Sunday, April 24, 2005


*takes sigh of releaf*

It's OVER. ITS OVER! And I'm not dead... that's a start.

I know you're all just ITCHING to find out what happened on the most stressful day of forever, so I'll start at 6:54 AM.

I woke around then, and mom got me out of bed around 7. The first thing I did was groan and flick off my window (yes, terrible me... ) because it is SNOWING.... and it WONT STOP! GRRRRR!!! I got dressed and I looked stunning! Only the best, for the church.

I was in a better mood as the day progressed, because church does something amazing to me... just makes me feel so good and happy to be alive.

We got there around 8 and got wired with the little ear microphones... I FELT SO IMPORTANT! Brad prayed with us and gave us the first 6 pages of his sermon so we'd know when to get up. Dude... Pastor Brad ROCKS! "Yeah, I taught my sister how to snort coke..." He's so cool.

We sang some of my favorite songs... which was great because I got to sing them all 3 different times!!! But let me tell you, sitting through 3 services can make you so squirmy and bored... well the first service I was nervous like nothing ever. I was so shaky and could barely look up once. The 2nd service, I had done it before and I got a good response from the congregation. The 3rd time I wanted Brad to shut up so I could go up there and talk! My mom cried, as well as half the congregation, but no tears came from these eyes. It was great.

My darling Hannah was quite right... I do feel better and things are off my chest. Maybe I can finally put this whole ordeal to rest, until I want to find them... but that's a whole different story.

Hugs and Kissies for all of you, and lots of Love too!



Hilary said...

YAY FOR BECCA!!!! *Throws confetti* YAY! Oh yah I have that pic lol, I've just been lazy and havn't sent it to you ^-^ Hey look I GOT FIRST COMMENt MUAH!

Nettie said...

I was thinking about you today, I'm glad it went well!

Katie (Olivena) said...

Way to go Chica

Becca said...

Hilars- you lazy butt! GO LAZY BUTTS! Its okay... I have other ones for you to scan too ^.^

Nettie- thanks hon

Katie- thx babe hey how was the concert??

Josh said...

Your right Becca, it does feel better to go to church and feel better about yourself when you are done.

Melissa said...

Oh Praise God for answered Prayer! I'm so glad it went well dear one!

Becca said...

Josh- You know it, and dont you make those blonde jokes too mean!!! *secret handshake*

Mel- I know... I love you too dear