Wednesday, April 20, 2005

And today's SPOREcast is....

If I was a complete loser I could very easilylook out the window and get depressed. But, however, I am not a complete loser, so I'm fully prepared to look out the window and be swept away with awe.

I absolutely love cloudy rainy days in April. The first 19 days of April have been more like June... as if we've skipped April all together. Eh, blame that infamous Michigan weather. But today, April 20th, is flawless. I love love LOVE clouds and rain. It's just so pure, calm, crisp and clean. *sighs*

I just realized that the only thing I really have to worry about for a while is the research paper and writing like a speck of a paragraph for Spanish. Eh... school's been good to me lately.

Sunday's coming fast... I've already warned all the loving church/school people about my pathetic speech coming up. AAAARGHH this will be difficult.

Crosswalk tonight, OpTiOnS nIgHt BaBy! Movies, Popcorn, and MORE FOOTBALL! *hopefully* Plop Plop it looks like rain! But tackling (in touch tag football) is more fun in slippery mud! I'm ready to get down and durrty! :)




Nettie said...

I hope you don't think you are any kind of loser :)

Becca said...

hehe well... depends on who you ask.

but not completely all the way loser. :)

Josh said...

You tatally stole that from Kerry. Hey its Josh! My blog is at bye

Becca said...

Yeah, I know. Guilty as charged! :)