Monday, March 21, 2005

eh... weekends and smiles too... for once

well i havent updated in a few days, because I was at Brittany's for some and also... i didnt really know what to type.

I've been increasingly stressed out by school... especially English. Three projects at once.... well that does not sound appealing to me at all. At least Hitchcock moved our sprawl project to monday, meaning that Hilary's and my social life wont have to interfere with school. :)

I'm actually in an okay mood. I cant explain how much I love my kids at Choir... :) and my friends are fine too. I mean... its kindof a "whatever" year. I'm just waiting for the next thing to happen.

I feel like I should be doing something. I feel like I'm not getting anything out of life. Maybe I'm supposed to feel like this until I graduate, but it's not very fulfilling.


love you



Maurice said...

Thanks for the post on my site. I will definitely be keeping your friend Jackie in my prayers. Please keep me updated.

Katie (Olivena) said...


He didnt give me my quarter today...