Friday, December 30, 2005

The Worst Is Over Now... I Guess We Can Breathe.

So Christmas is FINALLY over... yay. Finally. No more family... no more presents... no more food... so I celebrated.

I celebrated by going to school for 12 hours over the past few days... for PIT and drama practice. Yay. Then I had Katie over on Tuesday playing ghetto pool ball... :) and we ate copakakas... dont ask. And my brother broke his finger. And I have my required CAPA done. And I still have to read that book for English and write one more journal. I started my song lyrics book. I went to Chelle's. I watched Madagascar, Crybaby, and Phantom of the Opera. I went to get her new car. I went shopping at Target. I bought a Las Vegas light thingy to put in my room. I bought a couple cheap CDs. (Hawthorne Heights and 3 Doors Down to be specific) I recieved a lovely red bow from Elizabeth off of Kelly's christmas poptarts. I sat on my ass and played the piano for God knows how long.

And tonight I'm going to Aleksa's. Hopefully to Karlie's for new years.

I havent had TV since August. My dad just turned it on this very moment... and the first thing I see? That ProActiv commercial with Alicia Keys.


Beccanator out.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Extra Toppings

On Thursday, Chelle picked me up to go to grandma and grandpa's house... but a little something got in our way...

"Oh no, we're stopping." At first I thought a cop had stopped her for her reckless driving habits, but actually the old junker just quit. We pulled off as far as we could to the side of the highway (the HIGHWAY, no less!) and Chelle tried to get through to my mom (since we were only about 100 yards away from the entrance ramp from Williamston). Good thing our phones are down (which none of us knew). Chelle got through on my mom's cell, though. Then, she called her dad who told us to turn it off. The car's temperature was rising, the battery light was on, apparently there was no oil left, and she needed gas. But that wasnt the real problem.

We didnt really know what the real problem was until 45 minutes later when the tow truck guy and Uncle Don came. (Matt Cutcher saved our lives, Chelle has a low tolerance for scary situations and so we passed the time with the random Statistics and Facts book he got me for Christmas). Every time a semi-truck passed us at about 60 or 70 mph, the little red blazer shook and trembled- so did Michelle.

Anyway we got out alive, actually I thought it was rather exhilirating. We got to grandma's house and just chilled for a bit, then went to the store to get some fabric for grandma and suncatcher kits to ease our boredom. We stopped at Wendy's (because by now we were STARVING) and then went home to paint the little suncatchers. Then we watched Its A Wonderful Life and part of The Nutcracker, then off to bed.

In the morning we had a huge breakfast, then went to run some errands with grandpa. We came back, made peanut butter fudge, then went to Los Gringos for lunch. Then grandpa took us home.

Fun fun fun fun fun.

Lazy vacation days... yes. I can hardly wait for tonight... I'll go right back to grandma and grandpa's for the Christmas Eve thing... anyway...

I guess that's it.


Beccanator out.

Sunday, December 18, 2005


I need to take a walk.

Friday night was a blast. Chelsea and I went to pick up Cliff and Amanda at Cliff's house... I met Cliff's grandma, it was sweet. We drove to the Cobblestone Events Center and got a table... then waited SO LONG for food to come. First there was the cheesy fondue stuff that came at like 8... then the salad that came at like 9 ish... and the actual food that came at 11... there was a little escapade with Pamela's burning chicken... but we wont get into that... :) Then the chocolate fondue around 11:30. mmm... food... I got some really funny pictures of Amanda, and we danced the love shack :) That never gets old.

We arrived at the church around 12 ish and played hardcore DDR. Playing heavy DDR from 1-3AM is a blast, let me tell you... (especially when I kick everybody's butt) We watched Pirates, Bruce Almighty, and Finding Neverland... I lost steam around 5 in the AM so I basically just dozed off until breakfast.

We were all SO groggy... I went to bed around 8 in the AM, and had to wake up at 2:30 PM so I could go perform at my piano recital. Yay, because I was cranky. Oh well, I did fine. Mr Parmalee forgot to turn my page though... actually I thought it was funny.

Anyway that's pretty much it. I'm really tired... and I'm going to my grandma's church's Christmas program, like always.


Beccanator out.

Friday, December 16, 2005

That Time That I Felt Loved

Today I just felt an enormous amount of love from my friends. That's just what I needed. I know it's because of Christmas, but it was wonderful. Chris Eidt had drawn my name in drama, and wrote me a beautiful poem... and Chelsey I love you! I drew Chelsey's name and wrote her an AWESOME poem... about monks and copy machines of course.

And Hanny gave me the best gift ever: A Jar O' Happiness. This contains little slips of paper with memories of us... 40 to be exact...

1. Touching ALL the frosting when we were trying to make our edible island project
2.Going to Sunnyside Cafe when we didnt have a band final
3."What am I feeling? Its lumpy... but I'm not sure... I hope its not waht I think it is... because I'm still feeling it..."
5. Me going to your trumpet lesson
6. Being Married by Lisa
7. R-rated snowman movie
8. Making K Nolen mad
9. corn mazes
10. "I'm Becca. I'm a freshman! I'm not supposed to be here!"
11. Flashlight Tag project
12. Filling up water balloons in your bathroom
13. Our labels commercial
14. Express lanes
15. Singing at your house with Chad and Joe
16. Squeaking at the band concert
17. Pinkies up!
18. Relient K concert
19. Ice Cream on the window at McDonalds
20. All the wonderful times in pit with 'Mr K.'
21. The Family of the Sun!
22. Popcorn down your shirt!
23. Plowing
24. "You're taking out your earrings just to plow?"
25. Broadcast
27. DDR at my house
28. Giving those guys money when we were coming back from Hilary's
29. The REAL plan
30. Impact and Crosswalk
31. Liquids *hand motion* Close *hand motion* SWOOSH BANG! *hand motion*
32. Trying to find a cure for the 'Foot poppin', thumb crackin', liquid chokin'' disease
33. Little Ricky (may he rest in peace)
34. The scary hallway
35. The Grudge
36. The TARGET from art class
37. Eating popcorn off the floor (siiiiiiiiiiiiiickness)

38. Federal Fudge
39. Singing in DC
40. Attempting an Ice Cream Diet

Hannah Marie: I PHIL YOU!!!

So now I'm off to the Baquet with Cliff, Amanda, and Chelsea.... then the afterparty... so have a nice life. :)


Beccanator out.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

There's A Visene For That

I dont really feel like posting but I feel like I should... since its been 6 whole days since my last one. *sigh* I know, I know.

Friday we had a snow day. For those of you in the South who dont know what a snow day is, I'll define it for you. Snow Day (sno-dey): A day, usually after a strong winter night storm, in which schools are closed and roads are slippery. This is a time to catch up on the homework, sleep in, watch the two foot blanket of snow accumulate out the window, and chat with friends. That's pretty much all I did.

Saturday I went christmas shopping with Chelle. Since I'm cheap I only got a few things, but then I went home and eventually made about... ehhh... 175-200 cookie bars to distribute among friends. Fun. Other things happened too. But we can feel free to forget about that. *whew*

Sunday I went to church from 8-12... trying to keep control out of 110 small choir children and hustling them onstage for 3 different services to deliver their awesomeness in the form of a huge musical number by Michael W. Smith... then back again to keep them from killing eachother in between. After this I went back to the Ronald McDonald house with Crystal, Karis, Adrienne, Aunt Laurie, Cliff, Joe, Matt, and some other people. We made more food, and chiseled burnt brownies out of a glass pan. Good times...

Monday was the great and powerful band concert... me in all my solo glory. That's pretty much it.

Tuesday was dull.

Today was the band party... and me and Amy came up with a way to remember the Ideal Gas formula... PV=nRT... but it definitely isnt PG so I wont post it here.

Yay for my life.


Beccanator out.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

To Anything Tabooed

Went to see RENT on Tuesday. It's effing amazing, kids, go see it. Right now. Get off your tush and go see RENT. :) Me and Hanny are SO getting FIGHT AIDS shirts because we're just cool like that.

Today. Bipolar. As usual on a Monday, Thursday, or Friday.

I love how yesterday I texted Chelle all through the first two hours of class. She hit a deer after dropping me off from RENT. "And its legs just flew off..." Sick. :)

Thats amazing. I never thought I'd meet anybody of your stature that shared that... that little connection. I like that. I wonder if it means as much to you as it does to me.

I PHIL HANNAH MARIE HERBERT!!! *target demonstration*

"Wipe that confused expression off your face and LISTEN!"

"Dont do that, GOSH!"


Some people are just morons. But hey there has to be morons in the world. It makes me laugh.

Crosswalk yesterday... good times. We frosted cookies. You know it kids, represent. Me, Cliff, Chelsea, other kids.

And the rise of Riser's Latino Pimpettes has begun. (Miss Riser's gang that I made up... long story kids, for a rainy day) Check it, kids, 29 or two for 50. *hand gesture*

You're kidding me. It's still snowing hardcore. Hmm... we're snowy with a high of 3 degrees. Yay Michigan. We're all depressed. We have a hardcore snow warning. Watch us all die from freezing-ness. Time to roll out the Numb Bum/Froze Nose ballad...

Then there's band. And the new little lovely song I have made up. Wonderful, wonderful. Dont even think about it, Amy. Listen to your baaaand... when they're playing for yooou....


Beccanator out.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Is There Such A Thing As A Tongue Doctor?

Yesterday I went to the Breslin to cheer on my Lansing Christian girls basketball kids... including my cousin Ashleigh and the cheerleader cousin Abbey. :) They lost by two... but it's okay kids it was the state finals game and you got way far without Tiffanie Shives. We sat behind Shakira Scott's (the new star) family and there was a little one-year-old and we gave her a pom pom and she was SO cute... wow... its amazing what can amuse a one-year-old.

Dad bought me a cappuccino and it burnt my tongue. I have little blisters on it now. Wonderful.

I spent the next three hours getting ready for the Christmas Lights parade. I looked way festive, let me tell you:) I had tights, then sweatpants, then my I Love You boxers... a cami, tanktop, long-sleeved shirt, and my Winnie-The-Pooh christmas pajama tshirt. Then I put garland around my waist and put a giant bow on the side, my hair in a giant side ponytail and a giant bow in that, massive green eyeshadow on my WHOLE eyelid, and little red circles on my cheeks. I was the freaking epitome of adorable. And it was the epitome of the North Pole in Williamston, MI last night.

I went to the parade around 6 and we marched... doing our little thing and obnoxiously singing Jingle Bells. Then me, Katie, Josh, and Kevin walked back the opposite way of the parade in the street (like always) waving at the people (like always)... oh yes!

I found the Drama people and walked with them too. We were all freezing, so we decided not to sing at that godforsaken gazebo. :)

I got Nolen to drive me to Spag's after that. "Go home, Mrs. Ereg, and make yourself a dang quesadiLLa!!"-ShaNolen

I met Katie's mom, Katie, and Kevin at Spag's and we got our macho nacho plate (like always) and then Ski called me inviting us to a party at his house. We went to Ski's and watched Batman Begins. About 10 people were there... me and Aleksa were making fun of the movie...heehee "YELLOW FACE!" Aleksa is cool.

And pizza rolls are good.


Beccanator out.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I'm Sure Chopin Baked Cookies Too

So yesterday I composed the music to go along with Kadijah's song... well this should be interesting. Hopefully she likes it and all the words fit in a way that she likes. *crosses fingers* It's simple, yet complicated... with the structure of the song not quite fitting the structure of the composition... but I shall make it work.

Today I went over to Joe and Cliff's with Chelsea, Matt, JoJo, Amanda, and Melissa. We made like a zillion million cookies for church... dude it was so fun... me, Amanda and JoJo had mild flour fights and "compared finger prints" in the bathroom... haha you had to be there. "Mine's more swirly than yours!"

And Chelsea attacked me with dough... and I have MAD egg cracking skills. We had mixed drinks.... haha aka red mountain dew and coke...

"Did I just say the word: 4 koala bears?"

"And the Empire State Building was made out of toothpicks in 1973..."

"Angry Chinese citizens will attack you."

"Just keep swimming... just keep swimming..."

*me and Chelsea imitating Sleigh Ride and Christmas Festivals* "Reeeeer da da da nanananana na na na na reeeeeeeeer da da nanana" (or something...)

I can do anything better than you :)


Beccanator out.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

"BASTARD! Ooh... dont use that word."

Today I went to school for 4 hours... to work at the craft show. I hung out in concessions with Kayla, her mom, Mr. Adleman, and Ms Reynolds and Matt her son. IT WAS SWEET!!!! I've decided that I love Abby's mom (Ms Reynolds) because she's kindof just like me in a way... :) Then me, Katie, Aims, Cara, JoJo and a bunch of other kids helped tear down. Like the guy with the dolly who, when the automatic door closed on him, said "BASTARD! Ooh... dont use that word!" That was pretty much the highlight of my day. AND we got free muffins! Yep. That's Williamston for you.

Then we went to the lady who has really smelly-good things and we helped her tear down. I accidentally broke that metal stand thing... imagine... the one thing I break at the craft show is metal. Woo. :) Go me. I gave JoJo a ride on the rolly table and that was pretty fun... ya know...

Then me, Katie, and Aims walked downtown to eat at Kountry Kitchen. That was sweet... "NOPE!" haha... nice.

Then we walked down to McDonalds to get some cheap dessert and saw Matt and Ski uptown. "What?? You're out of apple pie?? MATT! They're OUT of APPLE PIE!" "Becca are you at McDonalds?" "Yesss..... represent!"

I'm just too cool.

Then Katie and Aims went to my house and we played DDR and karaoke and then watched A Series of Unfortunate Events. "Soda, soda, banana." "Bite me."



Beccanator out.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Because Its Thanksgiving, Kids

Okay, technically not, but I got home too late last night and didnt feel like updating.

So yesterday I went to my cousins' house and chilled with them. Actually only like half our family was there because the other half was in New York City for the Macy's parade. *lucky* Anyway we just sorta hung out there... eating good food, playing Apples to Apples and DDR, singing Christmas songs and watching Polar Express.

Yeah. Good times.


"Becca I am going to practice then take you in Dance Dance Revolution and WIN!"- Bob

Yeah, dare to dream, Bob... :)

*Jingles Bell* I BELIEVE!!! Wow... we got too much amusement out of watching Polar Express... only us.

Anyway that's pretty much it, today is the traditional day to decorate for Christmas *joy...* but lucky me I have no shelf space in my room so I dont know what I'm gonna put in there... at least we have our 9 ft tall fake tree already so we can decorate that.

Somehow I'm just not excited about Christmas this year. It came too soon. I dont know, I guess I'm just feeling something that I cant explain. The year went by too quickly, and I'm not sewn for snow.

Maybe by the time December rolls around *cough*5 days*cough* I'll be excited. I figure that's gonna be the case.


Beccanator out.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


So yeah guys. I got a myspace so I could talk to Lena, Bobbi.... all those kids and Double Stuffed Oreos out there. However dont cry, kids, I'm still sticking with this thing. I'll just copy and paste stuff from this thing to that thing... man I'm becoming cooler by the minute.



Beccanator out.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

We'll Get Along Well

Yesterday I went to get my new fishie. I wanted to get a slightly-bigger-then-a-guppy fish... actually I wanted a full grown Oscar or a Pirhana. Pirhanas are seriously the prettiest fish in there, but the fish people said they wouldnt do well in hard water or in our high pH.

I settled with a "baby" Tiger Oscar. He's about 3 inches long, 2 inches high. His name is Tango.

The fish lady told me that Oscars were dramatic fish. I said we'd get along fine. She said he probably wouldnt eat for a week and lay on the gravel and play dead.

He ate just fine, it's the laying down in the gravel and playing dead that he's best at right now.

Everytime I walk in he's either stuck himself to the filter, hanging out by the heater, or hiding behind the castle. Maybe he's just afraid of the giant Finding Nemo poster I put directly behind the aquarium on the wall. I mean, come on, if I was a small fish, I'd be apprehensive about a giant paper shark behind me 24/7.

I think he's just mad at me.

He actually played dead for me once.

I peeked in though, and whenever I'm not looking he's swimming around all fancy-free and whatnot. Spaztic. That's what he is. And moody. Gotta love Tango.


Beccanator out.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Have Fun In Surgery!! *smiley face*

So for the past few days KaNolen has been out for surgery. I mean, surgery is no picnic, and she's really a nice lady but... *tries to conceal joy* that woman drives me up the wall. She's simply too happy. And when she's not happy, she's completely and utterly bipolar. So when the "get well" card was passed around, well, what could I say?? *angel halo*

And every since she told Lutzke to air me and Hannah's label commercial, about half the school has asked me to do my 'Maureen' accent. And here's the cherry on top: Lutz calls me 'Maureen' now because he'd rather call me by my 'stage name'... well then...

I suppose I've made alot of new friends this year mostly because of band and drama. I mean I miss my seniors like hell but new buddies are always welcome. It's been such a weird year so far. It's more of a reflection year... a trying and failing year... and a "why on earth havent you gotten over that yet" year. I'm trying new things now, seeing what works for me and what doesnt. It's just sweet that I found people who would bear with me through this. Although sometimes it can rather annoying when they dont let up... it's nice to know that some people care enough to bother me.


Beccanator out.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ode To Ches-ley In All Her Glory

Dixit dominus domino meo:
Sede a dextris meis.

Donec ponam inimicos tuos,
Scabelleum pedum tuorum.

Domimus a dextris tuis
Confregit in die irae suae reges.

De torrente in via bibet:
Propterea in exaltabit caput.

Gloria Patri, et Filio,
Et Spiritui Sancto.

Sucut erat in principio, et nunc et semper,
Et in saecula saeculorum. Amen.

Which in English OBVIOUSLY means:

Chelsey my red-headded goddess of love:
You are ridiculously hot.

With your sparkling personality
Everything in you is sweet.

You make me go crazy for you
Because of your attractiveness.

Your eyes glitter like diamonds in the moonlight
And cast a lovely shadow upon the earth.

Every day you make me smile
Everytime you pass my way

You make my spirit soar on the wings of a bluebird
And you are incredibly sexy. Hell yeah.

HAHA of COURSE! That is my sonnet to Chelsey... see I TOLD YOU I'd write you a song!! WOO! Wow. I'm cool. And that is SO going on Ches-ley's video that she's taking with her to college... yay!



Beccanator out.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Blindly Leading the Blind

The past few days have been delectable. Where to begin?

How yesterday? Yes. That works. I set up my aquarium so maybe tomorrow or sometime next week I'll get me some fishies. Let me know of any name suggestions, k?

Then I went bowling with Matt, Ski, McBride, Alli, Hilars, Alexa, Cliff, Amanda, Emily, Brendan, Brandon, Crystal, and Amanda's friends from Fowlerville: Jordan, Lisa, and Emilee. It was pretty darn hilarious. Wow... we were SO all on Mountain Dew by the end *slurps up mountain dew from the table* wow good times... "MY CHERRY IS DOWN THERE!" Sorry Matt, couldn't get it :) BUTT MUNCH! Emily I dont think that was asprin you gave me. I only fell about... umm... 5 or 6 times... setting off the gosh darn foot foul alarm... AHH! And thanks SO much for paying for me Matt. I'm sorry I'm a deadbeat :( "My bank account just got raped" Yeah Matt, sorry! Now I feel bad for whore-ing your money away... *cries* Sorry!

Then today after church we went to grandma's for Cousin Day!!! I love Cousin Day... anyway... so yeah me and Kellie worked on some piano songs that she wanted to learn... and we had CHEESEY POTATOES!!! The ONE thing I've been anticipating for SO long! *teehee* "It's Red Berry Cran Hot" HAHA KELLIE way to be...

Fun times with the cousins...


Beccanator out.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

And I

So I most definitely come with lamentations from the office- yes- I have at last completed every single required LON-CAPA problem for the past three assignments... :) Struckles is a brute, let me tell you. Actually, no. They were easy. I'm actually beginning to enjoy this course.

Let's talk about drama. It's one of my favorite subjects this year, that's for sure. It's just too fun. Lead by my favoritest teacher in the whole world... ShaNolen :) hells yeah. Anyway today I worked with the nuns for a really long time. Me, Mary, Kelsey, and Emily worked on our song and blocking and singing while acting. Thaaaaaaaaat was funny. "She's a MAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!"

Wow, much love and respect to the core nuns of the Nonnberg Abbey...

Like alot of people asked me what was wrong today. Okay, like two. But people dont leave me alone. ShaNolen told me that I always wear my emotions on my sleeve. I said that wasnt good. I said nothing was wrong, but they wouldnt believe me. Hmm... I'm so bad at acting like I'm okay. Note to self: work on that.

Shoutout to Casey and Mary- They're GOOOOONE!



Anywho I've found refuge in my office for the past... hmm... 2 hours? Gawd. Effing slow computer. I got absolutely nothing done other then LON CAPA, which should've only taken about 20 minutes. Nope. Not when this thing keeps kicking me off. Or my sister keeps "accidentally" unplugging the cord from the phone jack. Yay for siblings.

The Computer Geek (I dont know his name) that keeps fixing this old hunk of dinosaur crap that I call a computer put a bunch of MP3s on here. YAY! More Skillet for Becca. Some of the old stuff. It's not as good as the stuff produced in '04, but hey, it's not complete bull.

Oh, and Dupuis, whom I now do not mind at all asked me if I wanted to switch to French Horn. Although I get highly annoyed with most if not all of the individuals in that section (but Alyssia's okay, it's mostly K-Good...) I like that instrument much better. Dude... I dont know what I'm gonna do without Cliffie and Chels... Brad and Awesome Austin... *tear* I dont know! I think what I'll do is the songs that Cliff needs me on I'll play in that section and other songs I'll be a FH. drama... fun stuff.

Gotta love band.

Hmm.... what else can I rant about?

Crosswalk was fun yesterday. It was options night so me, Cliff, Adrienne, and Chels just kinda chilled out. I stuffed some envelopes for Pamela. Adrienne got me a wicked adorable wallet thing. I love my Adrienne. :)


Beccanator out.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Well At Least... I Thought I Was...

Great googley moogley...

Justin Bailey is- in the words of Mary Wardell- the EFFING MAN! (and I apologize if my links dont work correctly, I'm not sure what's wrong with them...)

jbails007: When it comes to socks and wood floors, I turn into Usher.

Nice, Justin. You make a good Captain Von Trapp. And you give very good advice. Hey, it makes sense to me.

Today was fun, I sat with Missy in church and we've decided not to live in the land of "ing"... according to Brad... and the GodCam...

Missy- The GodCam is spazzing out!
Me- No, God's just blinking.

Brad- Many people choose to live outside the God Zone, even many christians. They tend to live in the land of "ing"... whether it be Cloth-ing, House-ing, or BLING BLING!!

Then I accompanied my kids in choir...

Little Jacob Hartges- May I please step out of the room so I can relieve myself? (later) EEW I GOT HUGGED BY A TEENAGER!!! (me, I was intentionally trying to freak him out, my evil plan has succeeded, muahaha)

Then after the services I met Crystal, Adrienne, Karis, and Aunt Laurie to go to the Ronald McDonald house to clean. We ate a Jersey Giant and then went there. Me, Crystal, and Laurie disinfected all the toys, because they always have to keep them clean for immune-surpressed kids. They have one coming in tonight-keep him in your prayers. I made sure to do a thourough job- having a kid be more sick because of you is a terrible burden to carry. At least, I think so. Adrienne and Karis cleaned the room he is supposed to be staying in. It was pretty much awesome, and we're gonna go back on December 11 to serve food and stuff. Man, this makes me sound so goody and churchy, but hey, I had fun. And it definitely wasnt a waste of my time.

Then we went to the 24 hour beaners... wow that was sweet...

"Yes, mother..."
"I taught a class of 31-36 yr olds... one girl's skirt kept falling down... oh I mean 31-36 MONTH olds!"
"What are you pushing? Oh that clock has an HOUR button? THATS how you set it! What would I do without you?"
"When I was younger me and my sister used to think Burt was gay because he lived with Ernie."

Good times.

Then I went to Catholic youth group to hang out with Erin, Carolyn, Allison, Emily, Jeremy, Jake, Mary, and Scott. We watched some movie about the holocaust and it was sad, yet so demented it was comical. Anyway...

That's pretty much the extent of my day. The insanity never ends.

Beccanator out.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Young And Depressed

Well I was going to put a picture of me at Katie's halloween party but this thing wont work so you can always go to her site and scroll down to the pictures :)

I've resorted to chewing gum to stop myself from eating all my candy.

So on Wednesday I went to the Relient K/MXPX/Rufio concert on MSU campus and it was SWEET! (except during MXPX some 7 million foot tall dude squished me into the chairs in what almost became a mosh pit... but other then that...

I went with Kirsten, Chelle, and Hannah. I bought the Rufio CD and some other stuff. Yay merch.

Anyway I just kindof felt compelled to write in this thing again.

Today we had a stress speaker dude today. Contrary to my popular belief, he was awesome and nobody fell asleep. Anybody who manages to keep our auditorium dead silent has got to be pretty good. His name was Guy Doud. His stories were funny and amazing, but also sad and horriffic. I pretty much got depressed sitting there, and havent been able to shake the feeling of pure exhaustion mixed with depression. Yippee. I'm completely... okay, but I cant get rid of the strings attatched.

Anyway enough ranting from Becca.

Beccanator out.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Its Amazing What You Can Find Off Random Websites

I found this off some random site. Dont ask me where because I dont remember. I thought it was pretty, anyway.

'She would rather die a thousand deaths then pawn herself off to a man. That is how she put it, at least. She would never get married. If somebody ever came along that she could even think of marrying, she’d push herself away as if she were terrified of him. But then, maybe she was.
Her story is not something that would come up around a coffee table amongst friends. Perhaps not even amongst enemies. Sometimes she wonders if she even has a story. Most of the time she thinks that she’s done a pretty good job of screwing it up. If there was a being in heaven documenting everything she had done, the pages of her book would be strewn across hell and the cover would lay in pieces.
But then, she gets what she deserves.
Wonderful, merciful Savior… the words from the vocalists seeped through her pores, into her bloodstream, and flowed straight to her soul. “That was my song,” she thought to herself. Even though she was in a room of thousands, it felt like the only person who could see her was God himself. Or herself. Whatever God was, ‘it’ was watching her; and ‘it’ was the only thing she could feel, apart from the tears rushing down her face. Ever since things happened, she hasn’t been quite the same. She cannot sing that song without choking up. Precious redeemer and friend…
One thing she could not let go was how misunderstood she had been. What had hurt her more than that? Nobody has an answer. ‘Well,’ she muttered, her thoughts jumbled and confused. ‘Don’t ask me to do anything for you again, because it is certain I wont.’
She had done plenty to deserve things. Plenty. Nobody believed her when she said that, however. They don’t know who she is. She would never let them know. As much as she hated lying to them, the person they saw was much more flattering then the person she felt like.
She refused to let that matter. However with each passing day she found herself dwindling away into a deep evil pit. She could not find anything else in her life worth waiting for.
She had done all she could do. She did her best, but as usual, her best did not cut it. Thinking of the end makes her relieved. No more stresses, no more traumatic events. What she longed for was death, and to be perfectly honest, she could not wait one second more.'


Saturday, October 29, 2005

"Its Like Committing a Slow, Painful Suicide!"

Okay, BIG and CoLoRfUL for Becca today...

Yesterday me and Hannah shot our Label Video... and I must say that KaNolen is gonna hate us SO much.... (Yes KaNolen, not the way cooler ShaNolen)

Then I headed over to Ski's to pick out a pumpkin at his patch. I met his 2 year old cousin and his grandma... they're pretty cool.

After that I walked over to Dillon's house for his Halloween Party and holy moly Holly makes the BEST food EVER... its pretty sweet when your friend's mom is a caterer. :)

We watched 'The Shining' and it was pretty stupid... we all made fun of that hideous looking lady and how ugly all the characters were... and what's with that creepy old hag and that random person dressed up as a gerbil? The only slightly freaky part of that movie is the little kid and how his imaginary friend Tony keeps screaming REDRUM... REDRUM... (which is MURDER spelled backwards... haha... yeah)


"Hey Becca lets make Christian babies!"

ooooooookay Chad. :)

Well tonight is Katie's Halloween Party so I better get going to find something to wear...

Good golly gosh I dont have a costume yet!

Beccanator out.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


"She just kept going click click click type type type!"



"McBride... you're fifth grade picture is UGLY"

"Karlo! You have a big purple vein that sticks out when you play!"

"It has three wheels, you dont need a kickstand."

"A mole's not an animal in Chemistry...."


"And then here's me, saying something retarded like 'arsenic is poisonous, why would you drink it?'"

"Oh, woe to me, business is bad. I send Taki to the dry cleaner store, and now I have no time with him!"

"That's the way... uh huh uh huh.... I like it... uh huh uh huh!"


"Little choose-y Suzie... shopping around... PAST THE POINT OF NO RETURN!"

"What do you mean you dont eat no MEAT?"

"Me and Chelsey are going on a date to Mr. Bowles' room!"

"My thighs are so gross..."

"I'm lovin' your nuts Becca."

"Hey SARAH want some NUT SEASONING?"

Wow. The past couple days... were sweet.

Beccanator out.

Friday, October 21, 2005

"Sometimes its Better..."

Yeah, me too.

Beccanator out.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Scratch That, Start Over.

So since I have a spastic English teacher who told us that we're destroying ourselves, we're off the ice cream diet.

Which is a good thing, because I felt so weak and also because I dropped 4 pounds in one day.

Enough said.

Beccanator out.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Day One

Yes, the rumors are true.

Hannah and I really ARE going on a strict 7-day ice cream diet for English class. :) All we're eating is ice cream and water.

So our point is gonna be to find the difference between "lowfat" and "regular" ice cream. Right now we're on vanilla (but darlin we're gonna have to change that real fast!)

So if my system backs up and I die, you're all invited to my wicked sweet funeral :)

Beccanator out.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Sophomore Slump

AHHHH.... curse Chemistry class... darn you LON CAPA... eek!


Yeah. So anyway today was pretty boring... Lisa had that kneeldown thingy and Ski gave us a very interesting Pow-Wow conversation... ugh *shivers* haha

Then Carolyn gave me another Henna.

Then after school I saw McBride and Alli... with DOOGAN!!! aww that puppy is so cute!

Anyway this entry is kindof pointless I guess.



Well I might go to Midnight Madness at the Breslin Center tonight. Sweetness.

And tomorrow we might go to Uncle John's after Katie takes the PSAT. Then later is her partaay!! :)

So I guess I'll just end with a quote from The Harvey Girls... that 1946 musical that Miss Dawson let me borrow:

"I don't know whether we're the Three Musketeers or the Three Blind Mice."-Judy Garland, The Harvey Girls

How true, how true.

Beccanator out.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Darling, What Did You Expect?

So yeah. I love fall. It's my friggen favorite season, yo!!!

So right now I'm pretty much staring at all the rich people pulling up my driveway to go to my rich neighbors' fall party in the Spanish Garden. Gawd, I'm so glad we didnt have to go to this one.

Hey, is that Lauren Stasek? Poor girl, I bet she doesnt wanna be there. I dont. Only reason I would is for free food. And to frighten the people. :)

Wow, that person is ugly.

And that guy's old.

Heh heh. Oh there goes Mary. She's certainly the partier (no not Mary my friend, Mary DeWeese my rich neighbor lady) She's nice, but I dont think she likes me. Oh well. I have more then my share of people who like me. *hah* Anyway... she throws like 300 parties a day... heck yeah...

eew who's that?

Oh gross what did that lady do to her hair?

Ugh is that a man?

Nice bald spot, dude.

HAH I love myself. 'Specially when I'm brutally critical. It's just so amusing.

Beccanator out.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Take Your Tears, Put 'em On Ice

Yeah. So my keyboard is being super slow, and the letters dont show up until about I'm done with 5 letters after. Yay.

I kindof hate slow computers.

I also hate how I've lost interest in art. However, not THE arts.

I hate how I really dislike riding bikes. I just dont like it.

I also sorta hate random acts of kindness.

And the color white.

And the fact that Kelsey changed the sixteenth notes in The Green Hornet to a friggen trill. Even though we do lack the talent (well not ALL of us) to do the sixteenth notes.

And the fact that after Dupuis moved me to the 50 on Hawaii Five-O, Kelsey moved me off.

And the fact that Grand Ledge is tomorrow, my lips are shot, its from 3-11pm, and Kelsey wont let us do homework in the stands.

But thats pretty much all that I hate on the surface, yay!

General announcement: I love Anna Ashby and Sarah Zichi. Because they're so friggen cute. Arent they??

And Elizabeth since she's getting us into the Relient K concert for free... but I loved her before too :)

"Those are ENORMOUS!"-Elizabeth

You'd definitely have to be in PIT to figure that out.


Oh yeah so I have a story!!! haha okay yesterday I had this little Chef Boyardee spaghetti ohs thingy in a little lunch pack and I forgot about it at lunch so I was gonna eat it during drama. Mrs Nolen doesnt care, so I just ate it. Except there's just one problem, I broke the little tab thingy off that you use to open it. So, I went in to the teachers lounge in search of a can opener, and I found one, except it sucked and I had to just clamp it down all around the top to poke little holes, then pry it open with my thumb.

I guess that didnt really make any sense, but it doesnt matter. Because it was friggen funny.

Anyway... so I guess I'm done now.

Tootles, kids.

Beccanator out.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

So There Was This Really Awesome Girl Who Had A Party...

Yeah... so after that horrible football game (and telling Cliff about my dream...heehee), we all crashed at my house to party :)

Dude it was sweet... thanks to Kevin, Ski, Matt, Cliff, Dillon, Josh, Katie, Lisa, Amy, Mary, Jenn, Hannah, Erin, and JoJo for coming over!!

"Maybe its a monkey, Becca."-mom
"But it has four legs!!"-me


I feel so loved... my mom insisted on showing old baby movies of me... so that was... erm... fun...

And then we reviewed our 8th grade version of the L-O-S-E-R Channel... and THEN shot another HS week version!!! AHH it was so fun.... "Who's Jerry? Jerry Springer?"


and then we sang the Numb Bum/Froze Nose ballad!! (Because at the football game I made up the second verse which was Froze Nose) so I shall now enlighten you with the lyrics...


One day I went to see the band
On a very chilly afternoon
I went up to sit in the stands
But pretty soon...

My bum
Went numb
Because those freezing bleachers
My bum
Went numb
How silly of my band teachers
To plan an outdoor event like that
When some forgot their mittens and hats *cough*LAURA*cough*
My bum
Went numb
Now I need a butt transplant.


One day I tried to play in band
At the very last home football game
But when I went up in the stands
I was put to shame...

My nose
Is froze
Because this autumn evening
My nose
Is froze
I really feel like leaving
Cuz I've got better things to do
Then sit around and watch our team lose
My nose
Is froze
And I still need a butt transplant.


*random thought*

anyway I think its pretty sad when I start counting down the days to when a new post on PostSecret comes out.

I'm pretty much done. (and have you noticed I figured out the link button? Click on them... some of em have pretty funny pictures... blackmail I'd say... ) wow I'm cool.

~Beccanator out.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Yeah... I'm Cool.

Happy birthday to me :)

Yeah, Cliff (and Alaina), it's the big 1-5.

Beccanator out (to go partaay)...

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Why Have You Forsaken Me

So I guess I havent updated in a while. I guess that's because I havent really had a moment to myself lately. Whatever.

So last night I went over to Katie's and we just kinda chilled.... took a walk and made oreo shakes and started on song lyrics (and yes, we made a hilarious one about The Cow)

But we had alot to talk about too. We talked about how we hate people that make huge deals out of things that really shouldnt matter. Especially, at least at our age, politics. I mean seriously guys, lets be realistic. We are just loser teenagers who couldnt make a difference if we tried. Honestly, there isnt a thing that we can do until we're 18, and people wont listen to us then either. People who would put friendships and relationships on the line because of different political views make me sick. There are some people like that, whom I know, and I love them to death, but honestly guys it's a waste of hot air, and a waste of my life.

We also talked about how much we hate Chem. We've never felt so retarded because nothing has ever been this difficult to understand. I mean, I understand the material, just not the way the book is worded. And it doesnt help that I'm terriffied of Struck. *hides*

The staff at WHS, at least most of them, should realize the immense amount of respect that we have, or should have, for them. Honestly, what they do amazes me because I could never have the patience to teach. Ever. Even though I work with my kids at church, that's church. It's not the same thing as school.

Especially the performing arts teachers, like S. Nolen and Miss Kelsey. Because Nolen is just that motherly figure of the school for me, because so far I've had her for my entire HS carreer. She just has a way of dealing with things that is...motherly I guess. That's the way she treats us. Miss Kelsey as my undying respect because she's a music teacher. And to me a music teacher is the most worthy thing a person can be. The one thing that keeps me alive is the thing that she can teach me.

Anyway, that's enough words of wisdom from a kid who probably wont be heard much anyway.

Beccanator out.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Lets Start at the Very Beginning

... a very good place to start.

See I had a really good piece that I was gonna put in here... but its on the other comp so I'll save that for another post. Yep, such is my life. I'll just describe the life of Becca in the past few days.

US History- still the easiest class in the world... Lutzke's pretty funny and has a good way of explaining things.

FST- also the easiest class in the world... Herek is a great teacher and the material is just so basic so far...

English- GOSH that class is fun. Especially when we can read Dr. Seuss books. And Hilars, you wanna peer SHEDIT with me?

Band- gee... we finally marked out Green Hornet and I almost have everything memorized, yes, including Harlem Nocturne.

Chem- oh God take me now.

Drama- I have piano keys coming out of my ears. And I'm prolly gonna end up Chief Nun by the time this is over. :) I'll deal.

OH I forgot about Jazz! UHH its so fun!! And we're going to JAZZFEST again this year!!!
Quotes from last year:

"GOD what smells like burning hair?"-Hilars
"Yeah thats JUST what I thought. Becca has PORN on her bedroom walls"-Miss Kelsey (by the way I most certainly do not)
"Alli those look like saggy grandma boobs"-McBride (geeeeeez...)

Jazz fest rocks.

And so on Wednesday I went and say Red Eye with Kim, Jessie, and Katie... gee that movie rocks! heehee it was SO GOOD!

And my bday is in 11 days, for those who care. I've started to compile my list. I really want a toaster.

So get me a friggen toaster, people.

Beccanator OUT!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

HOmecOMinG '05

So yeah... HC '05 was pretty friggen fun. We went to the Cancun restaurant and then the mall, then the dance...

Top: Lisa, Hannah, me, Krissy Latte
2nd: Me and Hanny
3rd: SEXI!!! (a.k.a. me)
4th: Lisa and Hanny

5th: Me (with the "angry" face... heehee), Sunny, Meghan, Michele

And there are more, but this thing only lets me have 5.

"Yeah, bang my CD in yo system yo!"
"Aww you guys look so professional! You're so CUTE!"

"Everyones so FANCY! It makes me want to DANCE!" *jumps about 5 feet in air*

and the #1 convo:

Me: Yeah I dunno if y'all know what a CD is... I know y'all have those tape thangs... but this here CD is shaped like a... a... trakter wheeyul... with a howle in the middul...
Lisa: Wuts the HOWLE fo?
Me: So you's kin stik yer finger in it to howld on to iyt...
Lisa: Doez it reewaind?

Me: No CDs dont rewaind... its aw-toe-mai-tik!
Lisa: Whats aw-toe-mai-tik? I drive a stick shift!!!

HAHAHAHAHA way to live in hick-ville Williamston.

Beccanator out.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Cant get away, can I?

At first I really had no intentions of saying anything for a while. So friggen much for that.

And I'm also in a really annoyed complaining mood, so I'm gonna make every effort to make myself sound miserable just this once.

History is fine. I'm stuck in the back next to Josh and all I do is stare at the wall.

FST is easy. I actually have to say it's my 2nd favorite class because I'm sandwiched between Brad Shuck, Coralyn Grant, and Katie Sweet.

English is my 3rd favorite class. Because of Hannah, Hilars, Sunny, and Kathryn, and there really isnt anybody in that class that I absolutely despise. And its pretty blow-off right now.

Band is band.

Chemistry makes me want to shoot myself. Since I have no idea what I'm doing... and a 2.5... And that LON CAPA crap makes me seize. I figure that I'll miss 15 minutes of my sectional tomorrow just to stare at a screen at the last LON CAPA problem and not have any idea what to do. I can actually feel my brain turning into oatmeal.

Drama is a relief. All except for... like a million people asked me to accompany them for either Sound Of Music tryouts (which I still have to figure out what I am going to do) and for talent night... and I also have 2 songs of my own that I'm singing with Courtney...

Oh yeah and I have to do that Michigan Math Competition test on my birthday...

And a huge english paper is due on my birthday...

And I have that Science Academy meeting monday...

Talent night October 12...

I really really hope I stay this busy so I dont have any time to think. Actually, its because I had no time to think that I have sucky grades right now.

At least I got my homecoming dress. Oh yeah, that's this saturday. And Krissy wants to go with me. So if ya read this... I prolly already called you, but I'm planning on going to Cancun before the dance so heck yeah I'll go with ya!

That totally just made my day better...

Oh well. I feel kinda zoned out, since even though I went to the Green Day concert Sunday, I really havent spent much time with my friends because I'm always busy with something.

I'm just waiting for my brain to explode.

Beccanator out.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

I'm sorry...

I.... really have nothing to say. Maybe I'm just not really feeling this blog thing right now. I do miss all of you, but I really dont feel like wearing my heart on my sleeve right now. I just dont have the time or energy to document details of my frail and dwindling life, so bear with me.

Maybe by the time we actuall move my computer to my new house I'll become existent.

Until then...

Beccanator out.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

He was gonna...

1:30 AM, September 6th, 2005.

He was doing so good. We had hope for the future. The flame was dying after 2 and a half long years, but we still had some left. He was so healthy before. He was gonna live to be 100 million years old. He was gonna see me graduate. He was gonna see all of us graduate.

I remember at the lake when we'd scour for golf balls that had rolled down the bank to the shore. He'd pay us $1.00 for each good one. I remember he'd take us out in the water with the paddle board and we'd all stand on it. He'd shake it, and the last person standing won. I remember at a music concert he was sitting next to me. I remember we were in the front row, and I remember him singing along.

I remember making him laugh.

He's laughing now...

...but we're crying.

It wasnt supposed to end like this.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Friday, August 26, 2005

I Miss These Kids. *puts on sad face*

Yeah so these are just four of the AMAZING chicas that I was with at camp... (Top: Kayle and Katie, Middle: Caitlin, Bottom: Jenessa)

*puts on sad face*

I love you guys.

Super Kudos.

Beccanator out.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

But its Amazing What a Couple of Years Could Mean

First day of sophomore year '05'06... yeah.

Actually over half of the teachers I had today I dont have anymore tomorrow... for one VERY BIG reason... that is....

*drum roll please*


Which, as you may have noticed, makes me EXTREMELY happy since I now have Chem with Struck and ANOTHER semester of Theater!!! SCORE!

So I'll give you the run-down of the day, k?

Assembly- that was BORING....
1st Hour- Yeah... I dont think Ms Goodrich likes me... well too bad I'm not in her class anymore... :)
2nd Hour- HEREK IS AWESOME!!! I love my FST class except now it's 3rd hour so no more Brad :(
3rd Hour- goofed off in Mrs Shelley's class... because me and Erin dont have to be in there anymore... :)
4th Hour- went outside and did pregame
5th Hour- listened to Mr Garrod talk at me
6th Hour- went to the auditorium for Theater, then went to Mrs Paige to switch my schedule

so FINALLY I have a new and improved schedule... *ahem*

00 Jazz-Kelsey
00 Jazz-Kelsey
01 US History- Lutzke
01 US History- Lutzke
02 Functions/Statistics/Trigonometry-Herek
02 Functions/Statistics/Trigonometry-Herek
03 English 10- Nolen K (crap...)
03 English 10- Nolen K

04 Band-Kelsey
04 Band-Kelsey
05 Chemistry-Struck
05 Chemistry-Struck
06 Theater Production- Nolen S (YAY!)
06 Independent Study (for Theater)- Nolen S


And ya know whats really funny? Our new principal saw me in the hall and he's like "Hey I like that look. You are really stylish. Very stylish!" I was like "ooooookay..." wow... Hey I mean I am super cute with my black T shirt and the brown plaid pants and the black fishnets and my hot pink Vans... but hey... he's a principal... ya know.

It made me laugh.

Anyway tomorrow's gonna be SUPER confusing... at least I'm in Kim's chem class... eek.

Yay for me.

Beccanator out.

So much for that.

Gawd. School starts tomorrow. It's almost as if I didnt have a summer at all, since all I did for 2 friggen months is study my brains out. Fun stuff.

We move out on Saturday. Wee. More work for me.

Krissy's gone, that sucks. A whole lot. At least he's coming home for the weekend (and yes, I did say home. This is his home.)

Seems to me that everyone's just as pissed off as I am. Hilary's barn is half empty, not to mention the guy issues. Same with Hanny, and now her parents and the Cow are all on her back. Krissy's gone. Katie's depressed to the point of a total meltdown. I'm about to break.

Maybe once school starts and we move, I'll have more of an excuse not to stay home, or to lock myself in my room with a little System of a Down. I dunno. Nothing really bad is happening, in fact, deep down I'm feeling super. I just hate the fact that the 'rents are on my back for the stupidest reasons... giving me crap for no reason it seems.

Hello? I can take care of myself. And dont tell me that there was anything that I could do. Dont tell me I cant handle anything (even though I cant)... yeah I could use some friggen encouragement. Cut the crap and leave me alone. (I am trying SO HARD not to swear... gawd I'm so proud of myself right now)

I'd be perfectly content walking the sidewalks of the town all day. If I was never home I'd be happier then ever. There's just something about being away from my stupid mother that makes me happy as can be.

Ahh screw it. I dont even care ok? I do not even care.

Beccanator out.

Monday, August 22, 2005


This calls for a celebration!!!!!!!!!!

Good thing I had a party friday...

Yeah it was to celebrate the end of band camp, about 24 people came... lets see... Katie Way, Matt Cutcher, Ski, Dan Dokter, Dan and Brad Shuck, Erin Martin, Carolyn Sienko, Mary Blakely, Hannah and Emily Herbert, Karlie McMannaman, Alaina Charette, Listy, Hilary Holland, Steven King, Alyssia Booth, Elizabeth Allison, Amalia Samaraweera, JoJo the freshman :), Alli Scott, McBride, Thomas Stewart, and Donna Willhoite.

Dude it was so fun...

We decided to throw balls at eachother... so my little sister packed Thomas in the head and Dan in the... well... balls... AHH it was HILARIOUS...

and we ate pizza

and Hilars, Hannah, Matt, Ski, and Donna raided my musical instruments basket... Ski found the nose-flute... yey!! haha it was great, I have this on video... :)

and the guys played video games, and Karlie and Alaina boxed eachother with oven mitts...

and then we played Twister and I SWEAR that JoJo girl... she's my new freshmen buddy!!! She can bend in ways I didnt know existed... oh wow... this kid...

anyway it was sweet...


Beccanator out.

Friday, August 19, 2005

This one time... at Band Camp...

I've definitely been at band camp for the past few days *strangles self* but I guess its not all that bad.

"Double DANG!"
"So let me get this straight... you were bored... so you deep fried your hand?" (Yeah, Cliff actually did that)
"That's not a banana in your pants, is it?"
"Did you hear about Carolyn and her dad?"
"Did you hear about Carolyn and the extention cord?"


Yeah... kudos.

I'll update more later... maybe.

Beccanator out.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Tip it up a Notch.

Here you see the awesome group called Timmy's Cow Tippers from Camp Barakel, the haven that has taken me in for the past 6 days. (I'm 2nd to the right on the bottom in the grey hoodie) Yes, we are Timmy's Cow Tippers. And we definitely won the watermelon. *cheers*

Anyway camp was crazy because I had the same counselor again this year, and she also just happens to go to my church. (Of course, in a church of thousands we only have seen eachother like twice) But my group was awesome. Next to me on the far right is Kelcie, then on my left is Emily. Also in the orange in the front row with the torn jeans is Janessa, then if you go to the left of Janessa then up a notch to the girl in the black, that's Kristen. Above me is Caitlin, and to her left is my couselor Hannah. Next to Hannah is Katie then above Katie is Sair (Kayle) and to Kayle's left is Christina. Then on the far top left in the purple is Tina, or Tinaria as I call her :)

I had an intense time. Through the speaker God was able to tell me exactly what I need to do. I have my next step, and I'm getting out of this. Yeah, I'll be okay.

It's just amazing what a week you can have there. Janessa and Kristen are the coolest "preps" I've EVER met... :) and the understanding in my group was unbelievable. I love you guys so much... SUPER KUDOS to ALL y'all!

Remember to laugh and love. More importantly, remember to forgive and bless. Most importantly, learn to let it go.

Beccanator out.

Sunday, August 07, 2005


Die to win, because you're born to lose?

I dont think so. I think you die before you win, or lose for that matter. Because this is what its feeling like now. Like that Natalee girl, and that dead 17 year old girl from Florida, and those children that were murdered, and that missing ADD Bipolar kid from our town. They all have one thing in common, they're either dead or missing.

Makes me kind of mad. I mean, right now I'm basically expecting it to happen to me, or someone I love. Basically the worlds getting worse every day. Makes watching the news really suck. But what also makes me mad is that people have actually come across "Fuck Natalee" websites and such. I mean who is that heartless, other then the people who got her? Might as well be the kidknappers themselves.

Makes me be scared crapless to go to the Jazzfest in Oldtown in Lansing. It's just our capital city, but I'm just so paranoid. I went with Chelle and Kirsten, and Kirsten hated being alone as did I. I still do. Who knows what's out there? Hiding around the corner? Sitting on a bench in the park at night? Been drinking too much? Staring at you in ways you really wish they wouldnt?

Maybe its just paranoia. Maybe its trauma? But it seems a little... late for trauma. I mean its been almost a year... and it shouldnt've hit me so hard. Because I shouldnt've 'blown it up', because it really... I suppose it wasnt so bad? But perhaps it was.

But maybe its all in my imagination. Sure. Why not? I suppose if I expect the worse, maybe it wont happen. These things happen when you least expect them.

Beccanator out.

Friday, August 05, 2005

The Little Kitty Stole the Vile and Speaks in a Shrill Voice :)

So yesterday I hung out with Amanda and Laura at the MAC and we swam and went in the hottub and the lap pool and whatever. It was pretty sweet cuz Manda got contacts then came back :)

Then after that me and Lisa went to the Ingham fair, except I didnt see my cousins or any of their animals, not even Audie or Jade (Annie and Abbey's horses) and I didnt see Hilars or Ninners...

...and we met this guy named Scotty and he's gonna be an 8th grader at our middle school. He was with his sister Miranda who reminded me of Max from the Suite Life of Zach and Cody... she was so ghetto looking with her little 11-year-old self and her Bball Jersey and whatnot... but she was a funny kid. The first thing she said to me was "Are you gothic?" It kindof caught me by surprise because... well ya know, wouldnt you? I said "Not every day!" After she went to get drinks and Scotty was really apologetic and embarassed, but I told him I got that all the time. Heck, I took no offense. I would if she asked me if I was a prep though... :)

Me and Lisa got real thirsty real fast, so when we finally found Amber she gave us money to get lemonade. But thats a different story, hold on!

We went in the little Fun Houses... (those are SO cool!!!) and we had this little boy who looked to be about 6 follow us around and "lead" us through each Fun House. It was so sweet! He knew each one by heart. "Girls let me go in front of you! I'll help you! Follow me! Be careful, this is the tricky part!" AWWW it was adorable...

We went on some pretty sweet rides... like Twister and Fireball... we saw Heidi and Christi Meredith there... dude I love them... :)

We wandered down to the far end of the fair at around 9:30 and we wandered into a store thinking that they might have a drinking fountain. Instead, I found a half-drinken Gatorade bottle so we dumped it, threw away the cap, and filled it with water. Hey, it's hydration. There was also this little 2 year old girl in the store who was the casheir's daughter, and she was playing peek-a-boo with us in the showing jackets. It was SO cute! She'd hide and then we'd say "Where'd she go? Where's Kirsten?" and she'd pop out and say "BOO!" And I'd say "PEEK A BOO!" and then we chased eachother around the store until we left. It was priceless... :)

Yes back to the lemonade story... I wore that shirt that says "In what color is each word written?" then lists all the color words in different colors... and we went to the lemonade place and Lisa asked for a large lemonade and the guy was just staring at my shirt... it was funny and a little akward but then he was like "Hey which color is Red written in?" And I looked and he's like "NO you cant look! You need to go home and study your shirt!" Then we got in a whole conversation about how I couldnt study it now because I couldnt take it off now... becuase that would be a wee bit scary! And then he quized Lisa's inteligence... he said that people usually ask for "larges" instead of "large lemonades" which is the correct plural of large, Lisa got it but thank God I didnt say anything because I definitely would've said "larges"... and when it was all said and done we had a really funny convo with the lemonade man and Lisa said she'd make him a cake... yes!

Today I had my Science exam... it was okay and I hope I passed! The school realized that they were stupid and I am now taking my Health exam on monday... so I have to study my ass off till then because I only have what... three days?

And when I was waiting for mom I wandered around to the band parking lot because I was bored, and Kelsey was there, and I needed somebody to talk to. So the door was locked and some janitor guy was in there and I'm afraid of janitors too... so I just sat on the bike rack. To my great displeasure, the Cow drove up just about then. She said "Hi Becca" and I said hi back. She asked if I had swimming practice or something and I said no, that I had an exam. "An exam? Isnt it... summer?" she said. I said yes, I'm trying to get out of Physical Science. And just then the most random thing happened.

She was holding a rainstick, and she held it out to me, asked "Hey do you want a rainmaker?" "Sure" I said. A peace offering? Maybe. But I'm not foolish enough to believe that once the schoolyear starts she'll be off my back. No. It's just because I'm not in her class in the summer that she is nice to me. But I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

Later on around 1:30 Bobbi came over. We watched some girly movies that we're secretly obsessed with :) but shall not be mentioned here... heehee! She stayed for dinner and we made brownies, played DDR, and I played with her hair. It was pretty fun, I miss her alot because we never hang out. I hope she'll have fun once she goes off to LCC and all, but it would be great if we still hang out some!

I love me my Bobbi!!

Well such was the extent of my last couple days, this is a pretty long one so have some fun with it...

Beccanator OUT!