Thursday, March 24, 2005

Hey Hey, It's a good day.

Eh, good day. :)

I saw the Passion last night with Lisa and Chad. In a nutshell... we were all crying hard by the end. They had the stations of the cross and communion set up too. It was almost overwhelming, but I have no problem with gore so it was just emotional for me.

Today was pretty fun because I spent some time laughing alot with friends while watching Sleepless in Seattle in band. Woah... talk about a run-on sentence just then! :)

I love Disney movies... heehee. Especially Pocahontas and The Emperor's New Groove! Score! Wow, we really need a chick-flick night. We've only been planning this girly oh-my-gosh-my-nail-just-broke night for like three months... This will be fun.

I dont have much to talk about, I'm babysitting my siblings tonight. Long weekend ahead, a bit of homework to fill the time, maybe some time to hang out wiht friends, hopefully. Erin's party on the 1st, cant wait! Easter soon, yey for Lent being over!

Well, happy Thursday/Friday for some of us...

love you


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