I helped out and managed MUSICAL CHAIRS!!! IT WAS SO COOL!! I got so full off of brownies and such...

and I met Paula from Mexico, who is staying with my cousins! She's so cool, it's fun to speak Spanish with somebody from Mexico!

In the summer, Jill might be going to the cottage. I'M SO EXCITED! It's gonna be a not-so-boring summer if that happens.

Things are going better now, I dont have time to think now. I'm okay right now, and I'll be better now.




Nettie said...

El espanol es muy bueno!

Becca said...

SI, mi amor!! YOU QUIERO PAPAS CON QUESO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!