Saturday, April 09, 2005

Conversations with the love most high...

I APOLOGIZE! This blog thing hasn't been working, and I have so much to say! (Nettie, your interview is at the bottom of this post!!)

The last few days have been quite fun. I cant remember too much, so I'll start with yesterday.

Yesterday, I went to the park and I saw Bekah Dollaway and Cassie Warner. On the way in, they had spotted my grandpa suntanning his belly. They thought it was hilarious, and when they found out it was my grandpa, I told them to take a picture.

So, Bekah snook up on him and snapped a photo with her camera phone and we high-tailed it out of there! IT WAS HILARIOUS! Then, as if that wasnt enough, she put a flowery border around the picture. THEN... I got my leg stuck on the swing we were on. THEN... I gave my brother a wedgie and she got a HILARIOUS photo of that one. Now Bekah, if you can figure out how to print those.... :)

Then last night I went to the Kimberly Perry, Jump5, and ZOEgirl concert. IT WAS AMAZING! I had no clue who Kimberly Perry was, and she's a SMALL TOWN GIRL that ROCKS! Knida like me... :) well... Brittney and I got a personal photo with her and a few autographs. She's really cool. ZOEgirl's Alisa wrote a song that seriously made me CRY! I really needed to hear that. It was beautiful. Throughout the Jump5 part, Brittney and I pretty much just hung out in the atrium standing in a line for autographs that didn't exist yet. Lucky for us, I bet the line was out the door! It was great. I also met a girl named Adrienne and she is really cool! She's been going to youth group for a while, but I never got to know her. I'm glad I did!

Well, on to Nettie's interview! (I feel so special!)

1. Where's your favorite place to swim? Lake Charlevoix. We go there as a family every summer, because my grandparents own a cottage up there. There's 11 grandchildren, and when we're up there it's a total blast! Swimming, skiing, tubing, and the works. And also, my brother is the only boy. Around the lake, alot of my family is spread out. We've got my great aunt and uncle next to us, my other great aunts and uncles down the lake, and my 2nd cousins across. It's SO FUN!

2. Peach or orange Fanta? DEFINITELY peach. When I went to Disney world, I stayed at the Hampton Inn with my cousins. I was eight, i think. In the hotel, there was a juice machine. I saw "Citrus Peach Juice" and FELL IN LOVE! I also like peach gum. It has a mysterious flavor, it is kindof like an aftertaste flavor. It has you wondering "WHERE DID THE FLAVOR GO, BECCA?"

3. Any idea what you want to do after you've finished school? I'm going to a 4 year university, maybe Michigan State. I've thought alot about Cali Tech or other places, but I dont know. I'll do something in the field of Music and something in the field of Science, Astrophysics or Astronomy. and No, It's not gonna kill me to do both! :)

4. What's your favorite movie soundtrack? Hmm... The Punisher. Sounds a bit intense, but I like rock! It's a really good soundtrack if you're in the kind of mood where you want to jump around a bit and go crazy, but it's also got songs with meaning that you can calm down and think about.

5. What's your favorite comfort food? CHEESY CHOCOLATEY POPCORN! It sounds disgusting, but it's not! What you do is: Pop popcorn as directed. Put in large metalish bowl and pour melted butter over. Then, add cheesey powder from mac n cheese mix, and then add chocolate chips. The butter will melt the chocolate a little, and ITS SO GOOD! The flavors DO NOT clash, they MERGE!

well, that's it for now folks!




Maurice said...

WOW! I have never had cheesey chocolate popcorn. That is definitely an intersting conbination.

I'm glad you got to see Zoegirl and Jump5. They will be playing at my church this weekend.

Nettie said...

You saw ZOEGirl? I'm jealous. I might have to try that chocolate cheese popcorn thing, since I didn't get my candy....Great interview, thanks!

Melissa said...

Oh Becca, I LOVE CONCERTS! That is what my girls and guys(my buds) back and Georgia did growing up...I wish KY offered more...the last concert I attended was Todd Agnew...Hey that popcorn sounds awesome...I like popcorn with Ketchup...don't knock it til you try it...I'm putting you on my favorites right now...

Nettie said...

I finished my interview, thanks so much!