Monday, March 14, 2005

death is... well... in the air...

I went to Donna's dad's funeral today during 2nd hour... didnt come back till 6th. Lots of people were there: Kika, Beka, Katie Stauffer, Lisa and Amber, Brad, Dan, Kelsey, Reggie, Erin and her sister, the Belangers, Carolyn, Emily H, Kyle, Kostik, Ski, and even Mrs Cockerill and Mrs Mesman. Donna's sister gave the most beautiful speech, it made us all cry.

After the service, Beka and Katie stayed back with Donna so they could go to the burial in Battle Creek. Carolyn went back to school, and the rest of us went out to lunch at Cancun Mexican Grill. I kind of almost broke my lent... my Chimichanga had cheese sauce on it... *angel halo* Oh well. The guys were shooting spit wads and one stuck to the wall *throws up* and I told one of the Mexican waitors that they were my "amor". I got a couple weird looks.

After that, we went to Brad's house so some people could change. Only six of us went back to school, just in time for 6th Hour.

I wouldnt have such a huge fuss if every day was like today. There just doesnt need to be a funeral. :(

love you


ps: Quote from youth group: "GENETICS IN URANUS!"
pps: Happy pi day!

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