Saturday, April 30, 2005

We'll have Halloween on Christmas...

So my Aunt Faith just gave me like 10 zillion more tons of makeup... most of which I wont use except the lip gloss. Yeah, Hilars, I know. I make you feel manly. (OOH THIS LIP GLOSS IS TINGLY!!! I LIKE IT!)


and it's Queen's day in the Netherlands where Lena is... LENA HAVE A FUN QUEEN'S DAY! DONT PARTY TOO HARD! (and I'm wearing orange for you!)


ITS TOREY'S BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!!! (Ooh you're so lucky... your bday is on Queen's day!) I know that you'll do something amazing with yourself when you graduate. I LOVE YOU HON!

Yesterday at Abbz's party... we had it at Lansing Christian SCHOOL! Like last time! Cuz Ash was in the Anne of Green Gables play that night... Ash was the sunday school teacher!!! YOU ROCK ASHY!

I hung out with Melonie, Andrea, Abbz, Tovey, Brittney, Ash, Annie, Mandy, Bob, and the rest of the fam! EXCEPT THE VOSS'S WHO DIDNT COME!! GRR

Some quotes...

"Are these drinks virgin?? I KNOW I AM!" ~Brittney

"WHAT DID I TELL YOU??? LAY OFF THE VEGGIES! Eat the pizza, the veggies will keep better!"~ Uncle-o Tom


"Someone told me that I laugh like an Antelope."~Tovey

"EEW there was this guy behind us that kept like clearing his throat behind us..."~Brittney

OOH and I was bored... so WHAT do I do? Dump water on Annie's pants in some special spot... it was hilarious!!!!!!!!! HA! GO SELF!

well thats all. Cleaning to show the house tomorrow... *crosses fingers*




Josh said...

You stayed up late to wish some people a good time. Thats dedication rithe there
*secret handshake*

Becca said...

JOSH WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? It was 1:02 PM!! PM!!!! Oh well... I'm still dedicated!

Nettie said...

What does the lip gloss taste like?

Becca said...

it says "toffee pop" i think its weird. MAYBE ITS CARBONATED!