Saturday, April 02, 2005

Eh, I dont know how to do these :)

I'm so bad at this Blog thing... the posting is SO confusing. I just posted like entries that said the same thing... gosh! I'm so confused! Sorry guys!

Yesterday I went to Grand Rapids to see Grandpa. He was pretty much just asleep the whole time, but mom and I went to the piano room and sang and I played. There was this guy in there. He was in a wheelchair and he couldn't talk much. Our music just made him so happy, he didnt want us to leave. I swear, I almost cried! That guy is so cool! I used to be so scared of all the people in there (and I still kindof am) but that guy is so awesome.

Then, in the waiting area, there were these two kids (Jacob and Hayley as I overheard). Their mom is in the center. I'm having trouble with my grandpa being there, but their MOM? Goodness. My heart aches for those children. Keep them in your prayers too.

Last night, Alloicious's party was AWESOME! It was so fun, we had a pinata! I havent whacked a pinata in SO long... but me and Chris were diving for the candy like friggen cannibals! It was super liberating.

Today Lisa and I are going to the Cancun restaurant for Spanish. Then we're going to Fired Up. I'll tell you how that goes later.

Love you!



Hilary said...

Becca! We really do need to dye our hair blue - im up for it if you are!

Nettie said...

I think the duplicate posting is a Blogger-being-evil thing. I'm liking the new profile!

Becca said...

Hilars- LETS TOTALLY DO IT! Call me later.

Nettie- thanx! haha yeah duplicate blogging.... GRR!