Thursday, April 14, 2005

Remember all the feelings and the DAY THEY STOPPED...

So... I actually got a comment from my Bio teacher when I updated on the last post... which was updated while IN Bio... CREEPY!!! Presto, YOU HAVE TOO MUCH TIME! This is fun.

Well, yesterday at youth group I played football with Cliff again. IT WAS SO MUCH SWEETER THEN LAST TIME! I was the only girl out there, and I actually touched the ball! Except I didnt know what to do with it... so I pushed it off to another guy. *smiles sheepishly*

But THEN the AWESOMEST thing happened! Spike was running with the ball and I was going to tag him. We were both running full force and we COLLIDED! IT WAS SWEET! I FLEW THROUGH THE AIR! Then, I landed on the ground and slid and almost did a backwards sommersault from all the momentum. Dan (youth leader) was like "ARE YOU OKAY BECCA?" and I'm like "SWEET! LETS DO IT AGAIN!" and Cliff was like "Yeah, she's tough. She abuses me!!"

This is fun!

Today a few funny quotes were said.... let me see...

Ms. Garcia in Spanish: "This classroom is like... a 3rd world country. We have no tissues... no tape... no stapler... People have to wipe their noses on their sleeves..."

Miss G is WAY cooler then all the other spanish teachers I've had this semester... I think I've had 3 others... YEY!

"MY PENCIL STABBED ME... IN MY PENCIL!"-Sean in Bio... wow Sean...

Okay so I really haven't had time to think about things much... maybe it's because of school or maybe because they really dont matter anymore. I cant tell. Sometimes they do and sometimes they dont. I just have too much fun at school with my friends to think about it. (Except when Steven tried to kill me today! GEEZ MAN! YOU DONT KNOW YOUR OWN STRENGTH!! Note to Steven: the way to a lady's heart is NOT by shoving your thumb 6 inches into her neck and choking her to near death... *SIGH*)

Things come back to haunt me, then they just go away. I'm rather confused at myself. It's okay though, I think I'll try to enjoy my moment of stress-free time. This is pretty valuable.


Love you!



Nettie said...

Aww, thanks!

Melissa said...

Honey, confusion, joy, laughter, tears, dark day, disturbing thoughts...and oh yeah, did I mention confusion...are all a part of this journey through a great mystery, but trust this, our Father holds you in the hallow of His hand, and He cares for you heart, you ever need to talk about anything specific email me at

Oh yeah, funny story about playing are tough...I would have been crying!

Presto said...

So, now you're calling me creepy? Great.

Becca said...

Nettie- No problem hon I wuv you!

Presto- Uh, YEAH!

Mel- Youre an AMAZING blessing... LOVE YOU!