Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I hate you, Bambi

This morning I looked outside my window and there was a deer taking a crap in my yard. I just knew my day was going to suck.

Except it didnt, it was mediocre. Yey for today.

Yesterday, Jay said something profound. Leave it to Jay to do that to you.

Jay: I'm about to murder somebody right now.
Me: Well you can start with me.
Jay: NO! NO! YOU LIVE! YOU LIVE AND YOU BE SUCCESSFUL! *smacks my shoulder*

Jay Willard, you might've just saved my life. *winks*

There are so many people picking me up right now... like that one special friend. Actually I've got a few special friends, but this one-gosh. Nobody's ever told me they loved me (and meant it, mind you) as much as this person has. This person actually cares how I feel, and actually wants to try and make my life easier. *sighs* I'm gonna miss her.

Well, I'm off to live the rest of my Wednesday. Crosswalk tonight, watching The Passion. If you wanna come then come.

love you



Nettie said...

Poor Bambi, just trying to do his or her private business :) And you are most welcome!

Becca said...

heehee youre pretty cool

Katie (Olivena) said...

Did you just comment on your own blog?

Becca said...

i was commenting to nettie, you silly goose you!