Wednesday, April 27, 2005

shut up, just shut up, SHUT UP!

I MISS JOSEPH GRESS!!!!!!!!! :( Food, fun, and Finwhales! *good times with Joe*

So today in Bio, I put a bunch of tape on my mouth. Presto wrote "STEMMER" on it... since stalk is the VERY SAME THING as stem. And then Kerry wrote SHUT UP on it... so I walked around with a bunch of masking tape on my face that said "SHUT UP!!"

And I had a moss-war with Erin.... :) :)

Stuff is fun, it's almost time for the Smoky Mtns trip in the great world of band... gosh! I DESPISE THE COW! I SWEAR! That woman... I'm seriously wondering if shes the flippin antichrist... GOSH! Annoying... and CLIFF I HATE YOU!!!!! Way to leave me alone in there... with the cow... AND a solo... eek!

well... that's about it. Crosswalk tonight... worship encounter and missions trip stuff. See ya later!




Hilary said...

Whats this I hear of... Me being the Most outspoken in band or w/e? lol

Becca said...

Band mock elections... I put you for favorite freshman and best personality :)

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Josh said...

The Rocky Mountians sound, look and even the thought of the smell would be great. SOUNDS FUN!!!!!!! *seriously*

Melissa said...

Enjoy your trip to the Smokies!

Becca said...

Josh and Mel- I will!!!!! *takes picture of biggest mountain evaer*