Monday, March 07, 2005

Ice Madness and Nightmares again...

i went ice skating for my brother's elementary tsunami thing on saturday with Morgan and Meredith... fun times! "COAST!" "That's so romantic!"


fun stuff.

The nightmares are coming back again. I had two this weekend. They are different from the other three, yet somehow different. In the dreams HE popped up randomly and i managed to run away in the first one, not so quick in the second. However in the second, I had friends to help me through.

Here's the funny part though. In both the dreams, I lost my voice. Lost my voice? This is new. In the first one I tried to scream but nothing came out. Therefore, i chucked a marker at HIM as hard as i could. Clumsy me, I missed. In the second, HE came up and grabbed me and other people too... but then Kathryn shooed HIM away. I tried to explain who HE was and what HE meant, but i was loosing my voice and all raspy. They couldnt understand what i was saying.

In the first three nightmares, I always ran away to somebody, but HE never succeeded in what HE wanted to do. In the first two, I'd run to somebody or try to save somebody else from HIM. In the third, HE tried to attack me. In the fourth, HE laughed at me for being clumsy and trying to scream but couldnt. In the fifth, HE got me. But again, another funny thing. HE was just being goofy. HE wasnt as serious as in the first nightmares, so i wasnt as scared.

It's funny though... I'm not sure what to think of these. I knew that from the first couple, i was always able to run away because i knew i had inner strength. I'm not so sure now.

Any thoughts?

love you


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