Tuesday, March 22, 2005

In the beginning....

In the beginning, God made the heavens and the Earth. And it was good.

Key word there: WAS. This world is so screwed. It's just something else to ponder. One more reason to miss how things used to be.

Well last night I went out to get coffee with Ann. Yeah, it's definately been about nine months since I've hung out with her. It was really fun, I'm glad we're still friends.

I've had another revelation. Man, revelations suck. You know that lady who doesnt have her feeding tube in because her husband said not to or something of that sort? That freakishly reminds me of Grandpa.

I know you all are sick as hell of me talking about him, but this wont leave me alone. Up until now I really thought that everything would be okay.

Today I realized that the adults weren't telling us the truth from the start. They knew he would never be okay, but they told us he would eventually. I was willing to wait, but now I realize that my waiting will not pay off. People are just waiting for him to die.

Get what I'm saying?

Know what else is creepy? Whenever I look at someone I see HIM. HE's everywhere. I swear... gosh darn it. I'd look at somebody from the side and I'd swear it was HIM. But again I'm just paranoid.

I guess being haunted spiritually was preperation for being haunted physically. Wahoo.

On another note, I'm doing okay with my commitment. I'm taking it a day at a time. This is tough.

love you



Matt said...

I have to know, what did rhone say?

Nettie said...

I came over here from Maurice's site becasue I just loved your screen name- fantalicious, indeed! I don't know your grandpa's situation, but I will be praying for him, ok?

Anonymous said...

Stop being such a drama queen.

Becca said...

Hey now, these are my thoughts. Dont like em? Thats your problem. Have fun when the world crashes down around you and nobody's gonna care. Well, have a nice day.

ps WHO posts at 4AM? Gosh.

Anonymous said...

Did YOU have fun when the world came crashing down on you and nobody cared? ... just curious.

Becca said...

i did, i did!