Friday, April 15, 2005

It's a big, bad city out there.

This was a pretty good day *sighs and stretches* I'm a bit tired, though.

Not much happened in school, but we got to skip 2nd hour to go play easy songs for the little 5th grade future band geeks *snorts*! I completely embarrased my little brother and little cousin... it was fun. I didnt feel like playing the fight song that much, so I basically just screamed it at the top of my lungs. Oh, and Brad chased Miss Kelsey down the hall with the chair-carrier thing... trying to give her a ride I think. Only Brad and Miss Kelsey...

In Spanish class, we finished Pobre Ana. ( aka stupidest easiest book)

Its about this girl that thinks her life sucks but goes to Mexico and realizes she has alot. Then she sends clothes to Mexico in a UPS truck.

Well, my sequel goes something like this: Ana is not exactly a 15 year old American blonde, but a 37 year old undercover male spy from Russia's KGB. She blows up the UPS truck, killing her friends because (s)he almost blew his/her cover in Mexico. (S)he went back to Russia to find a new mission.

Wow... mine is the BEST!


On April 24th, I have to speak in front of the thousands of people that attend my church on a very touchy subject. I'll tell you more later, but pray for my strength and that I wont start crying at the pulpit... :)




Nettie said...

I love your sequel. Poor Anna indeed.

Becca said...

Yeah. However, Russian spies rock!